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The ATransC NewsJournal Archive is below

Past ATransC NewsJournals are now available in the PDF archive below. There are a total of 129 quarterly newsletter beginning with Sarah Estep’s Spring 1982 issue (1-1). All of the 72 issues Sarah published up to Winter 2000 are now in the archive.

The Butler’s assumed leadership of the Association in 2000 and resumed publication of the newsletter with the Summer 2000 (19-2) issue.  The Spring 2014 (33-1) issue was the final ATransC NewsJournal and the 57th published  by the Butlers. All are in the archive.

You will see an evolution in quality and appearance in the publications as Sarah, and then the Butlers gained experience. You will also notice that spelling and sentence structure vastly improved when Loretta Woodward agreed to proofread the work.

The NewsJournals are shown as they were distributed to members. Please be mindful that most content is under the Creative Commons use license with the exception of work provided by members. Except for short quotes. it is best that you ask before use to be sure it is not protected by copyright.

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There is also a Spirit Voices gallery here.

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