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AA-EVP member, Tina Laurent, lives in Wales.  As a long-time EVP experimenter, she offers lectures on ghost and paranormal communication.  Tina is a considerable authority in the subject.

On the EVP example of Tina’s that is offered here, you can hear Tina ask if the communicating entities “Pray to God.”  She was using a French speaking radio program for background noise, and you can here the French words as they are remodulated to form recognizable English words.  We believe the answer to her question from the entities was, “Of course I pray, the very idea.” Look for French words at the beginning of the answer, and then the words turn into recognizable, “Of Course I pray.” This is followed by more French words and then ends with, “The very idea.”

Please note that the original sound track has been selectively amplified and filtered.  It is the filtering that causes a slight “tinkle” sound in the sound track.

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