Recording Thoughts of the Living?

by Lisa Butler
Originally printed in the Spring 2001 AA-EVP NewsJournal

There is some evidence that at least a few of the messages we record in EVP, may actually be put there by people who are still in the physical.  Here are a few examples from members:

  • In the Spring 1982 newsletter, Sarah quoted Tina Laurent of Wales:  “I’ve had on two occasions, voices that sound exactly like two people I know, they gave their names too, but they are STILL living.  I don’t know what to make of that.  Do you?  One of them I played for my brother and his wife and they recognized them straight away and they have always thought that I played a joke on them.”
  • Ernst Senkowski contributed this: “I several times observed at least the name and possibly the voice of a living person some 300 miles away. . .(A) case seems to have happened in Italy wherein an EVP experimenter succeeded in taping the contents of the mind of a far absent living person.  So we have to be very careful in stating ‘our’ voices come from the ‘dead.’”
  • Jacque Blanc-Garin of France recently wrote to say that, “About the problem of voices from living persons.  I tried some experiments regarding this fact.  I called some persons (my wife and some other friends with their agreement – important point for ethics) who were sleeping.  I received many messages where some were a proof. For example, I asked my wife where she was?  Answer: I am in the air, Monique. Another question: Do you meet your family on the other side?  Answer: I meet all but I will come to you because I love you Poupoune. (The name Poupoune is the nickname given to Monique by her parents).  That means we have the possibility to tape the voice of a person who is sleeping, because we go out of body while some part of us is asleep.” (See below)
  • Edna Drake, B.C. Canada, comments that she has reason to believe an EVP message she received was from a brain damaged friend of hers.  She wrote that, “I just had a strong feeling that the “voice” trying to form words stammering and stuttering, like a handicapped person, was in fact the brain injured young man I worked with for over 2 years–to talk and communicate.”
  • Brian Jones, WA, has discussed the possibility that he might actually be recording his thoughts.  He sent us a sound track in which a person was speaking to him via his computer phone at the same time he was recording.  He indicated that he thought the voice he recorded might have been generated by thoughts from that person.

You may want to test this idea for yourself by following the technique used by Jacque Blanc-Garin.  It is an interesting idea, the possibility that we sometimes record the living as well as the departed.  We are Self living in a physical body during this lifetime.  When free of the encumbrance of our body, perhaps during sleep, we are very much the same as the discarnate entities we seek to communicate with.  If this is true, then it is not much of a leap in logic to think we can impress messages on tape as well.

French Sleep Experiments

This article was originally printed in the Summer 2002 AA-EVP NewsJournal

Jacques Blanc-Garin of the French EVP/ITC group, Infinitude, provided us with a description of experiments to contact sleeping people via EVP.  See more about Infinitude at ©Jacques Blanc-Garin – All Rights Reserved

From 1994 to July 1995, Jacques conducted a series of experiments in which he tried to reach people while they were sleeping.  A friend of his, Robert Doré, had suggested that it might be possible for a person to communicate through Tci (French term for ITC) with a sleeping person.  (The following is a translation from French.)  Jacques wrote, “My idea with these experiences is that we would be able to help people who are considered insane.  It would be possible to contact them when they are sleeping and maybe record the entity who is disturbing them.  However, I have not tried this because it is not easy to bring such an idea to hospital personnel.”

The following experiments were conducted with a Marrantz CP430 equipped with a micro Monacor ECM 600 ST or a Philips 6350 recorder.  For ambient noises, Jacques used the sound of rubbing paper, German language conversation, and sometimes an air-band receiver.

Jacques writes that the results were conclusive almost every time.  He also pointed out that, as a matter of ethics, each experiment was prearranged with the person who would be addressed while they slept.

Following, are samples of what was received during some of these experiments.

Excerpts from recording of Monique Simonet during sleep, April 7, 1995.

Jacques: “It is useless for me to explain to you how to make Tci.  I believe that you are more expert than me in this domain and you will know how to use all vibrations that I can send you.”
     Answer: “I would like to make it on the Earth” (very audible whisper).

Jacques: “I hope that I do not disturb your sleep.”
     Answer: “It was foreseen, I will remember” (whisper).

Jacques: “If you answer me, you are maybe in the environment where I record.  If that is it you can then tell me what I currently hold in my left hand?”
     Answer: “It is a crystal” (whisper).

Jacques said that, “I indeed, had a crystal in my hand.  Monique saw me!”

Excerpt from recording of Monique Laage during sleep, Nov. 8 1994.

Jacques: “I call this double astral body that should be theoretically able to answer me.  Are you there, Monique if it pleases you?”
     Answer: “I am in airs, Poupoune” (audible whisper).

(Editors: “Poupoune” is pet name given to Monique by her father.)

>> Excert November 10, 1995 recording Monique Laage.

Jacques: “When you go to the astral, do you meet other people?
     Answer: “I see them all again, but I will come back, I like you, Monique who likes you” (uninterrupted, whisper).

Excerpt December 10, 1994 recording Monique Laage.

Jacques: “It is extraordinary that, in a little time, you are going to wake up and you are going to return to your body.”
     Answer: “One is well, it is happiness here” (whisper).

(Editor’s note:  We are spirit living in a physical body.  It is logical that we should be able to leave messages via EVP just as those who do not have a physical body do.  This should also make us think a little more about our adventures while asleep.)

Experiment – Recording the Living

This article was originally printed in the Summer 2001 AA-EVP NewsJournal

In April Sarah Estep participated with us in an experiment in which we tired to see if we could record messages from each other while asleep.  This worked out well as Tom and I taped around 10 pm PST when Sarah was asleep.  Sarah taped early in the morning while we were still sleeping.  The experiment ran three separate evenings.

On one experiment Sarah said on the tape that Tom and Lisa were asleep right now.  A loud voice says, “That’s right,” and then 16 counts later another class A message by the same male voice says, “I am.”  During another experiment Sarah asks Tom Butler, “Are you here,” and got, “He’s here, we will try to get him back.”  When Sarah asked for Lisa she got, “I’m here,” and then later, “Stop, the Lisa back.”  This is interesting, as I woke up and remember looking at the clock.  This was verified with Sarah as the time that she was recording.

During our experiments in trying to reach Sarah we recorded, “You have main contact,” and also, “Rain.”  Interestingly, we later learned it had been raining at Sarah’s house.  We asked, “Where are you Sarah?” The message came back “I am here.”

An interesting side note in all of this. Sarah also had a surprise visitor.  During our running of these experiments Sonia Rinaldi, EVP researcher in Brazil, sent Sarah an Email.  In it she told Sarah about a very vivid dream and wrote, “I could see you so clearly that I am sure that we really met.  I was in your kitchen. … The fact is that I never remember any of my dreams.”  Sonia was not aware of our experiments and yet she had this lucid dream on one of the nights that we were trying to reach Sarah via tape recorder.

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