Larry Dean and Patricia Begley: ITC

by Lisa Butler

Author, Larry Dean has been working on a book on Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).  Larry says that he was interested in spiritual pursuits at a very young age when others were out playing sports.  Later in his life he devoted most of his time to doing presentations and teaching classes on the development of psychic abilities and healing.  Although Larry is naturally clairaudient and clairvoyant, it was only after he stopped teaching these classes that he took time to develop his own trance work.

Larry is a deep trance channel.  His ITC partner, Patricia Begley facilitates and records the sessions.  It is generally only through her doing this, and the recordings she makes, that Larry knows what has taken place while he has been in trance.  Many years ago the two were told by their main guide, Choi, that their spirit team was working with them to establish Video ITC contacts.

Larry and Patricia worked together on sitting for physical phenomena for many years.  They were excited and encouraged by the ITC results of the Harsch-Fischbach, and were even able to sit in on some of the Scole Experimental Group sessions.  They continued to sit with a group and did experience limited physical phenomena, but did not achieve successful television or Video ITC contacts.  Larry talks about the years that they sat around looking at dots on television screens and featureless video experiments.


Larry made contact with the two of us over a year ago regarding the ITC book he is working on.  We spoke with Larry numerous times on the phone and found a common bond and interest in his enthusiasm for ITC.  Since we had also begun work on a book on EVP and ITC in late 2002, we were able to send Larry the two chapters on Video ITC that describe how to conduct an experiment and some of the theories that attempt to explain Video ITC.  We wanted to get his opinion about the usefulness of the chapters and to see if he could replicate what we were finding in our experiments.  Within weeks we received an excited phone call from Larry.  Larry and Patricia had followed the instructions and had received images on their very first experiment.  One of those pictures was that of a close friend who is now on the other side.

Larry has the wonderful benefit of being able to use his trance work to receive advice and direction on future experiments.  He was told to ask for particular people to appear in their experiments.  Larry and Patricia have only been working with video ITC for a few short months, but following that advice, they have received many images of people whom they have asked to appear in their video frames.  For instance, they have collected images of Patricia’s father and mother and also the image of Patricia’s Aunt Ethel, which is shown here.  (The first frame is a black and white photograph of Ethel.  The second frame is the ITC feature as it came to us.  The third frame is a black and white enhancement of the ITC, which was necessary to permit it to be printed in the ATransC NewsJournal.)

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