EVP of Tom and Lisa Butler

by Tom and Lisa Butler

Tom and Lisa Butler in front of the Marilyn Monroe Cabin at the Cal-Neva Lodge at North Lake Tahoe.
Picture taken by Janice Oberding



We were invited to help Universal Pictures to help them market the movie, White Noise. For the DVD release party that was held in the famous and haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,we were asked to record for EVP in the hotel and play the resulting examples on camera. During that process, Lisa recorded, “John Belushi” in the Lombard-Gable Penthouse. We later learned that Belushi lived in the hotel when he first moved to LA, and that he learned to love the old hotel.


We are often asked about the dangers involved in opening communication with the other side. All and all, recording for EVP is safe, but sometimes it is in the eyes or ears of the perceiver. In this case, we recorded the EVP, “Prepare to die,” when we asked, “Do you not want people here?” The words are spoken by what sounds like a southern gentleman about to engage his opponent in a duel, and we feel that the utterance being so dramatic, is more a humorous response than something that should be taken as threatening. This was recorded in the Levi House in Reno, Nevada.


In an investigation of the Cal-Neva Resort at Lake Tahoe for the Dead Famous television series, we were able to record in the theater built by Frank Sinatra while he owned the casino. Several mediums had reported a threatening personality lurking at the back of the stage area. In that same area, we recorded, “We keep looking for peace.” Our sense is that it was spoken by one of the body guards who protected some of the famous personalities who visited there.


On the Nevada Side of Lake Tahoe is the Thunderbird Lodge built by George Whittell. We have participated in a couple of media events there that included opportunities to record for EVP. In this example, you will hear the voice of a woman say, “Hidden morphine.” We later learned that Whittell was addicted to morphine and his lady friend was a nurse who gave him morphine shots.


One of the bonus features on the White Noise DVD includes us recording in the haunted, Hollymont Castle in Beechwood Canyon, near Los Angeles, California. Lisa recorded “Betty’s in there” as we approached a bedroom. The Bedroom is at the top of the same stairs near which an orb was seen in the DVD bonus feature at about three minutes. As you can see in the picture below the white arrow is pointing at the black, fussy puff. It is shown a little clearer in the inset. The orb was rapidly moving and was only in a few frames.


When we visited Alcatraz, we recorded for EVP at a place from which San Francisco can be seen through a barred window. The city is beautiful and seemed very close. We knew it must have been a terrible torture for the inmates to see freedom so close, yet so far away. Lisa said as much while recording, and captured this voice saying, “Think Positively … instantly away.” 


We had expected to encounter angry and confused personalities, but instead, recorded many positive remarks. We even recorded several voices saying “Paolo Presi,” an Italian ITC researcher we sometimes work with. This is followed by other voices saying, “Alexander MacRae.”


An example of an EVP being appropriate to a circumstance is an EVP recorded by Lisa Butler. The Butlers were asking a woman about the upstairs lighting and sound room for the Frank Sinatra Theater at the Cal-Neva Casino at Lake Tahoe, CA. They had heard that the heavy door to the room often shut for no apparent reason, scaring the crews setting up lights and sound systems for shows. The woman told them that she would never ever go up there. Lisa’s recorder was on while she thanked the woman for her assistance. On the recording, Lisa can be heard saying, “Thank you very much.” Underneath her voice, is a clearly heard paranormal voice saying, “Please don’t come.”However politely said, it seems obvious someone did not want to be disturbed.Audio Player

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