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Welcome to The Collective
A collaborative effort to identify best practices for the field of Etheric Studies based on the accumulated experience of Collective members and research results.
About This Project
Why the Collective

Paranormalists who are interested in, researching and/or learning to apply principles of transcommunication are an enthusiastic lot. We are many, but we are not well organized. Much has been learned about these phenomena but there is no single place one can visit to learn what that is. Our community has not become organized in a way that knowledge can be gathered, preserved and openly shared.

It may be that not having a central source is that one missing ingredient needed to move the paranormal community from a frontier study to mainstream acceptance.

Knowledge Base

The primary document for this project is the Best Practice. Best Practices are documents which describe how to do something based on an understanding of what has worked and what has not. Practices are "living documents" that should provide a person new to the subject useful guidance about how to proceed without repeating mistakes of the past. They are not rule books or requirements. In a very practical sense, it is the experienced people who go beyond best practices to help further understanding of the subject.

A variety of article types can be maintained here. The emphases is on collaboration amongst editors from the community, so everything here should be considered a consensus opinion and not any one person's perspective. Besides Best Practices, articles addressing the "so what" implications of these phenomena on people's daily lives (spirituality) also offer an important contribution to the community.

The Association TransCommunication (ATransC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to further understanding of the phenomena associated with transcommunication (AKA communication across the veil, After Death Communication (ADC), Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), all forms of mediumship, and based on the Trans-survival Hypothesis, all forms of psi functioning and energy healing.) Part of this charter is public outreach, which is mainly accomplished via the ATransC and Etheric Studies websites.

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How To Support This Project


Anyone who wants to help develop articles are welcome to participate as an editor. Ideally, editors have experience in the study of frontier subjects, especially those related to transcommunication including ITC, mediumship, hauntings investigation, energy healing and psi functioning. The experience need not be extensive, but the willingness to take the time to become familiar with an article's subject is essential.

The whole idea is to help the community evolve, and for that, people are needed who are already making an effort to help. People who are something of an activist by nature, and who trust their judgment, make good editors. It is important that an editor is willing to discuss ideas without "owning" one viewpoint or another. This kind of forum is all about finding a workable consensus which is supported by evidence and sound logic.

How You Can Help

For this to work, it is important that people volunteering to help develop articles in this forum are willing to begin articles--both practices and guides--and that other editors will pitch in to help make the articles useful for a broad base of readers.

Who Can Participate
The Collective is not an effort to create a new organization or in any way centralize authority. The ATransC is a neutral, nonprofit organization with a long history of community support. You can indicate your interest in becoming an editor by using the Contact tool at the bottom of each page of the ATransC website.
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