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When encountering an extraordinary event, seek first to find commonalities with other extraordinary events and known science before assuming something new.

Always error on the side of the mundane.


A New Book by Tom Butler

We are happy to announce that the new book is finally published. You can access both the paperback and Kindle version on Amazon.com. The book can also be ordered from any book outlets with access to wholesale catalogs.

The ePub version of the eBook is also available for Apple and Android devices. (Please let us know if you have any difficulty ordering a copy.)

The ATransC is publishing the book under AA-EVP Publishing. The ISBN number for the paperback is 978-0-9727493-9-8 and the number for the eBook version is 978-0-9727493-8-1. An abbreviated Table of Content is on the dedicated web page at ethericstudies.org/immortal_self/.


You are invited to use this website as a resource for your discovery of the phenomena associated with survival of personality beyond this lifetime. As you will see on the pages of this website, survival is intended as a literal concept.

The abundance of evidence provided by the many forms of transcommunication leaves us with no rational alternative but to consider survival as a viable alternative to the more traditional idea that we cease to exist at the moment our body dies, or probably as unlikely, the idea that if we do survive, it is only as memory in the form of a hypothetical residual energy.

Here, you will find articles about visual Instrumental TransCommunication or ITC, and audio ITC which is better known as Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP. This includes techniques and examples.

Research is an important part of the ATransC mission and the Journal section includes study and research reports. But perhaps the most important articles on this site are the personal stories of how contact across the veil has helped people cope with the transition of a loved one.

More at About the ATransC.

The Association offers ATransC White Paper on Transcommunication as a web page and as a free PDF download. The paper include important information about theory, technique and examples for both EVP and visual ITC.

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ATransC Is Unique Amongst Paranormalist Organizations

Learning about the paranormal is not just an interesting thing to do. The reality of such unexplained phenomena involving transcommunication has profound implications for everyone. There is strong evidence that these phenomena mean that the personality of people survives in an aspect of reality other than the physical.

While evidence for survival awaits better research, mounting evidence for the existence of a form of as yet unexplained nonphysical energy is expected to soon force reconsideration of many physical principles long considered laws of nature. The fact that this nonphysical energy can be shown to be influenced by people’s thoughts, and can be beneficial to the wellbeing of people, is already changing the way many people live.


Transcommunication is spiritualism sans religion.

We invite you to first study the evidence offered on this website and then decide whether or not you are ready to take the next step in your personal development. There are a number of organizations that will tell you about things paranormal. Most will only allow you to participate if you have an advanced academic degree. The ATransC is amongst the very few that considers these phenomena from the perspective of survived personality, rather than just human potentials and which actively seeks public participation.

If you are ready to take the next step on the mindful way, take time to study your alternatives and then become involved in the community, both as a student and as an activist, to help move this study into the mainstream of science and society. If you do seriously consider the choices, we think you will see that the ATransC is the place to begin.

Reason For Advertising on ATransC Website

This website was hacked to the extent that our server service closed it three times. Google threatened to delist us. Everything we did to secure the site was of no use. Since the available WordPress plugins were only marginally useful, we had to go to an outside service for security. Professional security service of that kind is so costly that it may be necessary to close the website.

Since the ATransC is no longer a membership organization, it is dependent on affiliate programs and book sales to maintain this website. With the increasing cost of protecting it from hackers, we must now either increase income or close the website. Advertising is our last choice, but it is now a “do or die” situation.

Please report offensive advertising to us.

Our Promise to You

ATransC will continue to provide this website and expand its services as long as there is sufficient interest and support from the public.

The directors will continue to do their very best to assure that what the ATransC brings to the public is objective evidence of survival.