Begin Faces in Light Reflected from Water

by Tom and Lisa Butler

Visual ITC can be encountered in many different ways. The common denominator is the availability of chaotic light somewhere in the field of view of a camera. For instance, the video feedback loop is used as a chaotic light generator. As you will see below, light reflected from many different surfaces is also chaotic, and when closely examined in photographs, may support phenomenal images.

Please note that the examples shown here have been enhanced to make them more evident. In most instances, this form of ITC produces less well developed features than does the video feedback technique.

If you are tempted to discount the examples on this page as tricks of photograph editing software, we suggest that you try to collect a few examples for yourself. We would not dream of showing any enhanced examples if it were not for our confidence that you can easily prove the validity of what we are saying.


©Arthur Soesman – All Rights Reserved
cbutler2004_bottle_drawingThis example was collected by Arthur Soesman using what is sometimes referred to as the Arthur Soesman method. It is illustrated in the accompanying picture (right). In this technique, the bottle is partially filled with liquid and then agitated while a  picture is taken of the surface of the water.

In the picture at the left, you can see the face of a man inside of the red square.


This picture was taken by James Jones. It is of a turned off television screen that has light from the room reflected from its surface. Turned off television screens provide excellent texture for visual ITC.

The small white arrow in the picture is pointing to a brighter area, which has been cropped and enlarged as you see in the two versions of the cropped area at the right.

As with the other examples, the picture here have obviously been greatly enhanced to emphasize the phenomenal feature. This enhancement consisted of selectively blurring the background, as you can see by comparing the two pictures at the right, and changing the intensity and contrast. None of the facial features were changed.

 cjones_elf_and_dog     cjones2003_elf

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