Butler ITC Gallery 3

by Tom and Lisa Butler
Pictures from the Winter 2003
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Perception of Visual ITC Images and Video-Loop, Visual ITC Recording Technique

Collecting photographic quality Video ITC features is turning out to be an elusive goal. We do not know if the techniques we are using will ever provide such quality, but we are certain that we can improve on the quality of what has been collected. It is also clear that our transpartners are also seeking to improve the images. In the following set of features, you will see that there is evidence of movement in consecutive frames and the possibility of larger scenes and groups of people.

These examples have been collected with the camera standing about three feet from the television screen. In some instances, the camera is also placed at about a forty degree angle from the centerline of the screen. The resulting features tend to be larger but they also tend to be less sharp in focus and contrast. The result is more a suggestion of something recognizable than a clear cut image. If you take time to carefully examine the examples, you will see that these represent an important evolution in our work.

A face in the upper-right corner, looking down

A man with mustache and possibly muttonchops. He is facing to your left.

Woman from just below her knees, up. She is facing, possibly walking, to the right. We believe you can see her arms holding a basket or gourd. She is wearing some kind of a hat. It also appears that there are trees and blue sky behind her.


Calf. As with the dog, the area of bright white is the forehead and the nose is below the white area. You can make out a little of the animal’s back in the lower-right area.


Apparently a man (profile) whose head is in the middle-left portion of the frame. He appears to be looking to your right. It seems that he has something in his left hand. The area of dark extending to the right, just under the head, may be the person’s right shoulders and arm.


Dog. Look at the spot of bright white. That is the dog’s forehead. Follow the area of gray to the right and down to find the dog’s nose.


This dog showed up on consecutive video frames. In this one, the dog is facing you. It has upright ears. Some of the body may be showing.


Now the dog is closer to you. All you can see is from the nose up.


This appears to be a group of people. Only the man in the center (facing to your left) is evidently a person. The others are little more than a hint that something might be there. But collectively, the frame suggests that this is a group of people. For instance, there is a rather well formed man at the bottom and to the left of center.

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