Butler ITC Gallery 2

by Tom and Lisa Butler
Pictures from the Summer 2002 AA-EVP Newsletter
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Perception of Visual ITC Images and Video-Loop, Visual ITC Recording Technique

We have continued to receive interesting results from both our ITC and EVP experiments in the past three months.  We were preparing to do a presentation at the International Spiritualist Federation Congress in Toronto, Canada and asked to receive some EVP messages that would be of interest to this group and that would be clear and loud enough to play for the members.  Immediately after we said this, a loud Class A voice said, “Spirit is helping.”  We asked what our friends thought about mediums and they replied loudly, “Hear us through them.”  We asked them what they thought about the Spiritualist belief in life after death.  Again they came through loud and clear with the message “In the end has tendency to help you.”  We laughed at this message but they certainly made their point.  Our friends on the other side never fail to be there to help us, and when we ask for EVP messages for presentations, they have always come through.

Other EVP messages have been very interesting.  On one experiment we asked if a channel to them was open.  A voice came back saying, “Test, open the channel.”  Another loud message that did not make sense came immediately after.  We reversed it and it said, “This is now coded.”  Other messages have told us that we, “Now have the computers.”

We have of course asked who is sending and helping us with the ITC pictures.  Various names and transmitting stations have been noted.  We would like to get more verification before mentioning these.  However, one message said they were transmitting through the “Anderson Switch,” a station that we have not heard referred to by other researchers.

Some of the interesting things that we have found in regards to the ITC pictures are that there are EVP on the audio track of the video.  We had read not to bother with listening to these audio tracks, as there was never any EVP on them.  This is not the case, but so far these have not come in as clearly as through an EVP experiment with our usual equipment.  Two such messages, on the audio track of the video, mentioned dates.  These dates had passed by the time we decided to see if there was EVP on the video.

We have set the video camera at various distances from the TV screen.  We have defocused the camera past and in front of the TV screen.  We have set up inches from the screen and several feet away.  In every experiment ITC features have come through.

Our transpartners were providing help to meet criticisms before we even knew that they would come.  We are finding the features at all four rotations of the video frames.  In other words, we rotate a frame 90, 180 or 270 degrees and find faces.  We have faced the criticism that we are doing nothing more than picking up TV transmissions even though the TV is not hooked up to an antenna or cable.  We do not believe that TV transmissions are sent sideways or upside down.

It seems like they do things in series.  One experiment resulted in many images of people and their pets.  For instance, a woman sitting with her dog and another of a man who is proudly holding his dog in his arms.  Other experiments seem to have a series of frames with certain nationalities of peoples.  One feature that we were very excited about was of a lady sitting at a table.  A perfect long stemmed rose is on the table.

The bridge is getting stronger.  We know this from the results that we are getting and we feel blessed with the results we have gotten in a mere seven months.

The pictures in order: man’s head; woman’s face; Einstein (?); young woman’s face; clown; man in armor; and, man holding dog.

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