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Extracted from Winter 2002 The Spiritual Scientist Bulletin
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Most of our members know about the Scole Experiments. The four members of the Scole Experimental Group (Sandra and Robin Foy and Diana and Alan Bennett) sat over a period of four years. The Spirit Team at Scole was prolific, using a new spirit-world technology that did not require the use of ectoplasm for the production of physical phenomena. Phenomena included solid spirit beings and fifty small objects received as apports. People, such as psychic researchers from the SPR, witnessed physical phenomena including pictures, handwriting, symbols and messages that appeared on factory-sealed unopened photographic film.

The phenomenal success of the group and their Spirit Team resulted in the book, The Scole Experiment, by Grant and Jane Solomon and 32 issues of The Spiritual Scientist Bulletin, a quarterly magazine, which was temporarily retired with the Winter 2002 issue.

With the sadness of seeing the last publication of the Bulletin also came excitement. The Scole mediums Diana and Alan Bennett have been exploring their own particular interests in psychic phenomena and healing. They felt that they owed so much to those in the higher realms and knew in their hearts that they would continue to experiment in one way or another. Alan wrote, “I have always seen in my mind’s eye, a phoenix rising from the ashes with renewed vigor to live through another cycle. Diana has always had that wonderful gift of ‘far sight’ and receiving guidance in her dreams, so it was no surprise when she told me that she had ‘seen’ the two of us working together again. She was told how we should take the first step in the form of a shared experience. We followed her vision of a simple experiment using a crystal, where the two of us linked together mentally and shared a journey of exploration.

“This experience was incredible; as we were both shown such wonders and places. We were guided by a sentient being through a wonderful ‘magical mystery tour’ where we met another being whom we conversed with. Through several other forms of communication, we were shown how to set up an experiment that would, they explained, enable us to glimpse into other worlds (dimensions). We found that it was necessary to continue to follow our intuition, and to be ‘guided’ by them, if we were to achieve satisfactory results. It has required total dedication and perseverance as well as an open but still discerning mind.

“Before I continue, I would like to mention one very important factor, and that is that old chestnut ‘total darkness.’ We were ‘guided’ to do this new work in full light. After so much criticism in the past regarding physical phenomena obtained in total darkness, we decided that we would only continue to work as mediums in full light. This has proven not to be prohibitive in anyway whatsoever, as we have achieved very encouraging results.

“These experiments are primarily attempts to see into, and capture, visions of other dimensions of existence. To be more precise, these visions are more like frozen images or pictures, of different moments in time as we look into these dimensions.”

Since that first experiment, the Bennetts have conducted many more experiments, progressing and building on what they have learned. Alan told us, “It seems that the possibilities are endless, as we modify and introduce other equipment into the experiments. The experiments are based on the idea that there are dimensions not only beyond our own but within them also. By using a combination of electronic and photographic equipment coupled to image enhancement computer software (for magnification purposes only), we have been fortunate enough to obtain fleeting glimpses into these ‘other’ dimensions during our experimental sessions. The experiments also require focused visualization by the two of us to create a central focal point for the experiment.”

Diana writes, “The images pictured here were obtained with the use of an ordinary camera and a good lens (not digital). The process requires us to strategically place crystals, according to instructions given by spirit. (This varies with each experiment.) Light is focused over the crystal area, some through mirrors, colored filters and/or reflective surfaces. We intuitively know when it is the optimum time to take the picture. When the pictures are developed, they are digitized, enlarged and then examined using Photoshop. As you can see, the images and colors are fascinating. Sometimes, the images take up most of the frame sometimes only a small part.”

What excites Alan is that, “this new approach is only now possible with the advancement in electronics and the related computer technologies. Therefore, where will we be and what will we discover in the years ahead?”

We are very excited to be able to report on Diana and Alan’s work and thank them for sharing some of the results that they have achieved.

The face of a woman. She is a helper and the Bennetts have been given her name

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White Owl

Man facing left

Child-like face

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