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After Death Communication


Spontaneous communication across the veil has been characterized as After death Communication (ADC) and Induced ADC for the Botkin method of EMDR. ATransC does not use "death" as a concept, preferring the use of "trans-" to indicate etheric-physical interaction. We do not "die" we "transition."



After Death Communication or ADC is a concept popularized by Bill and Judy Guggenheim in their book, Hello from Heaven. From their website: [ADC is defined as] “...a spiritual experience, which occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals or devices of any kind” The important points in this explanation are that ADCs are spontaneous and instruments are not required. They do include phone calls as a type, but they are very definite that EVP is not included in the list.

The Guggenheims are also very definite that ADCs are spontaneous, which is why Allan Botkin refers to his EMDR induced ADCs as induced or IADC.TM Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic technique in which the practitioner guides a client to move his or her eyes back and forth while dwelling on an emotional memory. This is an over simplification, but in practice, the technique helps remove the emotional charge of a memory. Based on his work with war veterans, Botkin developed a technique in which clients have impressively vivid communication with transitioned loved ones, thus the “Induced” part of ADC.

Because of the emphasis the Guggenheims made about spontaneous ADC, we have always distinguished the class of transcommunication that is spontaneous as ”ADC” and the class of ADC that are induced as “induced ADC.” Botkin has protected "IADC" with a trademark for his therapeutic technique, meaning that he owns its use in this field.

It was recently pointed out to us that people look for information about contacting loved ones by searching for “After Death Communication” or “ADC.” Searching for these, we see that virtually all of our references to ADC are either talking about Botkin’s work, the Guggenheim’s book or what others have used when talking about transcommunication. We simply do not use the term for our work.

With There is No Death and There are No Dead the name of the book we wrote for the Association, it should not be surprising that the term, “death,” is not part of our usual nomenclature. The name of the Association is Association TransCommunication. It is based on Instrumental TransCommunication or ITC as coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1980s to embrace all forms of instrument-based communication across the veil. You have probably noticed that we use the “trans” prefix quite a lot. For instance, the term, “survival” is also used by people preparing for the end of the world, so technically, we should say “trans-survival.” It all depends on the understanding that we mean “trans” as in across the veil.

It is important to understand that the ATransC viewpoint is that we transition from one aspect of reality to another when our physical body is no longer able to support us in the physical. We avoid saying that “we die” or that someone is “dead.” We say that “we transition” and that someone has “transitioned.”


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With There is No Death and There are No Dead the name of the book we wrote for the Association, it should not be surprising that the term, “death,” as not part of our usual nomenclature?



Trans-survival Hypothesis


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