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by Tom and Lisa Butler

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The Society for Research in Rapport and Telekinesis (SORRAT) is an experimental organization based on the concept of rapport as set forth by John G. Neihardt. The group is now under the stewardship of Tom Richards Ph.D., MO.   Dr. Richards has written seven books including The Arizona SORRATS.  You can receive a list of his books by writing to him at: Dr. J.T. Richards, 309 West Ninth Street, Rolla, Missouri 65401.

The physical phenomenon experienced in this group has been well documented in many books and articles.  One very good article describing an ongoing letter-writing experiment was published in the Society for Scientific Exploration in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Volume 13.2, Real Communication? Report on a SORRAT Letter-Writing Experiment by I. Grattan-Guinness.  Here is the PDF. Especially see Figure 3 on page 21, the film canister passing through glass.


Apportation Experiment

Doctor Berthold Schwarz submitted an empty, sealed, plastic jar, a small glass envelope similar to a light bulb without base or filament, and a spoon to the SORRAT lab with the request that the entities place the spoon and glass envelope in the jar and return it to him.  As is customary with the entities, and with the intention to further the development of rapport, the jar was mailed to our address.  It was for us to return it to Doctor Schwarz.

sorratjar1As can be seen in the photograph at the left, the spoon was bent and placed in the jar along with the glass envelope.  Also as is the custom of the entities, a small “toy” coin was enclosed along with a piece of paper with a note wishing all a happy Valentine’s Day.  We received the jar the day before Valentine’s Day.

The objects were placed in a locked box and that the entities were to move the objects into the jar, and move the now full jar into a supplied mailing carton and apport the mailing carton to a post office for delivery.  Doctor Schwarz had placed the necessary postage on the carton.

Comment:  The entities consist of a group of now deceased people, one of which is said to be able to move physical objects.  We have seen pictures of a pen in the process of writing on supplied paper, but without visible support.  We have also seen pictures of levitated objects in the locked lab.

The results of the SORRAT experiments do seem to be more dramatic than what is usually experienced in such phenomena.  However, before you decide to discount them as fraud, please note that there is no financial gain by the SORRAT members in this work.  Yes, the claims have been investigated many times with mixed results, but the same can be said of EVP.

Rapport: A form of nonphysical energy that is thought to be made available through the interaction of members of a group.  In effect, there are lines of influence between you and people and things in your environment.  You can think of this network as a pool of energy.  As you think of a friend, you strengthen that line of influence between you and your friend.  You make it even more energetic when you take time to contact that friend.  John Neihardt held that this energy represented by the rapport amongst friends is a necessary ingredient needed by nonphysical entities to communicate with our side of the veil.  If you are to have physical phenomena, you must have ample energy and that energy is made available by rapport within the group.

Imperator Group: A group entity providing etheric support for the SORRAT experiments. This group is thought to have been the control for Rev. W. Stainton Moses and Lenora Piper. Within the group are a number of personalities who signed SORRAT letters at one time or another. See Imperator and Rector for more information.

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