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Information Provided by Sonia Rinaldi and Compiled By Lisa Butler
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Brazilian researcher Sonia Rinaldi is the coordinator of Associação Nacional de Transcomunicadores (ANT).  Sonia has been helping people by making phone calls to the beyond since March 2001.  The majority have been for parents who have lost their children.  Sonia writes, “With this technology controlled by the Beyond, the call is not from the Beyond.  They enter our terrestrial phone calls.”

The parents make an appointment with Sonia in advance.  They are instructed to prepare ten questions.  When they call on the appointed day, Sonia has one phone in her hand and leaves an extension phone open for those in the Spirit world to participate.  The telephone is connected into the MIC jack of her computer and all conversations are recorded directly into the computer.  The questions are asked leaving ten seconds between each question and the recorded conversation lasts about twelve to fifteen minutes.  After the session is over, Sonia prepares a final recording of the session resulting in seven to eight minutes of pure dialog between parent and deceased child.  The sound track is copied and sent to the parents who are then able to hear their loved one’s voice and decide if it is their child who is speaking, identifying not only the voice itself, but also details and information which only the parents knew.  Sonia also requests that the parents send back a report detailing their impressions of the recording.

(This is in Portuguese.  The small voice is the child’s.)


When asked how she informed the Beyond that a certain parent would call on a certain day, and that their child would be needed on the phone line, she responded that she did not know, but explained that, “What seems to happen is the “Beyond” is here all the time.  It seems that they control everything around here.  In different phone calls, the deceased speaker has said that they go on living in the same house they lived in—that is with the parents.  Also they seem to visit my house or live around my house.  This makes me imagine that, in the parallel space of my house, many spirits live, working in the station.  Maybe the station is over my house.  I don’t know.  The fact is that, when a person is put on the agenda, that is all that I do … on that specific day, the expected deceased appears and replies with particularities that only the parents know, and also, in the great majority the voice is recognized.”

Sonia has tried to make phone calls while in other countries and has also tried having people from outside of Brazil call in to do a phone call.  This has not worked.  Sonia wrote, “For me this means that each country or big region has its own leaders on the other side.  Its own stations … I say that because maybe a reader of the AA-EVP newsletter may wish to make a phone call with me.  It will not function if he or she is not from Brazil.

“Not only that.  The person apparently must be Brazilian, or the deceased must be Brazilian.  On 11 September of last year, when I saw on television that many Americans were dying, I made a contact by phone and asked, “Are you (in the station) receiving many people today?  Are you receiving Americans?”  The reply was, “This is a station of Brazilians.”

Sonia has made 169 well-documented calls, all of them witnessed and under scientifically controlled parameters.  She has sent us the transcript of part of call number 121.

Data on the case

Yanira is the name of a mother who lost a daughter in a very difficult situation.  The daughter, Andrea, was 27 years old and pregnant.  During her pregnancy, Andrea went to the doctor many times and everything was perfect.  She knew she would have a boy, and had already chosen a name for him: Murilo.

On the day that the boy was to be born, all of the family went to the hospital and happily prepared a party to receive the little boy.  Yanira, her husband and her other daughter Ana, remained in the hospital room while Andrea went into surgery to have Murilo.

They were so happy that they decided to open some champagne to celebrate the arrival of the first grandson.  At this moment, the doctor entered the room to say that Andrea had died from shock of the anesthesia and that her newborn child died after fifteen minutes.

The Phone Call

Yanira requested the opportunity to speak to Andrea, and the call was scheduled for 12 October 2001.  Yanira along with her husband and her live daughter, Ana, all spoke with Andrea and Murilo.  The results, which were listened to later, were very good.  Yanira recognized Andrea’s voice in many replies.  At the end of Yanira’s conversation with her daughter Sonia remembered the child, Murilo, and wondered what had happened to him.  Would he grow up in the Other Side?  Would he return to his previous life?  What would happen to a baby with 15 minutes of life?

While they were still recording, Sonia suggested to Yanira that they put questions straight to Murilo, to see what would happen.  Of course, they had no idea of the results or even if he would be able to talk.

It is important to understand that Yanira wasn’t alone.  With her at their house on the beach, was her husband and Ana, her living daughter.  All of them spoke with Andrea and Murilo.

Below, is the part of the conversation related to Murilo.

Child’s voice: “It is from my heart”

Sonia: “Hi Murilo…”

Child’s voice: “Be in peace”

Sonia: “Are you hearing me, my dear?”

Child’s voice: “I am.  I’m secure”

Sonia: “Do you know your grandmother?”

Child’s voice: “I came, didn’t I?”

At this point Sonia suggested that Yanira start speaking to Murilo, “You may speak to him, Yanira!”  Yanira was listening to the child’s voice and was absolutely surprised.

Yanira: “He replied, Sonia!  Hello?  Murilo?”

Child’s voice: “She is ‘Anira!’  I love her!”

Yanira: “Hey Murilo!  Your voice is just like Felipe’s!”  Felipe is the name of Ana’s little son, who was four years old at the time.  Felipe was crying frequently in those days because of a throat ache.  Because of this, Murilo’s next comment was especially meaningful.

Child’s voice: “I am here, but I don’t cry”

In the next sequence Murilo says something impressive related to the fact that Yanira lives at the sea shore.

Child voice: “I play in the sand!”

Yanira: “Murilo …, I am your grandmother …, Yanira!  Speak to your grandfather now!  Give him a kiss!”

This point of the phone call is important because when Yanira’s husband spoke to Andrea, he asked for advice about a problem in the family.  Andrea didn’t reply to that question.  The one to reply was Murilo.  The Child’s voice: “Your two sons are the wrong ones.  I noticed.”

Child’s voice: “I love to walk with you in the sand …”  Yanira later confirmed that her husband used to walk on the beach every day.

Grandfather: “Hi!”

Child’s voice: “Hi …”

Child’s voice: “Ida has protected me when Dea died!”  Sonia pointed out that it was interesting that Murilo called his mother “Da,” a nickname for Andrea.

Yanira: “Murilo … and your mother?”

Child’s voice: “She has died.”

Yanira: “Wow what a nice voice you have!  We love you!”

In this sequence is another proof of his identification.  As children often are, Murilo seemed to be jealous of Felipe.  Felipe was sick those days, with a cold and throat ache.  So, he was crying frequently because he wanted ice cream, but that was forbidden.  Unexpectedly Child’s voice says, “Ice-cream is forbidden!”

At this point in the recording, Yanira gives the phone to her daughter, Ana, so that she could also speak to Murilo.

Yanira: “Murilo, speak to your Aunt Ana!”

Ana: “Hello?  Murilo?  How old are you now?”

Child’s voice: “I am four.”

In the sequence before Ana asks him if he is well, Murilo anticipates the question and confirms, “Yes I am.”

Ana: “Are you fine?  Are you close to your mother?”

Child’s voice: “She died.  Do you know?  I am beautiful!  I swear.”

At this moment Ana’s husband, Wagner, arrives.  Before Ana can inform Murilo that he will next speak to Wagner, Child’s voice: “The uncle doesn’t know me.”

Ana: “You will speak now with Uncle Wagner!”

Wagner: “Hi Murilo …”

Child’s voice: “I don’t cry!”  Again Murilo wants to show that he was superior to his cousin Felipe.

Wagner: “Do you know that you have a cousin named Felipe?”

Child’s voice: “I say to him this way: I will teach you how to walk …”

Yanira: “Murilo …”

Child’s voice: “You embraced me!”

Yanira: “Good bye Murilo!  God bless you …”

Child’s voice: “Bless you!”

Yanira: “It was wonderful to talk to you!”

Child’s voice: “Be in peace!”

You can find Sonia Rinaldi’s excellent ANT website at– including an English section.

Sonia does not charge for her work.  All that she does is exclusively to help people.

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