Sonia Rinaldi EVP from Sarah Estep

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In late February, Brazilian ITC Researcher and long-time friend of Sarah Estep, Sonia Rinaldi, asked her contact in spirit, Mr. German, if it was possible to contact Sarah. [Mr. German helps Sonia by “arranging” to have specific people available for communication via EVP.] Sonia received about ten replies from Mr. German. First, just as she started to record, an EVP was received that shows he knew she wanted news on Sarah:

Mr. German: “Cê pergunta pela Sarah!”
Translated: “You ask for Sarah.

Then he says that she rested after she left her physical body and is now recovered:

Mr. German: “Desperta do passagem!”
Translation: “(she) waked up from the Transition.”

Sonia recorded many statements from Sarah and we have included five of the more understandable examples here. Her native language is Portuguese but she speaks English very well. Mr. German speaks to her in Portuguese with a German accent but Sarah spoke to her in English. Sonia uses a standard audio recorder approach with Portuguese-language crowdbabble for background sound.

The first example is one previously used on the Sarah Estep examples page. It is here to give you a sense of how distinctive her voice was while she

Sarah Estep’s “Ludwig” EVP

EVP examples recorded by Sonia Rinaldi

Sonia: “Hi Sarah…”
Sarah: “I hear” (or I am here)

Sarah: “I am here, Sonia”

Sonia: “Bye…”
Sarah: “Now good bye”

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