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There is No Death and There are No Dead

Dr. Victor Zammit, Author, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife (
This book is a gem! It is fabulous. It is simply amazing - and it is inspirational! Why? Because communicating with those who crossed over is the greatest discovery in human history!


With absolute certainty the most important question in this world is whether or not we survive physical death. The consequences are enormous. There is nothing as important, nothing as critical and nothing as urgent in the world than knowing that we continue to live in the afterlife.


Tom and Lisa Butler's book is revolutionary in that in a materialist world of to-day, there is an urgent need to remove the fear of death, to satisfy the curious and the skeptic that the afterlife is no longer a matter of 'belief' but now is a matter of empirical - objective - evidence.


People want proof about the afterlife. People want guarantees - people want highly credible material to reveal to them how to be given absolute guarantees and guidelines that the afterlife is a certainty and that there is absolutely nothing to fear about physical death. Spirit voices on tape - the Electronic Voice Phenomenon and electronic communication from the other side (Instrumental Transcommunication)- have now been universally accepted and have given us clear evidence that our loves ones who crossed over still care for us.


I very strongly recommend this book. I am so thankful for Tom and Lisa Butler for making a most wonderful contribution to mankind! I sincerely believe the book should be compulsory reading at school and by everyone who wants to be given assurances that we survive physical death and that we will inevitably meet our loved ones who crossed over - love being the most powerful force in the universe!

Michael E. Tymn  from Depoe Bay, OR, Editor, The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research Bulletin (


The media decided that man's landing on the moon was the top story of the last Century.   But is that more significant than communicating electronically with other realms of existence, which wasn't even on the list of events considered?


"Come again," you say.  Yes, there is strong evidence that we are in touch with the "Other Side" (the world of the so-called "dead") as well as with other realms of existence.  This evidence exceeds the "boggle threshold" of most people, including orthodox science and the mainstream media, but the evidence is there nonetheless for anyone wanting to open his or her mind to it.


You might start with this excellent book, which summarizes much of the work done by credible scientists over the past 50 years in the areas of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) and tells about ongoing research in the field.  We're talking about tape-recorded voices of entities from other realms of existence, phone messages from them, and television images, to name just some of the phenomena.   "From EVP messages that we received, we quickly satisfied ourselves that the voices were not stray sounds in the environment or stray radio broadcasts," authors Tom and Lisa Butler write.  "In fact, with deceased relatives giving us messages on our audio tape, we came to realize that EVP was the most important proof of survival that we had ever experienced."


When the Butlers first heard about EVP, they considered it "outlandish, even improbable," just as most people who are not familiar with it are likely to conclude.  But after you have finished this book, you should, unless you are completely closed-minded and stuck in your worldview, realize that there is really something to it.


The Butlers are now engaged in extensive research in the field and detail much of their findings.  If your mind is easily boggled, it's probably not for you.  If you want to expand your mind, this book is one means of doing so.  Landing on the moon is nothing compared to the implications of the evidence in this book.

Martha Copeland from Atlanta, GA
From experience I can not tell you how healing it is to once again hear the voice of a loved one from the other side of the veil. This book provides the tools and direction into exploring our next world without the use of a psychic. My parents both cried when they read this book. They know that my daughter, Catherine Amiss, will be waiting for them on the other side. My mother said she does not fear death anymore. This is one of the most interesting and educational books on connecting to the hereafter.

Loretta Woodward
Have you ever wondered about life after death? EVP and ITC are avenues of research into this field. Using something as simple as a tape recorder, average people can receive messages from a source not physically present in the room. Could they be the dead?

Tom and Lisa Butler have written a comprehensive book on this subject matter that will interest the deeply involved researcher as well as readers with only a passing interest.

Melanie Billings of
I very much enjoyed There is no Death and There are no Dead and I can honestly say it is one of the most compelling books I've ever read, not just on the subject of the paranormal but on any subject.



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