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Your Immortal Self
Exploring the Mindful Way

by Tom Butler

AA-EVP Publishing, 2016

ISBN: 0-978-0-9727493-9-8

The cost of the 508 page book is $24.99 paperback

and $14.99 for eBook

Understanding personal responsibility of mindfulness will lead to your progression. This book explains the evidence which will enable you to turn toward the mindful way. Discussion of the phenomena and the paranormalist community so vital to your progression is included. Understanding your immortality teaches a spirit-centric perspective.  

please refer to the dedicated page in for more details (

You can order the book from




There is No Death and There are No Dead

by Tom and Lisa Butler, AA-EVP Publishing, 2003, ISBN: 0-9727493-0-6

The cost of the 292 page book is $18.00.

When the Butlers assumed leadership of the AA-EVP in 2000, they realized there was a need for a text which they could refer people to as a dependable source of information about EVP and other forms of ITC. This book is the result, and remains today an important introduction to these phenomena.

If you want to know about the history of EVP/ITC, if you would like to read about the experiences people have had with these phenomena and if you would like to learn how to record for the paranormal voices and images, you will want to read this book.

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Sarah Estep's new book, Roads to Eternity, is now available rom Galde Press. ISBN: 1-931942-23-4, Galde Press, 2005. You can also order it at

From the Publisher:

EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, is real. Spirits can communicate with us from beyond the grave and author Sarah Estep has the proof. She has had more than 20,000 contacts with the spirit world, and has caught EVP on tape recorders, her computer, her TV, and even her telephone. Hear it for yourself on the Roads to Eternity bonus CD included with the book.

If you liked Sarah's Voices of Eternity, then you will love Roads to Eternity.



Voices of Eternity


By Estep, Sarah, Fawcett Gold Medal Book, Ballantine Books, New York, 1988. ISBN 0-449-13424-5.


Available here as a free PDF file download. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download a free one:




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