Our Pledge to You

We pledge to do all we can to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about all things etheric. While we do not know what will be seen as true in the future, we will attempt to identify what on this website is supported by empirical evidence, what is speculation and what is common knowledge. Please contact us if you find anything here that seems misleading or to be claims that cannot be supported by the available evidence.



While Association TransCommunication (ATransC) is committed to honest disclosure of this subject, how the information is used is beyond our control. The Association is not responsible for consequences resulting from the use of information provided on the ATransC websites or in literature.

Psi Functioning

It is possible that a person may become more “aware” of the nonphysical influence in his or her life because of working with trans-etheric communication. Working with these phenomena is inherently safe and there has been no credible reports of people in this field being harmed by their etheric communicators. However, it is also possible that a person might encounter a disruptive entity or be unduly influenced by the phenomenal voices and images. The Association TransCommunication is not responsible for the actions of those who work with these phenomena and strongly recommends that people who are inclined to follow the instructions of strangers, or who have a history of mental illness, avoid associating with any form of trans-etheric communication.


Association TransCommunication does not sell devices for experimentation. It may endorse a technology or application of technology as a service to members and the public, but it does not profit from such endorsement and does not certify such technology beyond what is explicitly expressed on the website or in Association literature.

Personal Information

Association TransCommunication maintains member information for distribution of literature only. It does not sell or provide personal information to the public.

Financial Benefit

Association TransCommunication is operated by volunteer directors and supporters. No one is paid a salary and no one directly profits from membership dues, sale of the book, There is no Death and There are No Dead or speaker engagements. All income to the Association is applied to cost of operations and research.