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Media Watch

Phenomena In The Media


Lisa and Tom Butler write a column for The National Spiritualist Summit magazine. The column includes a review of the media for information about phenomena related to transcommunication, how people are experiencing it and how scientists are studying it. The objective is to show that the phenomena are being substantiated by modern research, and for mediumship, that there is no need to depend on 100-year-old research reported in the history books.

There are now 101 columns on the website for a total of 691 news items, most of which include links to the original article for further reading. As a research tool, we feel Media Watch is perhaps one of our most useful offerings to our readers.

The links below will take you to an expanded table of contents of past reports.

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2007 Report Content


Communication Throughout History

Need for Serious Study

Policeman Hears EVP

Paranormal Drama for CBS?

Did Seth 3 Appear in the Scole Medium’s Crystal Experiments?


Pets in Paradise

A Guiding Dream

Developments in Quantum Physics


Where Truth Lies


Spiritualist’s Art Now has Cult Following


Research Upsets UK’s Top Scientists

Direct Communication Between Brains

Life After Death

Last Laugh


Churchgoers Live Longer

Going to Church is Good For You!

Physicist Defends the Paranormal

Dr. Schwartz to use Email in Latest Study

Psychiatrist’s Talks to the Dead

Uri Geller has a Reality TV Show

Mysterious Phone Calls in the Virginia Governor’s Mansion

Set the Mind on a Goal

Concerns with Wikipedia


The Secret

Edward and Dubois on Oprah

Thoughts on Unfoldment and Development

Princeton Anomalies Laboratory to Close

One Step Forward – One Step Back

New Book on 19th Century Psychic Researchers

Global Warming Uniting Science and Evangelical Christians

An Opportunity to Learn


Prayer Research

Intention and Training Important in Healing

Study verifies Power of Positive Thinking

Anomalous Experiences

Double-blind EVP Experiments

TV Psychics Get It Wrong

Premonitions Registry

Blind Man has Déjà Vu


Praying Online Helps Cancer Patients

“Tough Guy” Mentality Helps Healing

EVP Listening Experiment

Where is Hell?

Where is Limbo?

Help with a Positive Outlook

Nixon and Dixon

Childhood Influences that Heighten Psychic Powers


Psychic Storm

Bob Woodruff Reports Near-Death Experience

Religion Afraid of Near-Death Experience Research

Veteran’s Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

Treating the Dead

Reaction to Closing of the PER Lab

Smog Eating Cement


Seeing the Future

Paranormal is Now Normal

Doctors Surveyed on Religion, Spirituality and Health

Majority Believe in Angels

Discarnate Intention

Fewer Teens Believe in Heaven

Near-Death-Like Experiences

Canadian Spiritualists Website

Comparing Wicca with Christianity


Paranormal Photographic Exhibition

Scientific Dogma

What is the Source of the Message?

Psychics Helping Police

The Cat Called the Grim Rea-purr

Another Ark

Best Practices


Feel Better – Talk about It

Winning Nobel Prize has Side Benefits

Puerto Rican Mediums Healing Work

The Quality of Mediumship

Some Mediums Giving the Rest a Black Eye

Religious Doctors are Not More Likely to Care for the Poor

Clairvoyant Princess


The Brain and Spirituality

Deepak Chopra does Book on Life After Death

Afterlife Conference

Classes on the Paranormal

Secular Groups Growing

Wiccan Symbol

Plant Minds

Czech Speaks English after Accident



2006 Report Content


Thoughts for the New Year

Induced After-Death Communication

Spirituality in America

Athletes and Meditation

Spiritual Meditation

Social Parapsychology

Our Pets Survive


Super-Psi Under Attack

The Separation Between Science and Philosophy Top Unanswered Questions

Transformation Survey

Our Marriage Impacts our Health

Chronic Anger and Hostility

Why Religion Helps

Healing Touch Study

Laughter, the Best Medicine

Astrologer Sues NASA


The Parapsychology Foundation

Parapsychology Still Shut-out

Six Decades of Research

Scottish Universities have the Right Idea

After Death Communication (ADC)

Time Travel

Online Telepathy Experiment

Beast gets New Number


Physical Phenomena in the UK

Psychics in China

Pope Benedict XVI Channels John Paul III

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE)

Online OBE Survey

Academy to Change their Name

Article on EVP in the SPR Journal

Grants Issued for Research on EVP and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC)

Life After Death: The Evidence, With Special Consideration to EVP and ITC


Healing Prayers

Blind Woman Knows Colors by Touch

Ability to Control Pain

Religion Losing Out to the Paranormal

Student Exorcists

Church Condemns Paranormal Course

Call for Proactive Research

Scientists are Spiritual

Nine Lives

Carrington’s “Spirit Box” Sold

SPR Looking for Paranormal Experiences

Historical Spirit Drawings and Photography


Should Christianity Embrace Mediumship, Healing and Reincarnation?

Gender-Specific Inclination to Accept the Evidence of Psi Research

Happiness Brings Success

How Being Ill can be Good for You

Homeopathy Tests

Scary Television

Sequel to What the Bleep


Prayer and Healing

Stress Can Kill

Loneliness Linked to Hypertension

Okay so There is Some Good News

Sensing Murder Finally Comes to the US

Lennon Séance

“Birdbrain” no Longer Means “Stupid”

Are Birds Trying to Tell Us Things?


The Circle of Elders

A Cure for the Blues?

Scientists Propose Alternative View of Mind

What We should always ask

Face Appears on Woman’s Grave

Questions For Skeptics

Most Christians Don’t Believe in the Body’s Resurrection


The Media Looks for Conflict not Resolution

The Art Transplant

Implications of Bioentanglement

The Placebo Effect

Suspended for Consulting a Psychic

Netherlands Cracking Down on Complementary Medicine

Beat the Devil


Materialization Séance

Psychic Finds Missing Man

Trapped Miner Communicates via Telepathy

Clairvoyant Dreams

Email Telepathy

Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada

Depressed people are more sensitive to other’s emotions

Hearing Voices


Scientists to Research Effects of Spirituality

No Affiliations in Near Death Experience

Brain-waves different after NDE

Perrott-Warrick Award

Dreams about Murder Victim

Burial Alternatives

Online Obituaries


British Paranormal Poll

Psychic Museum

The Atlantis Memorial Reef

Vision Saves Life

Ghost appears on TV

Think Positive and Live Longer

Four Views of God



2005 Report Content


Psychic Ability

Belief in Psychic Ability on the Increase

Skeptics test Girl with X-ray vision

Healing with Color

Border Collie knows 200 words

The Symbol of the Three Hares

Increased Awareness about Electronic Voice Phenomena


Transfiguration Mediumship

Talks by the Dalai Lama

Prayer Research Facing Critics

More on the Girl with X-Ray Vision

Psychic Detective

Prayer and Dreams lead to Crash Site

Guardian Angel saves NASCAR Legend

Injured Dog goes to the Hospital

Writing Off Bad Health


Direct Voice Medium Lislie Flint

Recorded Lislie Flint Trance Sessions

Bioenergy Fields

Hypnotism Works


The Email Telepathy Experiment

What the Dying See

Happy at your Job?

Dolphins Protect Lifeguards


Death is an Illusion

Does the Brain work like a Television Receiver

Communication from Montague Keen

Communication with the Spirit World

Psychics Solve Cases

Sixth Sense

Yoga and Psychic Ability

Doubt Cast on Theory that Magnetic Fields Spark Religious Feelings


Sixth Sense Saved more than Wildlife

Tsunami’s Dead Haunt the Living

NBC TV Show, Medium, is a Hit

Survival is in the Details

White Noise, the Movie


Spontaneous paranormal experiences

Life After Death: Living Proof:

Study on Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Research on Mirror Gazing

Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Alternative Science

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Experiment


Artifact or Phenomena?

An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning

Results of Online Staring Experiment

Discarnate Intention

The Best Psychics

It’s Not Just the Police Using Psychics

Air Force Studies Psychic Teleportation


Research Proving Connectedness

Can Recorded Medicine Replace Pills?

The Experimenter Effect Again

Russia May Ban Occult Practices

Test for Precognitive Ability

Severely Brain-Damaged People may be More Aware than we Realize

Readers Digest Poll

Virtual Cemeteries


Validation of the Paranormal

New Book Features 200 ESP Stories

New Results from the 4Cell EVP Demonstration

Psychics Banned from Italian TV

Catholic Book about After Death Communication

The OOPS center

Doctors Believe in Miracles


Mind Over Matter


Orb of Light Seems to have Intelligence

Table Tipping Profiled in Respected Journal

EVP May Lead to Exhumation

Unusual Experiences


We are All Connected

Hypnosis Helps to Focus the Mind

Mind Affects Machines

The Roots of Consciousness


Missing Women Found


Occult Photography at the Met:

Spirit at play in the Fox Cottage

Psychic Museum

Psychokinetic Power of Uri Geller

More People are Talking to the Dead



2004 Report Content


Telephone Telepathy is Real

Experiments Show Pattern Supporting the Existence of Telepathy

Congo African Gray Parrot reads owner’s mind


British TV Program on OBE

Chair in Parapsychology

Negative Bias of the Sitter in Mediumship


Belief in God

Evidence of “Mind Sight.”

Life After Death

Sound of organ pipes may cause strange feelings

Psychic Detectives

Stonehenge Carvings

Hamilton Séances

Our Actions can change Lives


Old views are still strong

The Soul Hypothesis

Physical Phenomena at UK Seminar

There is Still Physical Mediumship

Strengths of the Evidence

Negative Thoughts Make you Sick

Meditation improves Immune Response

Mind/Body Medicine


Old technique revisited

Table Tipping

Zero Point Energy

Advancement of Science Annual Meeting

Meditation is Good Medicine

Learn to Be Lucky

It’s more than Laughter

AA-EVP Conference


Statistical Corroboration of Psychic Abilities

Statistical Testing of Mediums

Debate on Telepathy

Demonstration of Mediumship on British Television Violates Broadcast Code

Father Calls after Dying


X-Ray Vision

Hypnosis a part of Mainstream Medicine

Gary Schwartz Survival Experiments

Definitions that will be helpful with the next article: Ganzfeld

General Extra Sensor Perception (GESP)

Papers Presented at SPR 27th International Conference

A Millionaire’s Last Vocation


Mindfulness Meditation

Training in Mindfulness Meditation improves Immune Function

Award in Consciousness

What IONS is doing in science

The Mediumship of Minnie Harrison

Patients want Spiritual Care

Converting Skeptics


Near Death Experience

The Power of the Paranormal

Spirituality in College

Article on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Movie on EVP

The Georgia Wonder

ITC Conference Highlights


Psychic Art

Accuracy of Mediums

China’s Psychics

Filipino Reality TV Series on the Paranormal

Electric Dreams

AA-EVP Conference a Success


David Thompson Séance

Montague Keen Continues his Work

Separation of Consciousness


Psypioneer News New Book

New Book

Animal Minds

Giraffe Talk


Still Working

Mind over Matter

Life after Death

Tate Memorial Lecture

Mapping empathy in the brain


A Way to Peace

Church Attendance

Spiritualism Should be Treated with More Respect

The Experience of Psychokinesis

Online Development Tools

It’s Electrifying

Biased By the Box



2003 Report Content


Scientists Ponder Evidence of Survival and NDE’s

Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies

Lancet Article on NDE

The Power of Prayer

EVP not just Voices


Robert Egby Serves the South Jersey Paranormal Research Group

Dreams have Power

Scholars Assemble Evidence of Life After Death

White Noise and Psychic Functioning


Is this evidence of phenomena?

ABC drama Miracles should highlight our interests

Is consciousness the basic building block of the universe?

A philosophical look at belief systems

Online psi tests


Article on Spiritualism

Article on Ectoplasm

The Nocebo Effect: Placebo's Evil Twin

More on Belief

Pet Psychics


A book about the Scole Experiment

EEG analysis during trance

The way to good luck

After 120 years of psychical research—confusion abounds!

Psychic detectives

Phenomena in our lives


Materialization Photographs

Books Online

Mind-matter Interaction Phenomena

Ruling out Chance

Ruling out Telepathy

Psychic Detectives

Russian Mystics

Ghosts Haunt Castle Workmen

Proof of Survival


Telekinesis or Psychokinesis

Field Consciousness Effect

Influence of Consciousness on Microelectronic Systems

Success: A Letter from Alexander MacRae to the AA-EVP

The New Work of the Scole Mediums


Opinion Polls


Transfiguration Medium Jean Skinner

Book on Lily Dale


Scientific Investigation of Phenomena

Paranormal is Normal

Medical Spiritist Congress

X-Ray Vision

New Book

The Spiritualist National Union

Waiting Lists for Spiritualist Development Circles


Does Spiritual Prayer Heal?

Present Thought May Influence Past Actions

Everyone is Psychic

Beneficial Book

Immortal Remains

Happy Halloween!

Ghost Directs Family to Old Letter

The Ghost of Private Rex

Hereward Carrington


Communication with the Dead

Afterlife still Taboo for Some

Painter Inspired by a Psychical Researcher

Beware; some books may not be what they seem!

New book on Electronic Voice Phenomena


Animals Healed by Touch

A Book on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

As researchers study how spiritual experiences happen inside the brain

Dowsing Data Defy the Skeptics

“The Ultimate Psychic Challenge”

Dead Skeptics: (a joke)



2002 Report Content


Worldview Survey

Medical Journal Publishes Article

More on Weather

Spirit Photography

The Mothman Prophecies


More on the Search for the Divine

An argument for the existence of nonphysical reality based on physical science

A. R. Wallace

Believe what you see

Psychic Bird


No report this month


No report this month


No report this month


Faces on the Wall

Geoweather and Phenomena



Templeton Prize


An EVP Book


An Orb Photography Study

Not Going to the Light

Gary Schwartz's New Book

The International Survivalist Society (ISS)

Victor Zammit on the Jeff Rense Show

The Foundation of Legend


Face on Church wall appears in ITC experiment

About EVP and ITC

Essay to be Published


Apports Received at ISF Congress

Ghosts With Alzheimer's?

Spook Lights


Metaphysical Presence Bugs Science

Survival Science

Speaking in tongues

A Higher Power


More Reports of Apports

The Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Telepathy Experiments

Fargate Institute

Psychic Ability Linked to Sidereal Time



2001 Report Content


Grief Management

After Death Communications

University of Arizona, Tucson


Mathematical Foundation for Survival

The Living Energy Universe

Afterlife Codes, Pet Psychic


No report this month


Society for Psychical Research Investigates

Phenomenal Evidence, Evidence Panel


Environmental Influence on Phenomena

Development Circles

Search for the Divine

Balanced Development Circles




Search Paranormal Community




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The Energy Profile of Transform EVP

IPATI Listening Team

Voice in Death Same as that in Life

Viewpoint: David Thompson

Using Live Voice Input Files

Trans-survival Hypothesis (Updated)

Implicit Cosmology



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