Martha’s Message from George Wynne

Previously published in the Fall 2010 ATransC NewsJournal

Martha with George in his office

I am sure that many members communicated with or met George Wynne who was very active within the Association. George used EVP to try to reach his wife Maya who made her transition in 2001. Maya was the love of George’s life and remained so even though they were separated by her transition.

In 2007 George emailed some of us that he had learned he had pancreatic cancer. He made his transition just a week later. As a very close friend with Martha Copeland, his last email to her read, “I just want you to let me be there to help you when thing get too difficult for you to handle. Remember our key word.”

Martha wrote, “George sent me several EVP after his death saying, ‘Martha, this is George, George Wynne’ but none were clear enough to post. I knew it was George’s voice coming through and I understood what he was saying. Just before he was diagnosed with a terminal, rapid spreading cancer we had agreed upon using a ‘pass code’ or ‘key word’ if one of us should ever make our transition. George did come through with that key word, during several of my recording sessions, and I could hear him. Maybe by being privy in knowing the ‘pass code’ word beforehand helped me to hear it.” The password was not class “A” and so was never released.

In July, Martha was preparing to do an EVP session. She asked her daughter Cathy and the Big Circle spirit team to help her with her recording session. She says, “I did not even have George on my mind because I had given up on him.” The EVP that Martha recorded is very clear and it is in George’s distinctive voice, there is no doubt that it is George, saying “George Wynne … I can be of help.” Martha was not only shocked. She was more than a little frustrated with getting this Class A EVP from George two years nine months after his transition.

EVP from George: George Wynne, I can be of help

Why are EVP like this so few and far between? Why does one person come with messages right away and another communicate with a shockingly clear EVP, a one in a million EVP, two and a half years later. Are they doing other things over there or are the differences in time something that we just don’t understand?

For those of you who are still trying to reach your loved one, don’t give up. George has helped us by showing us once again how little we understand about how things work.

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