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Association TransCommunication maintains these links pages as a resource for access to other website providing information useful to the study of transcommunication. ATransC does not necessarily endorse their content and there is no quid pro quo for having their links on these pages.

ATransC does not accept text advertising. Hyperlinks associated with words are intended to provide clarifying information, either from another ATransC web page or from a supporting website. We review external links as often as possible, but notifications of broken links are appreciated.


Link Policy

Managing links can be time consuming, and ATransC has the policy of not exchange links. All links are for ATransC members, organizations similar to ATransC that are established as research organizations and/or organizations providing service to the community. Other than member sites, hauntings investigation groups are not listed unless they have a functioning research department which has published well-considered research reports. An online journal, such as the one at, or even on the group's website is acceptable as "published," as long as it is publicly accessible. ATransC will attempt to assist in publishing such reports.

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Seeking examples of transform EVP

Study page:

The Energy Profile of Transform EVP



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Babcock’s Photographic ITC

The Energy Profile of Transform EVP

IPATI Listening Team

Voice in Death Same as that in Life

Viewpoint: David Thompson

Using Live Voice Input Files

Trans-survival Hypothesis (Updated)

Toward A Unifying Cosmology

     Creative Process

     Energetic Agreement

     Etheric Fields


     Point of View



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