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First Sight Theory
Mind-Brain Duality
Mitchell, Edgar
Shared Death Visions
Nonlocal Mind
Personality Types (Styles)
Psi Functioning
Radin, Dean
Random Event Generator
Reich, Wilhelm
Scole Group
Sheldrake, Rupert
Spiral Path
Stochastic Resonance
Video of Interest
Quantum Theory


Censorship How the UK is Forcing Internet Censorship
—Even of Esoteric Sites
See more hereSpecifically, UK internet service providers will be required to block sites that the government deems unacceptable—including porn, violent material, extremist sites, pro-anorexia and pro-suicide sites, alcohol and smoking, web forums, esoteric material and even software for circumventing the block. Individual users will be able to opt out of the filter, though it will be set “on” by default. – See more here

Lamarckism (“transmutation” theory)

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829) was a French scientist who developed an alternative theory at the beginning of the 19th century (1809). His theory centered on two ideas:

·         the law of use and disuse

·         the law of inheritance of acquired characteristics

Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution  – A Theory in Crisis

Irreducible complexity

See: Sheldrake

First Sight Theory First Sight: A Model and a Theory of PSI
Jim CarpenterAmazon
Mind-Brain Duality Dr. van Lommel has carried out research and surveys of patients who have had near-death experiences. He has documented NDE when there has been no apparent brain function. He has suggested in papers in the highly respected international journal of medical science and practice, The Lancet, that consciousness does not arise from the brain but that the brain acts similarly to a television receiver, processing the consciousness which comes from beyond the brain.

Dr. Sam Parnia, one of two doctors from Southampton General Hospital in England who have been studying so-called near-death experiences (NDEs), told Reuters in an interview.  “The studies are very significant in that we have a group of people with no brain function … who have well-structured, lucid thought processes with reasoning and memory formation at a time when their brains are shown not to function.  We need to do much larger-scale studies, but the possibility is certainly there to suggest that consciousness, or the soul, keeps thinking and reasoning even if a person‘s heart has stopped, he is not breathing and his brain activity is nil”  By Sarah Tippit for Reuters.

An Emerging New Model for Consciousness:
The Consciousness Field Model

Studies in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality Volume 1, 2011, pp 279-288

See Media Watch article Here

Study: Brains Function in Clinically Dead

by Sarah Tippit, June 29

Near-Death Experience, Consciousness and the Brain

A new concept about the continuity of our consciousness based on recent scientific research on near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest.

Pim Van Lommel

Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, The Netherlands

From the Conclusion:

“…the almost unavoidable conclusion that at the time of physical death
consciousness will continue to be experienced in another dimension, in an invisible and immaterial world, the phase-space, in which all past, present, and future is enclosed.”

Routledge of the Taylor & Francis Group

World Futures, The Journal of New Paradigm Research, 62: 134–151, 2006
Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
ISSN 0260-4027 print / 1556-1844 online
DOI: 10.1080/02604020500412808

Edgar Mitchell Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram

Mitchell founded IONS, a human potential organization encouraged by ATransC.


This paper presents a hypothesis for integrating into the scientific framework phenomena of consciousness which frequently have been considered beyond scientific description. Intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and many similar information phenomena seem to be easily explained by means of the nonlocal quantum hologram. It is further postulated that from the point of view of evolution, quantum nonlocality is the basis from which self-organizing cosmological processes have produced the common phenomenon of perception in living organisms.

Editor: While elements of this hypothesis do describe what is being found via transcommunication, especially nonlocality, it fails to address personality’s apparent existence prior to physical existence. See the ATransC Survival Hypothesis

Nonlocal Mind Nonlocal Mind: Best Updated Empirical and Theoretical Evidence
Personality Types The 4 Different Personality Types:

Merrill, David W. and Reid, Roger H. Personal Styles and Effective Performance. s.l.: Chilton Book Company, 1981.

Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers

Type Finder

Another version

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Team Technology


Enneagram Teaching, Research, Development & Applications

Psi Functioning Experimenter Effect

The Limits of Experimenter Influence on Psi Test Results: Can Any Be Set?

by Rhea White, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (1976)

Dean Radin

Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Adjunct Faculty in Psychology at Sonoma State University. Downloadable articles published mainly in the 21st century, with some papers of historical interest and other resources.

Double-Slit Experiment


Radio-Sweep Jim’s (brown) Paranormal Destination: What Are Your Thoughts on Ghost Boxes? Frank’s Box, The Shack Hack, The Ovilus and other Telephones to the Dead
Random Event Generator Random Event Generator Design

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

REG Ventor: Psyleron

The Global Consciousness Project

Wilhelm Reich Nonsense About Reich and Orgone on Internet

How the distortions of “orgonite”, “orgone generators”, “orgone pyramids”, “holy hand grenades”, “chembusters”, and other concoctions from the internet madhouse work to destroy Wilhelm Reich’s research legacy, and reveal a profound hatred for the man and his works.

Anti-Constitutional Activities and Abuse of Police Power by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other Federal Agencies

Probably the most significant and blatant example of FDA aggression and anti-Constitutional activity is the case of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The Reich Legal Case surpassed the Scopes Monkey Trial in legal and historical significance, as it clearly marked the willingness of the US courts to condone the censoring of speech, the burning of books, the unreasonable seizure of property, and the willful ignoring of written documents presented to judges… all for the sake of supporting the medical orthodoxy.

Orgone Energy Accumulator

The following is a presentation of Wilhelm Reich’s (at right) discoveries, observations, and theories about orgone energy in reference to the orgone energy accumulator and it’s uses.

Orgone accumulator devices are experimental; they are not medical devices, and not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a medical condition, please consult a health care professional.

See also: On Practicing Healthy Skepticism and Being a Pseudoskeptic


Science-Pseudoscience Demarcation problem

“Science and Pseudo-Science,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
First published Wed Sep 3, 2008

Séances Walter von Lucadou & Frauke Zahradnik: “Predictions of The Model of Pragmatic Information About RSPK” (
Seth Jane Roberts brought to us in one of her Seth material. As you may know, Jane Roberts documented the teachings of Seth in numerous books. In Session 635, Nature of Personality Reality (Page page 149, I think), (1980, Bantam Books) Seth discusses the natural aggressive tendencies of humans. He maintains that there is one cardinal commandment that we have need to understand. That is, “Thou shalt not violate.” (Do no harm?) Interpreting his supporting dialogue:

The Cardinal Commandment:

Thou shalt not impose thy will on others. This 9-point summary has been produced by: Maude Cardwell/THE AUSTIN (TX) SETH CENTER [defunct] and Mark M Giese

The Nature of Personal Reality

page 167: Thou shalt not violate

The Content-Source Problem in Modern Mediumship Research by By Paul F. Cunningham, River University, 2012. (

ABSTRACT: This article examines the methodological issue of whether the content of mediumistic/channeled communications can be used to determine the source of those communications (“content-source problem”) within the context of the trancepossession mediumship of Jane Roberts. The Seth material receives a thorough new examination in light of three approaches to the content-source problem in modern mediumship research that promises to advance the present state of discussion of this issue. A process-oriented investigation of phenomenological processes underlying Roberts’s channeling experience, a hermeneutic examination of Roberts’s channeling behavior, and a rhetorical analysis of the dictated Seth material offer novel analyses of the Seth phenomenon that might shed some light on the case.

From his conclusions: An adequate (adequatio) understanding of the trance-possession mediumship of Jane Roberts grounds itself in the public record of the case and includes Jane Roberts’s lived understanding of her own experience as a trance channel and Seth’s own practical understanding of himself. Seth either is or is not a production of Jane Roberts’s psyche. In either case, we are led to the possibility that human personality may have a greater reality and awareness than is generally supposed

Scole Group The Scole Experiment

The Scole Device

Shared Death Experiences Raymond Moody, On Eterna:

Moody’s website:

Rupert Sheldrake Hypothesis of Formative Causation

(Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields)

From the website: “In the hypothesis of formative causation, discussed in detail in my books A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE and THE PRESENCE OF THE PAST, I propose that memory is inherent in nature. Most of the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.”

An excellent place to begin learning about Sheldrake’s concepts is by reading his Glossary.

An experimental test of the hypothesis of formative causation

— “How Evolution Occurs: Was Lamarck Also Right?” By Robyn A. Lindley, July-September 2011 Edgescience, Published by the Society for Scientific Exploration. See: Acquired Inheritance

Implications of Bioentanglement

Good explanation of Sheldrake’s theory: The Nature of Consciousness: The Physics of Life, a book by Piero Scaruffi

Evidence of Formative Causation?

 A Parent’s Life Experiences Can Alter Their Offspring’s Genes

Spiral Path The Long and Spiraling Road

by Lorie A. Johnson

“I call these steps The Spiral Path, because eventually I find myself back at a familiar place or activity, but at a higher level of ability….”

Editor: Substitute “any path of personal understanding” for “Pagan” and I think you will see that Lorie’s view has meaning to all of us.

Stochastic Resonance What Is Stochastic Resonance? Definitions, Misconceptions,
Debates, and Its Relevance to Biology
Mark D. McDonnell and Derek AbbottPLOS Computing Biology, Published: May 29, 2009DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000348Bar-Yam , Yaneer (1997) Dynamics of Complex Systems, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA , ISBN 0-201-55748-7, Reviewed 12/14/2013
Tarot The Paul Foster Case tarot Deck

(Change the numbers at the end of the URL for different cards)

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

By Arthur Edward Waite

Instructions for the Great Work is embodied in the Tarot. See: B.O.T.A.

Quantum Theory Can Science Prove Reincarnation? Studies Reveal Soul Does Not Die

“Can science prove reincarnation? According to two leading scientists, the human brain is, in fact, a ‘biological computer’ and the ‘consciousness of humans’ is a program run by the quantum computer located inside the brain that even continues to exist after we ‘die.’ As experts explain it; after people die, their soul comes back to the universe, and it does not die’.”

Video of Interest  After-Death Communication – Hello From Heaven! on ABC’s 20/20
Wikipedia Important Commentary on Wikipedia

User: The Tumblemen: Wikipedia, we have a problem, A case study by Rome Viharo, 12-/21/2013. How one editor attempted to balance the Rupert Sheldrake article in Wikipedia, and was eventually banned.

Wikipedia has been hijacked by ‘guerrilla skeptics’!


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