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It is the objective of Association TransCommunication to support organizations around the world that are involved in the study of transcommunication. Links here are to websites hosted by individuals or groups dedicated to the study of these phenomena. In some cases, a website may be listed here because ATransC is able to refer people living in the same country for more direct help. Please contact ATransC to add your group.

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Phyllis Delduque


Phyllis works with a variety of visual and audio ITC techniques. She has excellent examples of these on her sites.

Institute for Advanced Research in Transcommunication Instrumental (IPAT)

It has become clear to us that our research must yield reliable evidences for the survival of the Spirit after bodily death. And to yield such evidences our research must be carried out in controlled circumstances so that its results can bear the forces of scientific scrutiny and remain true. We understand that for the ITC phenomenon to be considered valid, it must bear the seal of scientific validation.


Suely Raimundo

Transcomunicação Instrumental RS: The ITC RS-science paradigm




The French EVP group, Infinitude, offers French and English versions of their website.

Instrumental Transcommunication: EVP and ITC

This site by Maryse and John Locke provides examples of video ITC images plus DRV audio clips of anomalous voices answering in the various languages of the foreign visitors. There is also an eLibrary of ancient books on the subject of spiritualism, séances, development of mediumship in the Western and Oriental Traditions.


This website has been assembled by the French researcher, Pascal Jouini. You will find hundreds of images captured by the researcher, his techniques, and other researchers’ work.


Verein für Transkommunikations-Forschung (VTF)

From their website: The aim of the German Association For Transcommunication Research (VTF) (founded in 1975) is to support the research of the voice phenomenon by enabling everyone being interested in this phenomenon to carry out experiments for the reception of such voices, by supplying them with information and advice. VTF endeavors to reach all persons or institutions etc. who may give assistance in one way or the other to do the necessary research work in this range. Furthermore, the other duty of the VTF association is public relations work.


Israel Group of Paranormal Investigators (IGOPI)

This is a group of investigators who are trained to use scientific methods for paranormal investigations, including instruments for data collection and analysis. They do not charge for their services.


Interdisciplinary Laboratory For Biopsychocybernetics Research (Il Laboratorio) Link no longer works

This site has some English language material. Il Laboratorio is the only organized group of researchers we know of specializing in the study of ITC. It is the scientists of this lab who conduct forensic-quality analysis of both visual and audio forms of ITC.


Startpage EVP

Dutch-language website focused on EVP with information about pioneers in the field.

EVP Experimentation

Dutch (soon English) website to you, consisting of 35 years of scientific investigation of EVP with information about a new successful EVP-method of recording using Digital Noise Generation (DNG) and the principle of stochastic resonance.


Henk Stooter is an experimenter in the Netherlands. His website provides an explanation of his work in both Dutch and English.


Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication(RAIT)

The organization has several aims:

  • Spreading in Russia, the results obtained in the field of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), afterlife and consciousness research;
  • Carrying out scientific research in these domains and seeking financial support for this;
  • Translating and publishing basic works in ITC and afterlife matters.

Members of the RAIT have conducted serious research into ITC technologies since 2004. They feel this research will finally offer the possibility of establishing long and stable communication between two worlds.

Spanish Speaking Countries

KARINE Asociación Mexicana de Transcomunicación Instrumental

This website is produced by a growing EVP/ITC group in Mexico known as the KARINE A.M.T.I., or Mexican Association of Instrumental TransCommunication.

Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas

The Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas is an association of Spanish speaking researchers representing a large number of countries in Central and South America.


This website is dedicated to the popularization of Instrumental Transcommunication including the research of la Luis Fountain and Strella Fernández, and presents a gallery of EVP/ITC images and voices.

This website is dedicated to the popularization of Instrumental Transcommunication including the research of Luis de la Fuente and Estrella Fernández, and presents a gallery of EVP/ITC images and voices.” Thank you very much.

United Kingdom

The Norfolk Experiment The Scole Experiment. the book:

The Scole Group is no longer meeting, but while they were, they established a new view of circle phenomena that continues to inspire emulation. In modern terms, they approach might be described as an energy circle, as being different than an ectoplasm circle.

EVP Research Associates UK

The EVP Research Association UK are a professional organization based in Scotland. We actively study and research Electronic Voice Phenomena with our founder members having almost 40 years experience combined in the field of EVP research. Together we have amassed many thousands of EVP voices. Much of our research is conducted privately but we feel very strongly that in order to make that next important breakthrough, we have a responsibility to share our findings with other researchers over the world. We would like to help break down the barriers that exist between many of today’s researchers to ultimately work together to reach our common goal.


Orion Silverstar

This website describes Instrumental Trans-Communication techniques and  examples along with guidelines for conducting ITC sessions.

World ITC

Mark Macy and Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt approach ITC using concepts that embrace both the scientific and philosophical aspects of the phenomena. Mark is the author of several books on the subject of EVP and ITC.


ITC Journal

The ITC Journal includes Research, opinion and background articles by some of the top international experts on ITC written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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