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These are links to groups who routinely sit together to develop personal mediumistic ability and/or physical phenomena of the séance room.

The Felix Experimental Group

The FEG medium: In the year 2005 people founded an experimental sitters circle for Séance Room Phenomena, Physical Mediumship and Spirit Communication near Frankfurt, Germany. Inspired by the work of R.Foy, K. Batcheldor, J.Neihardt, and supported through findings of S.Braude, R.Pilkington a.m.o. researchers and experimenters, the circle was from the beginning on prepared as a long-time project. After months of resultless experimenting finally the first weird occurrences were taking place…

Stewart Alexander

“Hello and a very warm welcome to my website where I hope that many friends, both old and new, will enjoy learning about my experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship for a long time to come. I also hope that you will enjoy the additional content available within the pages. Through this online presence, my goal is to encourage the formation and development of more home circles out of which new generations of trance and physical mediums may emerge and demonstrate the wondrous reality of survival of the human soul beyond death and tangible communication between the two worlds.”

My best wishes to you all – Stewart Alexander

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The Norfolk Experiment

(Scole Group)

The Scole Experiment. the book:

The Scole Group is no longer meeting, but while they were, they established a new view of circle phenomena that continues to inspire emulation. In modern terms, they approach might be described as an energy circle, as being different than an ectoplasm circle.

The Norfolk Group The Norfolk Experiment:

Crystal Photographic Experiments (CPE) – results – images transmitted by the ‘communicators’ into crystals in full light conditions. “These experiments are primarily attempts to …see into, and capture a view into, other dimensions of existence.

The Silver Fox Circle

Fay Wright, medium: The Silver Fox circle started in 2007 as a group of people sitting together in harmony. Spontaneous physical phenomena had already been apparent around the medium for a number of years. We began as a cabinet circle right from the beginning. Small knocks were audible in the room right from the beginning. The first major event was a small rap on the drum our first breakthrough.