Linda Williamson EVP

©Linda Williamson – All Rights Reserved

Linda has sent us a number of interesting sound tracks.  Included here are three that you may find interesting.  Linda began recording when she encountered a “negative entity” where she once worked.  She purchased a Dictaphone to keep oral notes about this continuing encounter at her work place.  As you might guess, she discovered unexpected sounds and voices mixed amongst her recorded thoughts.  Thus, began her search to understand EVP.

We should note that Linda is Scottish.  Thus, you will note that her EVP have a detectable Scottish accent.

The first track is a man saying, “I need a match.”  The voice is thought to be that of the grandfather of a person who was present for the recording session.  He was always running out of matches.

A man saying, “I need a match.”

A woman saying, “I see her.”

A man saying, “Good luck.”

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