Faces on Turned Off Television Screens

by Tom and Lisa Butler

Of the many forms of paranormal photography, faces sometimes found in photographs of turned off television screens seems to be the most unusual. In spirit photography, the presence of an “extra” or apparition in the photographic frame is consistent with the concept that we who are still in the flesh are providing sufficient energy (perhaps ectoplasm) with which the entity can become visible to the sensitive film or digital circuitry. In Photographic ITC, faces and other features that can sometimes be found in the optical noise of photographs is consistent with principles thought to be involved in Video ITC and EVP. But the presence of a face on a television screen, as if it were a photograph cut out and glued to the screen to be photographed, does not agree with any of the hypotheses presented thus far.

By the way, we have seen enough examples of this form of phenomena to accept the validity of these examples.

Thus, we are beginning a collection of such pictures with the hope that a pattern will emerge that will either fit this form of nonphysical phenomena into existing hypotheses or suggest a new one. So please, if you have an example of the phenomena as shown here, send it to us along with permission to use it in our study and details of how the picture was taken.

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This picture was taken in Las Vegas, Nevada and originally published in the October 1995 National Spiritualist Summit magazine. You can see a little boy taking his first steps. The picture was taken by the boy’s mother who is also the sister of the lady whose upper portion of her face is visible on the turned off television screen.

A confirming point to this is that it is reasonable for the deceased sister to “show up” for the boy’s first step. The face was not visible when the picture was taken.

Please Note: We have recently had a complaint that this picture must be a fake because the camera is aimed more at the TV than at the boy–odd for such an important event in the Boy’s life. We, as a matter of fact, are more interested in the face on the wall than the boy and have cropped the original picture, which was indeed, centered on the boy.

Also, it is an interesting characteristic of phenomenal faces in all forms, that the bottom of the face is frequently obscured in some way.

It is important that you do not let your natural suspicions keep you from the opportunity to learn about these phenomena.

We know that this picture has been used in a preview for the movie, White Noise. Universal received permission to do so.

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