Trans-etheric Influence (EVP)(ITC)

Fair question. This is answered better in Your Immortal Self, but I will try to give you the short answer here.

Acting as naturalists and looking for patterns of behavior in EVP, we have learned to expect the messages in EVP to be colored by the practitioner’s expectations, fears and/or cultural training. Any one message can be colored by the practitioner or an interested observer who is anywhere in the world.

By colored, I mean that the original message may have begun as a sense of interest expressed by a discarnate personality and translated by the practitioner/observer to come out as a “watching” kind of message, as if the personality is in the room. We are pretty sure the message is formed as a psychic expression of intention and always colored by what we refer to as cultural contamination. If the message is initiated by a discarnate personality, there is no reason to think it is in the room.

As you can see, we are pretty sure an etheric personality entangled with a human as a person is required for the actual formation of the message. This is discussed in depth under the Concepts tab of ethericstudies.org. http://ethericstudies.org/category/concepts/

Almost all of the science points to all forms of transcommunication as psi functioning, which is parapsychology speak for psychic. The dominant working theories are that the messages are ordinary, just us fooling ourselves (no psi or survival), coming from a living person’s need (psi but with no survival) or discarnate people (survival with psi as the process).

The best supported theory is psi with no survival. In that, a living person is the agent and someone’s memory or survived memory traces, provide the information, just as in mediumship. This model, referred to as the Super-Psi Hypothesis, is used to explain EVP without the need for survival.

To show that the message is from a still sentient, survived personality, it is necessary to find message content that is not known by anyone living or who has lived. We think we might have one example: “Doja, no!” at http://ethericstudies.org/trans-survival-hypothesis/#Doja

Of course, the preponderance of study by people who think survival is a fact, supports the survival hypothesis. As such, many such phenomena inherit credibility by being a member of a credible class. For instance, EVP supports mental mediumship and the other way around. If one is true, then the other is probably also true. They also share metaphysics.

All of this to say that current science indicates that you messages are colored by your worldview. If the message came from the other side, it could have been the person, someone trying to make you happy or your unconscious mind. From our experience, the only negative messages we have seen have clearly been the product of the practitioner’s worldview. It is likely that those messages began as something positive, but a person fearful of demons tend to record confirming messages. That is why we recommend mindfulness.

So you can see that we are still studying this. So far, we have zero evidence of demons, possession, earthbound entities and the like. Yes, we do see the occasional personality behaving badly such as the “Prepare to die!” EVP at http://atransc.org/evp-tom-lisa-butler/  Considering the voice, it is a very funny EVP.

I hope this helps.

Answer: We originally understood Sarah to say that she “invented” the system when we read her book, Voices of Eternity where she wrote:

It is astounding to receive any communication from another dimension. Even hearing raps, which many people who sit in séance circles have reported, boggles the mind. How much more startling if the unseen can come through with even one word on recording tape! Most messages, I discovered, are faint, whispery voices I call Class C. Headphones must be worn to hear them, and rarely can all the words be interpreted. Class Bmessages are louder and clearer and can often be heard without headphones. Class A voices are the most gratifying. Loud and clear, they can be duplicated onto other tapes. No headphones are required.

It has been recently pointed out to us by a friend in the UK that Konstantin Raudive wrote about the Class system in his book, Breakthrough, which we attribute as the book that brought EVP to the English-speaking world. You can read portions of the book here. Raudive wrote:

The microphone voices fall into three classes of audibility:

Class “A” voices can be heard and identified by anyone with normal hearing and knowledge of the language spoken; no special training of the ear is needed to detect them.

There are several hundred microphone-voices amongst my recordings that fall into this group. It is easy to make tape copies of “A” voices, and they can be repeated as often as desired. Thus, I have analysed roughly 25,000 voices according to speech content, language and rhythm. By this method of repetition, the acoustic reality of the voices can be established beyond doubt, and hallucinations of the ear are excluded.

Class “B” voices speak more rapidly and more softly, but are still quite plainly audible to a trained and attentive ear. The ability to differentiate increases with practice, but this is a slow and wearisome process. For this reason it is difficult to use non-regular participants for experimental purposes with class “B” voices.

Class “C” consists of the most interesting voices; voices that give us a great deal of information and much paranormal data. Unfortunately, these can be heard only in fragments, even by a trained ear, but with improved technical aids, it may eventually become possible to hear and demonstrate these voices, which lie beyond our range of hearing, without trouble. This grading and my comments are but a rough guide in the present stage of our approach to the psycho-acoustic aspect of the investigation.

We do not know if that was the first use of the A, B and C classification system but we know that Sarah was at least the second person to use it and it has become a very popular system.


The Big Circle

Answer: We do not know all of the reasons why someone communicates or does not. None of the reasons we know of say anything bad about the person in the etheric or the loved one attempting to make contact. When a person “goes on” to a new venue of learning, they have much more difficulty “checking in” with us in in the physical. If you read the Survival Hypothesis, you will see that we think it is natural for all of us to eventually enter into a new lifetime in some  other venue for learning.

When people firsts transitions, they are usually able to communicate with us because there is a lot of energy from emotions that helps the transfer of information across the veil. They are also still familiar with the physical and are apparently more able to project their attention into the physical. Once they have been across for a while, they do seem to have more difficulty, but they also have more experience over there that may help.

If they were very sick in the last days, then communication may be limited for a time while they learn to be “well.”

When attempting contact with a specific person, be clear in your mind about how you feel doing so. If you are fearful, then it is best that you do not use EVP. Develop a clear image of the person by reviewing your memory. Have a strong and focused desire and follow a routine of attempts in the same location and time. Speak to them as if they are in the room.

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Answer: As you can see in the article about the Big Circle, It began as a spontaneous gathering of members and loved ones on the other side. In some instances, we feel certain that a loved one on the other side has guided their parent, sibling or spouse to the ATransC and to participation with the Big Circle as a way of making contact. We understand that the Big Circle is a universal idea that everyone should be able to participate in.

By deciding to make contact with a loved one, by learning to record for EVP and by recording with the group on the designated days and times, you effectively open yourself to the possibility of contact. Not everyone has made contact, and there are no guarantees that you will. But, everything you need to know is available on the techniques pages of this website at no charge, so you only risk time and effort in the beginning.

Remember too, that the best way to contact a loved one is through meditation and communion using your inner senses.

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Answer: The “Recording Circle – Bridge to the Afterlife” is more commonly known as the Big Circle. It was formed around members who had lost a loved one and were seeking to reestablish contact via EVP. As a members helping member group, it was an important source of education and comfort for many people. Over the years, the members have moved on and the group has become mostly inactive.

The Big Circle is still an informal group of people who record for EVP simultaneously on alternate Thursday evenings at 8 PM Eastern time and the public is always invited to take advantage of the group energy to record for EVP at the designated times.

More information on the Big Circle is available in the Big Circle page of this website.

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Answer: Talking to Robin Foy (Scole) about learning to function as a physical medium, he indicated that he hesitates to recommend a book on the subject because they are all rather old, and the entities have evolved their understanding of how to work with us. His pamphlet about conducting an energy circle is probably the best guide. See How to Develop Energy-Based Physical Phenomena. He also wrote In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship.

Sorry for the advertisement, but the Scole group is probably the most important physical phenomena circle in the past hundred years. You may remember that the mediums spoke at our last conference. Vicki, you were there.

The energy versus ectoplasm discussion is probably just beginning. David Thompson and virtually all of the British-trained materialization mediums are ectoplasm mediums. That is a traditional view and does produce astounding evidence of survival, but energy séances produce very different phenomena and operates in lighted rooms. A new group we have reported on, the Felix Circle, has transitioned from energy at first to energy and ectoplasm. So the evolution continues.

I have included a post by Robin Foy discussing the difference below.

What it all come down to is that we see a partnership between people in the etheric and in the physical to enable a transfer of information across the veil. Sometimes that information manifests as the commonly known physical phenomena such as direct voice, apports, raps and levitation. Sometimes it manifests as ITC phenomena and sometimes it is seen as transfiguration or materialization via ectoplasm. We think all of these follow essentially the same circuit as I describe in the ATransC Survival Hypothesis.

If this is true, it means that the physical person is essential for (probably all) trans-etheric influences, and there is a quantitative difference between a person really good with ITC or who experiences a lot of hauntings phenomena and one who does not. The purpose of a development circle is to find the ones who are strong mediums and develop them. We think the 4Cell protocol is an ITC version of a development circle, but any focused effort to improve oneself as a “channel” for trans-etheric influence is important. In fact, we do not know the best way because we do not understand the best qualities to develop.

To the question of physical mediumship versus ITC, we still need to develop the vocabulary so my explanations are pretty rough. Any device can be used as a focus point for a person to embody trans-etheric information. In most cases, the physical device is probably working as a nucleolus around which ectoplasm or the “new” energy can develop, but it is important that the practitioner-medium believes the process can happen. All of this is energy limited, so in EVP, if the physical object has the mechanism to produce voice, then it is more possible for a person to produce EVP than say, with a pet rock.

As we understand it, the average EVP practitioner is functioning as a medium but is directly manipulating physical processes that, energetically speaking, are easy to influence. The less able the medium, the easier the physical process needs to be to produce EVP. I think that is why some devices work for some people. A strong practitioner-medium can probably produce EVP with almost any audio-frequency technology while rusty old goats like me require a really low-energy device.

The average practitioner does not normally function as a physical medium in the sense intended by circle work. We do not know the difference, but at some point in the continuum from new Self to mature Self, practitioners change from manipulating micro-processes such as stochastic resonance and begin using the energy used by the Scole Group. It is like my mind causing a transistor to modulate energy to produce the desired voice and my mind manipulating the sound coming from the device by enveloping the device in this new energy. I don’t really know, but the difference is evident.

All of this happens at the unconscious level for us much like trance automatic writing. What is important for us is to decide if we are open to participate, and then learn to be a good channel. Most of the time, that means not being attached to outcomes, not clearing the mind, but allowing the mind to focus where it will, learning to listen to our inner imagination and consciously inviting our invisible communicators to join the fun.


Two types of Physical Mediumship

by Robin Foy

Not everybody is aware that Physical Mediumship now takes place in two totally different ways. The traditional view is that physical phenomena can only be presented by spirit helpers using the controversial substance known as ‘ectoplasm’. This method has been used by Physical Mediums and their guides and helpers since 1848. Generally, it involves just one physical medium, who is usually in deep trance throughout the proceedings. The medium usually sits in a ‘cabinet’ throughout to concentrate the power (this is a small enclosure of approximately of the same or slightly larger size as a Punch and Judy man’s tent by the seaside). Most physical mediums operate in total darkness, or with the use of a dim red light for illumination, although one of our members is currently experimenting with a green light.

The ‘ectoplasm’ is exuded from the physical medium’s body (from any or all of the body’s natural orifices) and can be molded by the spirit guides and helpers to form a ‘materialization’ of a spirit person, which can often be positively identified by friends and relatives of the spirit person. For manipulation of objects such as a trumpet (a megaphone like object used for amplification of direct-voice communication from spirit) in the séance room, an ectoplasmic rod is used by the spirit people. In every case, the ectoplasm remains connected to the medium whilst phenomena takes place. It is this ectoplasmic connection which makes the whole proceedings physically dangerous for the physical medium. If a sitter does something silly, like switching on an electric light in the middle of a séance, the ectoplasm shoots back into the body of the medium at an alarmingly fast rate; causing (at the best) burns to the medium’s body and (at the worst) occasionally internal wounds that have, on occasion, led directly to the death or serious injury of the medium. Such was the case with Helen Duncan and Alec Harris, both famous materialization mediums. Consequently, in all sittings where physical mediumship is conducted through an ectoplasmic-based system, careful precautions have to be observed for the safety of the medium. The ectoplasmic-based physical medium often takes many years to develop their mediumship fully.

The second, and more modern method of producing physical phenomena is by way of an energy-based procedure. This form of physical phenomena was largely pioneered by the Spirit Team working with the Scole Experimental Group in the 1990’s. There may indeed be one or more mediums in a group where this method is being used. They may, or may not necessarily be used in deep trance; sometimes, the group are not even aware of who the medium or mediums might be! The spiritual energies of all the group members are blended and involved in the energy-based process. Whilst groups of this sort should start out in total darkness, the spirit team working with a particular group often bring their own spirit-lighting fairly soon in the development of the phenomena to provide adequate illumination.

The energy that is used by the spirit team is a blend of three different types of energy which, when mixed together, provides one creative energy, which can then be used by the spirit team or individual spirit persons in a physical way to demonstrate the phenomena which is produced.

The 3 forms of energy are:

  1. Spiritual energy taken from all the sitters in the group.
  2. Spirit energy brought by the spirit team from the spirit world, especially for the purposes of producing the ‘creative energy’ needed at a particular sitting.
  3. Columns or ‘pillars’ of natural earth energy which exists in certain geographical locations around the world. By their work, groups, sitting for physical phenomena can attract one of these columns of energy to them for the work, or even create a new column.

There are a number of advantages to working in this new way with energy, although I should point out that neither method of working is better than, or superior to the other.

These advantages include:

  1. Phenomena can develop quicker in the energy way. Sometimes in months, rather than in years.
  2. There is no danger whatsoever to mediums or sitters if somebody does something stupid during an energy-based sitting. The phenomena will simply stop,
  3. The energy-based method is more versatile in that more types of phenomena can be developed in this way. At Scole, we counted around 180 different types of phenomena that were developed during the 5-year history of the Scole Experimental Group.

For full details of the Scole sittings, see my latest book: www.scoleexperiment.com

These are the basic facts of the two methods for producing physical phenomena. I will post more educational blogs on the subject as required.  trance throughout

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Answer: That is a good question. Looking around ATransC.org, I see that we have not explained the concept. The short answer is that the medium is able to enter into a deep trance in order to permit an etheric personality to assume limited control of the body. This control is usually experienced as speech but may also involve movement of the medium’s body.

An important characteristic of a physical medium is the ability to manage subtle energy. The medium usually works with sitters in what is called a circle. Typically, a circle may be considered an “energy circle” or a “materialization circle.” Energy circles involving ideoplasmic structures which produce “spirit lights” and other objective phenomena. Materialization circles involve a near-physical substance known as ectoplasm which may produce materialization of objects and discarnate personalities. The energy for these phenomena is managed by the communicating entity via the medium and may be drawn from the medium’s body as well as sitters and the environment.

You will see some of this differences in types of physical phenomena in the articles: “David Thompson and The Circle of the Silver Cord Séance” and “Stewart Alexander” as compared to “A Visit to the Felix Experimental Group” on atransc.org.

One of the reasons we have expanded the focus of the association is to explore these phenomena in light of what is known from ITC. For instance, consider the concept of intended order. This concept may be applicable to such phenomena as ITC, energy healing, meditation and morphogenetic fields.

The standard model used by the ATransC is that trans-etheric influences are the expression of a personality’s intention. Physical people are personalities that exist in the etheric, but are able to inhabit the physical aspect of reality because of the physical body. In effect, people are all the same, but some may not have a physical body. In that way, we all influence our environment via intention. We bring intended order to chaotic environments.

The connection between intention and order probably would not have been made by us had it not been for a Sitting with Hoyt Robinette. He is a precipitation physical medium and that form of mediumship appears to use physical-world raw material such as ink and crayons to produce images in the cards and silks. For this to have a physical process, there would necessarily be the dematerialization of the ink, apportation of the ink to the cards and materialization (precipitation) of the ink as the intended image. In theory, it is Hoyt’s etheric helpers directing the image formation via his mediumship.

Poorly formed but decisively present secondary images of the kind found in video ITC were present in the precipitated features. Video ITC depends on the emergence of intended features out of a chaotic field of energy. This is also true of transform EVP. Putting all of this together, it appears that the common factor is chaotic energy and intended order. The physical ink would be in a chaotic state of disarray during apportation and the precipitation would be accomplished as an emergent intended order.

We think Intended order is the key to understanding physical mediumship. Once again, this theory has substance because of the many ways the phenomena are expressed … ways that would not have been noticed without studying all of the forms of phenomena.

In general, a medium always communicate across the veil while a psychic psychic is said to access information directly from physical people and things. A physical medium is one who is able to mentally “step aside” and allow etheric people to cause physical changes such as voice and materialization of forms. Ectoplasm is a subtle energy substance derived from people which is used as a building material for materialization. It is very sensitive to light and unexpected interruption.

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ITC Techniques

Answer: EVPmaker  was developed by Stefan Bion who is an active member of the German VTF, the German equivalent of the ATransC.

As with all things related to EVP, you should consider EVPmaker  an experimental program. The principles active in it are quite different from what we find in a sound recorder. A prerecorded sound track is loaded into a buffer, and then segments of it are randomly selected and strung together to form a new sound track. In effect, the input file is chopped into small pieces and the pieces are scrambled and reassembled according to a random number generator. The process is not unlike cutting a page of text from a book into small fragments, shaking them up in a container and then blindly picking pieces out one at a time to assemble a new page. We think it is in that random process that the EVP occur as the entity opportunistically selects bits of sounds to make a message. We are referring to this form of EVP as “opportunistic EVP formation.” See the discussion here.

There is precedence for psi influence over random number processes in the work of the Boundary Institute and others, so it is reasonable to think that the communicating entity can cause a similar psi influence to EVPmaker . The problem is that the process produces a steady stream of staccato sound which the operator must speak over. In the example by Margaret Downey, the EVPmaker  output was amplified in the recording made of the session, and after the session was over. You can hear the relative level of the EVPmaker  output “behind” her voice.

The length of each fragment is controllable by the operator and it is possible to make the segments so long that recognizable parts of the live voice can be understood. This leads to more frequent EVP, but our study has shown that this may be because it is actually leading to more false positives–ordinary sounds given meaning that they do not actually have.

As is illustrated in Margaret’s example, Stefan has introduced an allophone file made from a speech synthesis tool. This file of small speech fragments is used as the input in place of a live voice recording, and consequently any words in the output must necessarily be either fortuitously or paranormally formed from the allophone. It is true that some words may occur naturally but any meaningful response to a question should be considered deliberate.

Much more is known about transform EVP using a standard recorder and background sound than is EVP formed in EVPmaker , so we recommend that a person new to EVP begins with the usual audio recorder and background sound as described in Basic Recording Techniques. Then after learning what EVP is and how it typically sounds, we encourage people to try new techniques, including EVPmaker.

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Answer: “radio-sweep,” using modified radios popularly known as “ghost boxes” or “spirit boxes,” is a term describing a technique used for EVP formation using a radio receiver. It has been known for many years and is known as “swept radio” in Europe. The tuning dial of a radio is rapidly moved to cause bits of radio programming to be output at the speaker as a staccato flow of sound. The concept is that the resulting sounds will sometimes be used by the entities to speak. We refer to radio-sweep as one of the opportunistic EVP formation techniques, because the entity must depend on a useful sound to be available as the channel is swept.

There is very little documented study of this technique offering evidence that EVP is actually formed using this technique. The possibility of attributing normally occurring sounds as paranormal  (false positive) is so great that the AA-EVP has adopted the policy to encourage people new to EVP to first learn how to record EVP using the usual audio recorder as described in Basic Recording Techniques. Then after learning what EVP is and how it typically sounds, we encourage people to try new techniques, including radio-sweep.

Amongst the causes for false positives is that in some automated versions, the dwell time on a station may be sufficiently long to allow three or four words to be spoken by a radio announcer. This may come about in localities in which a very strong stations is detected on a relatively broad part of the spectrum.

For research, the scientific community will automatically discount examples made by any technique using live voice. Since the AA-EVP is very interested in research and teaching, there is little choice but to avoid what is already “dead on arrival” in the scientific community.

Another problem seen to occur is the tendency of the practitioner to “story tell” or creatively describe how a detected sound might answer a question or give important information. For instance, focusing on a string of voice fragments that might actually be meaningless, such as: Question: “What day is it?” Recording: “… ca … to … en …da … lv … og … ee” Story: “Today is the day to love me., meaning that the entity thinks I should love myself to love others.” Note that “to” and “da” are seen as “today,” “lv” is seen as “love” and “ee” is seen as “me.” The other fragments are conveniently ignored in this example because they did not fit a good story. This is probably an extreme example, but it is pretty close to what is usually reported, and without further research to determine whether or not such a story is warranted, the AA-EVP has no choice but to discourage the use of radio-sweep by any but very experienced people.

There is one important consideration that complicates our understanding of radio-sweep. Most techniques for EVP are actually novel ways of producing audio-frequency sound energy for transformation into voice in an audio recorder. In most of the examples of radio-sweep that we agree are probably EVP, all have looked more like transform EVP and the output of the radio-sweep process is just a novel sound source. Some describe this as hearing the voice “ride above” the staccato output of the radio-sweep.

We cannot say that radio-sweep does not produce EVP. We can say that it produces way too many false positives to be an acceptable tool for transcommunication. A test apparatus that might determine the effectiveness of radio-sweep would be to have a closed system of multiple allophone files as an input to the sweep process, and have all of this in a shielded container. However, the resulting setup would look a lot like EVPmaker.

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Answer: The answer to this question has changed as technology has evolved. Today, digital voice recorders are recommended for experimenting in both field and controlled conditions. Other audio recorders, such as the cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders, are excellent; however the mini-cassette or CD recorders have not been well received by the EVP community.

Research has shown that the voice in transform EVP is formed by changing available audio-frequency sound into the voice. For this reason, we have found that it is sometimes necessary to provide background sound during EVP experiments when using a very quiet recorder. This is usually accomplished with an external microphone and such sound sources as a fan, static from a radio or running water. The objective is to provide sound with human voice frequencies that has many harmonics and overtones. “live” sound is preferred over computer generated sound, but “live voice” should be avoided unless it has been treated, such as in the crowd babble offered here.

Digital voice recorders produce relatively more internal noise and work well in field conditions without the addition of background noise. However, they are not convenient for reviewing the resulting sound files, thus the need for a computer for review and possible filtering and amplification. In truth, it is fast becoming the norm for practitioners to us a computer for all sound file review.

Comment on the Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder: We have discussed the Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder on this website and in our book, There is No Death and There are No Dead. At one time, the DR60 was about the most useful digital voice recorder around; however, things are rapidly changing. For instance, the Sony ICD-B7, which sold new for under $50, has been reported to be an excellent recorder for EVP. There are new models from various manufacturers coming out nearly every month and most will work very well. As a rule of thumb, always use the longest recording time setting. If the recorder has a very quiet sound circuit, then you may need to add background noise or enhance available noise with something like an acoustical box to give you that “ocean in a sea shell” effect. Please review this article for additional recommendations.

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Answer: The voice activation feature is a mixed blessing. Some experimenters use it and some refuse to.

In some models, the Voice Activation (VOX) is slow and clips words. It will trigger on background noise and then as quickly turn off because the noise is not sufficient to keep it on. The result is a staccato sound between comments from the experimenter. You can often see the RECORD light flashing on and off with just the sound of a distant fan.

We do use the RECORD light as an indicator that the recorder is on and may be recording an EVP. Watching the counter can provide the same information.

One thing to watch for with VOX is that a phenomenal utterance may more or less fill the space between your comments, even though it is only a tenth of a second long and your pause was over thirty seconds. Thus, you can see that the communicating entity has used the noise caused by the VOX to form a voice. The rest of the story is that the timing of question and answer can be deceptive.

We prefer VOX recording because of the time factor. It might take us thirty minute to review a three-to-five minute recording. Especially when we are field recording, it is possible to record for an hour or more, but with VOX, only have ten-to-fifteen minutes of recording to review.

So the answer to your question is that the VOX feature is not necessary, but it can be helpful.

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Answer: An EVP sound file is like any computer file and can be attached to an email in the same way that a text file is attached. As a consideration to others, the sound file should be made as small as possible if you expect the receiver to keep the file. It is best to use a audio management program such as Audacity to select the EVP and perhaps an associated question spoken by the practitioner. It is unreasonable to sending a long file with just a short utterance you wan them to hear.

We recommend that the file be saved in your computer in the Wave format (*.wav) because that format retains the original data. For sharing files, we recommend the MP3 format because it is much smaller and takes up less room. MP3 does lose quality, so make sure that you “save as” the MP3 version to protect the original wave format.

We usually use a Sample rate of 22050 KHz, Stereo, 16 Bits. We use stereo because we believe that we can hear the EVP better when using two ears. A Sample Rate of 22050 is sufficient to maintain the quality of your EVP; however, if you are trying to make your sound file smaller, save it as something like 8000 KHz, Mono, 8 Bit. (Always listen to the final version to be sure you have not corrupted the file.) A 8000 KHz sample rate will reasonably reproduce up to 4000 KHz, which is where most of the voice will be. it is also what the telephone company uses for voice circuits.

Once your sample is saved as a Wave file of a reasonable size, and it has been named in a descriptive way, you can handle it just as a text file. It can be included as an attachment in an email message, or posted to a discussion board or on your website.

If your sample has been modified in any way, it is a good idea to give a brief summary of those modifications in the posting or email message. It is also a good idea to tell how the recording was made, and why you believe the EVP is worth listening to in the first place. Since there are so many EVP samples offered on the Internet, it is a kindness to all if you post only the very best or most interesting. Of course, it is always reasonable to post an EVP that you need assistance with from the others, but tell the others of this need.

Finally, always describe your attachment in the body of an email message. We routinely warn people not to open any attachment that has not been described in a reasonable way in the text of the email. This is an effort to avoid viruses, and so is a courtesy to others.

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Answer: Early efforts to improve the quantity and quality of EVP messages included a large range of electronic devices and novel ways of using the equipment. One of the early attempts to improve over the microphone/recorder combination as a psi or EVP detector was the use of a diode/recorder combination, specifically a germanium diode. An unterminated transistor is a fine white noise generator and a transistor is a lot like three diodes. We find that the introduction of noise helps in voice formation, so using any noisy device might help. The second reason may be because of the Scole Experiments, during which the circle received instructions for a diode-like device to be used in place of a microphone–now known as the Scole Device. It did seem to help for EVP, but not so much that experimenter enthusiasm cannot be ruled out as an explanation for the improvement

It is common for a new idea to work better than the usual recorders, but then to stop working better over time. This is probably due to the early enthusiasm of the experimenter. Some researchers have come to believe that improved equipment is not the way to improve reception. They believe that the best way is to improve the person doing the recording.

One of the main reasons the ATransC has the NewsJournal, Archive, Idea Exchange and this public website is to teach people what has been tried before so that they may learn from the past and lead us all into new directions. We recommend that you consider trying something more current, such as seeking ways to modify the sound from which the voices are formed.

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Answer: The Butlers have studied in many different modalities of working with subtle energy. Based on their study, and on experimental evidence from EVP, they are pretty sure that it is we who must provide the energy necessary for etheric to physical influences. In effect, we or an interested person, are the mediums through which the message must pass. [Here, I will refer to it as the energy of the aura of life or “auric” energy and define it as the energy that bridges the etheric (nonphysical) to the physical.]

Since we supply the energy necessary for communication, the nature of that energy has a lot to do with the nature of what we will experience. If you expect a loving response, that is more apt to be your experience than if you are fearful. We think it is both a matter of who you attract to communicate with you and what you will allow to come in. For instance, you will find that Spiritualists do not put up with a lot of nonsense from their etheric communicators. Spiritualist mediums are taught that they must be in control, not the entity.

Your attitude is everything. Lisa Butler recently recorded the EVP, “Prepare to die!”in response her question, “Do you not want people here?” the point is that a person with a fearful attitude about spirit communication may take the EVP as very dangerous. The Butlers found the utterance very funny–how can you not with that dramatic tone.

Your desire to communicate produces far more potent and directed auric energy to reach your daughter than would be produced by someone recording for you. Even more important, the very act of writing the note to your daughter helps to focus your attention and tells reality what you intend. The act of writing the note is probably more important than the fact of its existence.

They can apparently read the letter if it were laying on the table, but the letter in an envelope or in a drawer should be as effective because it remains a focus of your attention and intent.

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Answer: The problem is that these voices are not formed the same way your voice is formed. Your voice begins with the vibration of your vocal cord. The resulting sound is then channeled through your mouth, and on the way, frequency components are formed, enhanced or suppressed by the changing shape of your mouth and then spewed out into the world as a word. Voice researchers call the vocal cord frequency “Formant 0,” and the subsequent harmonics, “Formant 1,” “2” and so on.

A spoken word is recognized because we have learned since childhood to look for particular relationships of formants to detect the word. Training is a cultural thing, and some do not do as well detecting the same word when it is spoken by someone from a different culture because the formants are arranged in slightly different, unfamiliar ways.

In EVP, research has shown that the voice is formed of a fortuitous collection of available sounds and that there is seldom a Formant 0, or if one is present, it may be fragmented. In effect, the words are being pronounced by someone from an unfamiliar culture. This is true even if it is a loved one because that person is obliged to use whatever sounds are available. That is why we talk about people needing to train themselves to hear the words in EVP, and why a perfectly clear Class A to you might sound like loud noise to someone else. However, once you tell the listener what to look for, that noise will often become obviously the words you said they were.

Online blinded listening tests have been conducted with what we consider excellent quality EVP, yet the average website visitor was only able to correctly identify 25% of the words we think are present in the examples. See the Online Listening Trials report.

Assuming the words in EVP are being formed of available frequencies, then a word might have been formed with a few relatively low frequency bits of sound and a few relatively high bits, compared to how you would form the word with your mouth. When a word spoken by you is “cleaned up”, its meaning remains unchanged because the frequencies are all grouped as harmonics of F0. However, when the same word spoken in EVP is cleaned up, it is possible to remove the relatively low frequency components, while the remaining high frequency components are not sufficient by themselves to form the word. We always caution against too much processing of the EVP for this reason. A second problem you might run into is how different sound reproduction systems (i.e. different computers) will affect the reproduction of a word in EVP.

As a general rule, we recommend that any processing you do, once you have decided what is said, you should be able to restore the file to its original form and hear that message. if not, then give up on the recording.

I was wondering how the ITC/EVP arena views apophenia or pareidolia as a science or if in ITC research allowances are made for these psychological observations. Can ITC research and apophenia and its subsets coexist? Do your researchers take pareidolia into consideration when determining an ITC event? If not, why? If yes, how do you separate the two by definition?

There can be no doubt that some reported EVP are mundane sounds mistaken as a paranormal voice. Pareidolia is a real enough phenomenon that we naturally must deal with at all times, just as we deal with apophenia which is the visual form. Part of the dogma of those terms is that human brains are hardwired to recognize voices or faces in noise; so much so that we find these things even when they are not there. In deer hunting, they call that “buck fever.” However, later research shows that this assumption has been greatly overstated. As it turns out, the mind has a pattern recognition center that is trained to recognize faces from cultural upbringing, just as we are trained to find understandable words in sounds that would be gibberish for someone from a different culture. Those same centers can be trained to recognize any pattern, showing us that we should as easily find a favorite song in random audio noise or maybe a favorite movie star in visual noise.

In fact, we do find this in situations where people are relaxed, and there is a relatively steady-state noise in the environment, such as a refrigerator fan or heater fan. Many people report “almost” hearing a distant conversation or radio station. They even report almost hearing music. We think that EVP are formed by a physical process known as stochastic resonance. In that process, a weak signal will act as a seed signal to be amplified in a field of broad-spectrum noise. The weak signal emerges as a pattern energetically stronger than the field of energy and recognizably the same signal. Thus, a weak telekinetic signal might be amplified by the noise we use in audio phenomena and visual phenomena. Our thought is that the neuro-electric field in the brain might act on the broad-spectrum energy from the fan to allow familiar or expected hearing or seeing. We do not consider such faces in clouds or voices in fans to be ITC and such reports fall way outside of the usual characteristics of EVP or visual ITC. (I have attached a document that has a list of characteristics.)

There is also a very real problem with stray radio signals producing “unexpected voices in recording media.” Since we use mostly digital recorders, and the majority of RF these days is digital, RF contamination is less of a problem than it was a few years back. On the other hand, hand-held digital voice recorders are excellent antennas and there is not much of an effort to eliminate the antenna effect in their design. EVP has been successfully recorded in mil-spec screen rooms. Amateurs can do the same experiment by nesting metal containers with their digital recorder isolated in the center. See Eliminating Radio Frequency Contamination

A common problem is the recording of unnoticed people talking in the area. This is especially a problem in field recording when a ghost hunting crew is at work. The very first Best Practice we proposed was the use of a control recorder of higher quality, such as a video camera. EVP seldom forms in higher quality recording circuits. Also, we have no record of the identical EVP showing up at the exact same time in more than one recording process. These two characteristics enable us to say that it is reasonable to discard an utterance that is found in more than one recording unless there are extenuating circumstances. See Using a Second or Control Audio Recorder as a Means of Identifying Mundane Sounds

So yes, we are aware of these things. They are real and techniques must be designed to account for them. A problem though is that anyone can attempt to collect examples of these phenomena, yet few are well-trained in the subject. For instance, orbs found in photographs are almost always particulates illuminated by the camera flash or light reflecting from a bright surface. Yet, people persist in thinking that orbs are etheric entities, such as the local ghost. The difficulty is that there is some evidence indicating that some orbs are phenomenal, and unless the orb is clearly in motion, there is no current technique for distinguishing reflected light from a self-luminous orb.

Research can be designed to expand our understanding. For instance, we have conducted double-blind experiments to determine whether or not a person can use EVP to collect information that is unknown to the experimenter. See 4Cell EVP Demonstration. The 4Cell results were in the range of 60% correct responses.

We have conducted two online EVP listening trials that showed “average” people can correctly understand about 34% of the words in EVP. A very experienced person would have heard more like 100%, and the difference between the website visitors and an AA-EVP member is about 40% word recognition. (there is an apples and oranges problem with the way this figure was arrived at, but it agrees with observations.) We are still seeking “peer review” of the article, but the report at Online Listening Trials shows that EVP contain real words but that the words are formed in a novel way that requires training to be understood–much like learning a new language.

So, I would say that we are developing a good foundation of research that will enable us to properly study these phenomena. When speaking to a participant in the Big Circle (see the video by clicking on the image below), we do not ask for scientific proof, but when we are talking to just about everyone else, we require good reason to accept the example of phenomena. You will see that there are a lot of people who make claims that cannot be supported with good research, but I must say that it is the responsibility of the listener to recognize the difference between a person trained in the field and an amateur before concluding that all of these phenomena are imaginary. This is also true of what scientists say about EVP. Are they qualified?

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Answer: To begin, you may find it helpful to read the free download of Sarah Estep’s book, Voices of Eternity. The Butler’s book, There is No Death and There are No Dead, was written as a textbook for EVP and should be of help for your effort to record the voices.

  • But remember that you need not spend anything if you have an audio recorder. Everything you need to know is free on this website
  • Us the instructions in Basic EVP Recording Techniques.
  • Sarah Estep’s first book, Voices of Eternity, is a free book about EVP from the Books
  • Good  audio management is Audacity, which is also free. Setup for Audacitywill help you use it for EVP
  • See the White paper about EVP for an overview of EVP and especially learn the characteristics.
  • If you do purchase a recorder, a cheap one will work.
  • Learn to record with a standard recorder only using something like a fan for noise before trying one of the devices or programs designed for EVP. Those devices are prone to false positives, so make sure you know what EVP are before exploring.
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Answer: Many people train for years to learn how to be sensitive to the presence of discarnate people. In some cases, we have found that the “intrusive” entity was a loved one. So it is all a matter of perspective.

One of the problems is that they are pretty much always around, so ignoring them is a matter of ignoring your senses. That usually takes training as well. You might look around for a Spiritualist church. Spiritualists train to be in charge of their world and their contacts with the other side. That means they do not put up with misbehaving people, and they do that by explaining to them that they need to behave or go away. They do this with strong intention, not anger. For instance, if you are going to chop a block of wood, you would not just lay the ax on the wood and hope gravity does the rest. You would swing the ax with the intention of cutting the wood, without anger and with the expectation that it will be cut.

Ignoring subtle influences is a lot like not thinking of a pink elephant. The better approach is to express intention and then behave accordingly, as if your intention has been met.

Keep in mind that beseeching the unseen to go away, “clearing” the house or any of those New Age tricks intended to make ghosts go away, tend to give them the energy they need to cause etheric-to-physical influences. This is true because your fear or strong concern brings just the kind of energy needed to cause the influence in the first place–the pink elephant problem. Our minds tend to make our fears real, but in more specific terms, our minds tend to enable our expectation. Expect what you want and not what you fear.

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Answer: Photographic phenomena comes in all sorts of ways. The Directors have decided to ignore stationary optical orbs as probable light reflected from particulates or shiny objects. The problem is that probably 99.99% of photographic orbs (if not more) are just that and we know of no way of telling the difference between something phenomenal and an artifact.

There are examples of moving orbs that are very interesting to the Butlers. One thing is that they can be studied and it is usually possible to tell the difference between them and an artifact.

There is also visual Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), which is usually the transformation of available optical energy to phenomenal features. This is sometimes considered communication.

The chaotic, bright light in photographic orbs sometimes have apparent faces and such, but what is thought to be happening is that optical noise is opportunistically used for feature formation as in visual ITC. Since our distance and time is apparently irrelevant to the etheric communicators, there is no empirically known reason to think that the face belongs to a local ghost.

We have found that technology issues, such as analog versus digital, have a lot to do with what equipment is best for Visual ITC. Also, several examples of the same make and model might produce several different results. In the end, we have to recommend that the person experiments with what is available to begin with.

More important than the camera is how well informed the cameraperson has become. For instance, if you were actually asking if your camera is good for collecting orbs, we would have to ask you to look elsewhere for the answer. As far as we are concerned, orbs are artifacts until someone provides experimental evidence which has been submitted to peer review.

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Answer: It is easy enough to tell if an EVP is true phenomena because they usually have characteristics that set them apart. Not all examples have all of the unusual characteristics and it is ultimately a judgment call; however, if there is any doubt, it is important to error on the conservative side and set the example aside as “uncertain.” There is a good list of common characteristics in the EVP White Paper.

Some of the characteristics we look for is whether or not the voice box or fundamental frequency (Formant 0) is missing or fragmented in the transform type of EVP (voice formed by changing available noise). The utterances tend to be spoken in odd ways as available sound energy is pressed into service to form the words. We see that EVP are energy limited so that the last of an utterance is often gabled. Since the voice is not formed in a biological system, we expect to see uncharacteristic relationships of frequency, pace and amplitude.

If you ask a loved one to say hello and you record “Hello” after that, then you probably have an EVP.

Synthesized voice EVP using only allophones or phonemes is a little different because the voice is formed in a controlled condition that begins only with voice fragments. Words can accidently form in the output, but it is unlikely they will be meaningful.

The problem with EVP is knowing who is talking. Some entities are jokesters and will tell you anything. It is a lot like listening to a conversation in another room of a public building. You have trouble hearing and understanding the words and you really do not know who is talking. Do they know what they are talking about? Are they telling stories to one another?

You would not want to rely on what is said in an EVP by itself. Is the comment appropriate for the circumstance and the person you think is speaking? Were you trying to contact that person? Is the information positive or helpful? These are people you are speaking with and if a loved one would not tell you to go rob a bank in life, they certainly would not tell you to do so in the etheric.

You must use discernment with EVP messages just as you must when talking to people in the flesh.

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Answer: The short answer is that you need only turn on the recorder to record an EVP.

The long answer is that we recommend that you prepare yourself by learning to focus your attention on the subject at hand. You need not meditate, but it would be good if you learned to relax a few minutes, steady your breathing and think about what you are about to do, as opposed to something like whether or not you have time to make a recording before dinner, or if you remembered to let the dog out.

We like to see people speaking out loud as if you are speaking to someone in the room. Ask for protection and that only the highest good come to you, your family and your home. Ask that a friend on the Other Side stand by you and protect your communication channel from any negative influences. Then make your recording, confident that you are standing in the white light of protection. This is not a prayer to divinity or to ward off evil. EVP is communication with a part of reality that responds very quickly to intention. The idea is to state your intention to be safe and in control while asking for cooperation from those who are willing, and able to help you communicate. Do not approach this step with fear or worship. Be confident and clear in your intention.

See the Techniques section for more information.

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Answer: People in the etheric seem to be better able to communicate in locations that have had long-time human occupancy, the expression of strong emotion (love, fear, anything that is strongly felt), and a “place” to contain it such as a building or a landmark. These places seem to have accumulated energy of the type that is useful to support trans-etheric influences. That is why they become known as haunted–not so much because there are resident ghosts, but because etheric entities can more easily make their presence known when they visit.

With that said, we know that people can also establish a place in which there they can accumulate this energy. This is usually accomplished by meditation and communicating over a period of time, and in effect, getting those on the Other Side used to communicating with you. In this way, they learn to communicate wherever the experimenter is. That is why we recommend that you begin by using the same room and time of day.

Anyone may record a voice anywhere; however you can increase your chances by following the hints described above. See the Techniques section for more information.

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Answer: Often times, phenomena can be experienced when focusing attention on the paranormality of a place. We are not too sure, however, that the phenomena actually comes from the place.

We once speculated that a place was haunted because of the accumulated energy from long-time human occupancy and the expression of emotion. That was the contact field hypothesis. But as we became more aware of the nonlocal nature of these phenomena, it because evident that something else was happening.

Studies show that transcommunication occurs between a discarnate personality and a still physical person no matter where they are located. As such, it seems as easy for a person in new York City to contact a discarnate loved one for someone in California, either via mental mediumship or EVP, as if they were in the same room. This can be done real-time or not.

We now think that a place might be haunted because of other factors such as the expectation of an old place to be haunted being acted out psychokinetically. We record voice from the “local ghost” because we expect to, not because it is stuck there.

In that view, we feel that clearing a house is really just changing the expectation of the home owner. Ritual is a very powerful thing.

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Answer: We cannot give you a definitive reason why you hear the music, only a hypothesis. The sound of a fan is often used by EVP experimenters to record the phenomenal utterances. We think the sound, as physical energy, is transfigured into voice in electronic equipment. So noise as from your fan is sometimes used for EVP, but it is like iron or that must be smelted and cast into something useful. By itself, it is just the raw material used to embody the voice.

We are not psychologists, but we know that the mind will attempt to organize chaotic input into familiar patterns. The Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organization are one example of how psychologists have recognized this tendency. When a person hears sound that does not include meaningful information, it will seek to find something sensible in it.

This commonly shows up as hearing a distant radio program or conversation that cannot quite be made out and that cannot be recorded. This has a visual counterpart in that we will connect parts of otherwise unassociated images to see a familiar feature such as a face.

In EVP, we too often see people finding voices and meaningful messages when others only hear noise.

So it is natural for you to hear familiar sounds like music in such random noise as from a fan, but doing so is a natural physiological response and not paranormal.

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Answer: We do not follow what religious groups have done with the question. Some groups have excellent scientists.

Here is what we think can be demonstrate. It is possible to ask the etheric personalities to produce a voice in recording media via an audio recorder. The resulting message will be reasonably correct as judged by a blind listing panel, indicating that the personality has responded as asked. In a challenge, ATransC members have done this by asking for and recording a message stating “Mary had a little lamb.”

This is the essence of EVP.

For EVP to occur, a personality must cause a physical process to respond to an intelligent influence to produce an objective result. According to the Survival Hypothesis, the personality exists in a nonphysical aspect of reality and is presumably a deceased person or an entity with the same or similar energetic characteristics (i.e., not physical).

There are a number of ways similar influence has been asked for and received, often under very controlled conditions.

The etheric personality is at least conceptually the same as an entity influencing evolution. Since we are talking about physical processes the personality’s ability to influence electrical processes in the recorder see Physical processes involved in trans-etheric influence should be similar to the need to influence a chemical or biological process. As such, it should be possible to ask a HCE to first, influence a chemical process, and then more complex biological processes. Not knowing how life started, it is difficult to know what to ask an HCE to demonstrate.

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Answer: The best evidence is a body of work which has been conducted by various people. If EVP is established as paranormal communication between “dead” people and physical people, then that is probably the best evidence of survival. To establish the nature of EVP, possible mundane explanations need to be addressed and set aside if they do not explain the evidence. Some of the more common theories for EVP are discussed in the ITC White Paper. In general:

  1. Stray radio broadcast signals
  2. Ordinary noise mistaken as words
  3. Unnoticed voices in the environment caught in the recording
  4. Imagination of the practitioner or witness
  5. The thought of living people
  6. The voice of deceased people

For #1, Alexander MacRae has recorded EVP in a Mil-Spec faraday cage. Others have verified that EVP are not stray radio as well. See Eliminating radio frequency contamination for EVP

For #2 and 3, we recommend using a control recorder for field recording. If the utterance is on both recorders, it should be set aside. We also use witness panels intended to establish that an utterance is appropriate for the circumstance and whether or not it can be considered a response. If women are talking about beer in the next room and you record “I love you … John” in John’s voice when you ask, “John, are you with me today?”, then you can expect that the utterance is not environmental.

For #4, we have a problem with people new to EVP, in that they often do not know what to expect. However, we have established via listening panels that others hear these as we do. Voice analysis has matched recordings of the person peaking while alive and in the EVP to greater than 98% certainty of the same speaker.

5 and 6 are a little more difficult. We have intentionally and unintentionally recorded the thoughts of living people. So, we know some EVP are initiated by still living people. The Survival Hypothesis predicts this. We are pretty sure that nothing physical shields from psi energy, and that our distance and time are not relevant to personality in the etheric (living or dead). The 4Cell study showed this. Consequently, there is no obvious way to test this problem.

We agree that people thinking they are making contact with a loved one are probably making contact with that loved one. We can prove they have EVP but we cannot prove they are not thinking the “I love you” message in the voice as they remember their loved one. If a practitioner records for a person on the other side of the world, the Survival Hypothesis predicts that the remote “sitter” can still have an influence on the recording even without knowing the time.

For the purpose of science, we cannot be so definite and must say that we have a message but do not know who initiated it with any certainty.

So this long answer is summarized by saying that EVP is the best evidence we know of that is objective, and examples of it are all over the Internet.

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Etheric Studies

In addition to  NDE studies, studies on the phenomena of terminal lucidity and mindsight also support the conclusion that the mind may engage in complex conscious activity even as brain functioning severely deteriorates. Dr. Alexander Batthyany of the University of Vienna has studied terminal lucidity in Alzheimer’s patients. This is a phenomenon in which patients who have been completely incoherent for many years seem to suddenly return to their senses shortly before death. When the brain is at the furthest stage of degeneration, the expectation would be that the ability to make coherent connections between memories and various thoughts and emotions would be so far gone that a “whole” person could no longer emerge. Yet at this time, the whole mind seems to flash through, with all its connections intact.
“Mindsight” refers to the phenomenon in which blind people report being able to see during NDEs. This has been studied, for example, by Kenneth Ring at the University of Connecticut. Ring found that 15 out of 21 blind participants reported some kind of sight during NDEs.

Betthyany’s study, “Complex Visual Imagery and Cognition During Near-Death Experiences,” was published in Volume 34, No. 2, of the Journal of Near-Death Studies and can be read at: philpapers.org/archive/BATCVI.pdf.

Comment: From the Implicit Cosmology described in Your Immortal Self, we see that conscious self is influenced by the body by way of the perceptual processes of worldview. That influence apparently diminishes as the body begins to lose vitality, making the way for more lucid interaction between conscious self and etheric personality.

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Answer: The “etheric” is a term used to describe a greater reality of which the physical is just an aspect. Mainstream science is concerned only with physical reality as described by mainstream science. Observed phenomena such as biofields, subtle energy, auras, psi functioning, duality of life with physical and nonphysical aspects, possible survival of the nonphysical aspect of life and an aspect of reality in which it survives are ignored as “not accepted by mainstream science, and therefore, impossible.” We conceived of Etheric studies as a platform on which to study these “impossible” phenomena.

Of course, there are many people and organizations already studying some or all of these subjects. Our original focus was on instrumental forms of transcommunication, but we have recently expanded our focus to include all forms of objective evidence concerning transcommunication. This focus has been on the ATransC Survival Hypothesis, etheric space in which we survive and transcommunication; however, recent developments in the hypothesis has lead us to think that virtually all subtle energy phenomena is transcommunication. For that reason, Etheric Studies is applied on this website as the study of survival, etheric space, transcommunication and psi functioning from the perspective of transcommunication.

EthericStudies.org is Tom Butler’s personal website and includes viewpoint essays that are expressions of his personal opinion and not necessarily ATransC “official” policy.

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Answer: We do not consider Edison a pioneer of EVP. Someone on the Internet said he was responsible for the first EVP device and everyone is parroting him. In fact, we have not found any evidence that he has done anything more than speculate about the possibility of communicating across the veil in his old age. There is a distant possibility that he had included some speculation about what a device might look like in his later day philosophical musing. The people running his foundation denied having any such document. People have tried to build a device based on rumored design but it reportedly did not work.

He has reportedly come through the Scole Group to suggest a device, but to my knowledge, it has not worked for others, either. Recently, we have been contacted by a person whose great grandfather was “contacted” by the etheric Edison and subsequently built a spirit phone, I think it will be tested by Alexander MacRae early next years. He has a grant that includes the job of building and testing the Scole Device.

The bottom line is that we think it is vogue to associate famous people with a person’s special interest. Look at how many people claim that Einstein was involved in their work, here or hereafter.

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Answer: Much of the design of an experimental protocol is involved with assuring the experimenter does not influence the results. An effective methodology for assuring that what is reported fairly represents the data, is to have other people examine the results. For instance, for the results of the online EVP listening trials includes a number of assumptions that, since I am not a linguist, may not be realistic. We are seeking the review of people more qualified in linguistics, and the report will not be changed from “Draft” to “Published” until that review has occurred.

In many science journals, articles are subjected to review by other researchers before they are published. Often, this can take many rounds of question answer and suggestion until the reviewers are satisfied that the article fairly represents the data. The result is intended to be a well-written report with conclusions that are supported by data collected following a sound protocol.

As a rule, mainstream science and even parapsychology do not have scientists qualify as peers in etheric studies. Certainly, there are scientists more than qualified to consider protocol design and data analysis in terms of mechanical reasonableness. Questions such as whether or not the monitor is sufficiently isolated from the sitters and if there are safeguards to assure the data is considered without bias are universal. However, whether or not a protocol can realistically collect examples of phenomena and if resulting data reflects what can actually be collected using a given procedure are best examined by people who have direct experience in the field. This was clearly illustrated by the Journal of Scientific Exploration in the article, Failure to Replicate EVP by Imants Barušs

Research supported by the SERF will be required to be reviewed by one or more people who have relevant clinical experience and one or more people who have practical experience in the field.

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Question (Cont.): I watched the movie White Noise and it is what got me interested in EVP. I have heard and read about it on Wikipedia, and I know that it is a debated subject. I do wonder how people can prove that EVP is really real. I wonder, doesn’t the TV wavelengths, or wavelengths from a radio cause EVP. How do people actually know that they are hearing from a loved one instead of a TV show, or a mix between that and the radio. I also once heard that the majority of EVP recordings are violent in nature. Is this true, and if so, how does it affect EVP studies and does it set your research back because people are afraid to get into it. Now I’m sure the movie over exaggerated EVP when people involved in it kept getting hurt, but I wonder, do people involved in EVP end up hurt in some way often, or is it very rare.

Answer: We receive quite a few questions like yours. I should first address the article about EVP in Wikipedia. Frankly, it is an embarrassment of incorrect and misleading information in what claims to be an authoritative encyclopedia. Tom Butler has written an article about our concerns titled, Concerns with Wikipedia. He also asks that other webmasters include the link logo on that page in their website as a way to spread the word of caution. It is written for all “frontier subjects” and not just EVP. His hope is that, rather than condemning the article as an “attack article,” the editors of Wikipedia will accept it as a challenge to prove that he is wrong.

As you have done here, it is good to seek input from other sources. For instance, you might consider asking the same question of some of the hauntings investigation groups.

As for distinguishing the utterances from stray TV or radio signals, EVP have been recorded in radio-frequency and acoustically isolated chambers. Eliminating Radio Frequency Contamination for EVP is an example of a test that you could perform. Alexander MacRae has published an article in the October 2005 British Journal of the Society for Psychical Research that details his research in a Mil-Spec screened room. Of course the inexpensive recorders favored for EVP are prone to RF contamination, but it is easy to tell when it happens. See the list of common characteristics found in recorder EVP for what we refer to as “transform EVP” in the White Paper about Electronic Voice Phenomena. Very long examples are automatically suspect.

We consider EVP to be communication, and in transform EVP, the voice often directly answers questions or includes a comment typical of the one thought to be speaking. However, our recommendation is that, if there is any doubt, the example should be rejected.

It is becoming more common for experimenters to use more than one recorder at the same time, or to record in groups. As you can see in Using a second audio recorder as a control, one of the Best Practices we are trying to develop makes it clear that a control recorder is important to help rule out false positives.

If you go to Speech Synthesis, you can hear examples of two other forms of EVP–both using allophones as a raw sound source. The EVPmaker example is convincingly two-way communication, yet it was made in a closed system using computer generated bits of simulated human voice and a random number process to assemble a sound stream. We refer to that as “opportunistic EVP.” The second set of examples were made using a voice synthesis computer circuit stimulated with changes in the electrical field of the room. Again, no “live” voice was used and the nature of the device makes audio and RF contamination unlikely.

It is difficult to say an utterance is RF contamination when a question put to a loved one is answered correctly in the right voice, age and gender, and with the mannerisms the person had while in the flesh. Of course, we remain open for alternative explanations because there is much we do not understand. But in practical terms, when a mother conducts a session to communicate with her daughter or son on the other side, we tend to yield to her sense of who she is speaking with. The evidence is strongly in her favor.

You will notice that I keep saying EVP as a plural–phenomena and not phenomenon–as it is in Wikipedia. You will also notice that we are dealing with a high degree of certainty that the explanations offered to discount EVP have been easily addressed, including processing artifacts, imagination and mistaken assignment of meaning. That last part is discussed in the EVP online listening trials report, but has been addressed many times. For instance, see Computer–Based Analysis of Supposed Paranormal Voice. There are some really good arguments against EVP being proof of survival of consciousness after physical death, but the policy of refusing the input of subject matter experts pretty well assure that the paranormal are written by people who simply do not understand the subject well enough to know when they have it wrong.

You will also notice that we do not maintain that EVP has evolved from Spiritualism, as it is maintained in Wikipedia. EVP began because anomalous voiced were found in recording media, and the only link to Spiritualism is that it turns out that the voices are thought to be from discarnate entities. Some of the early efforts to record direct voice did produce EVP, but only coincidently. You will also notice that, other than a few of our article writers, we do not use the term “spirit” to name the communicators. To do so would be to make assumptions that should still be open questions, and it unnecessarily links the study of EVP to religious thought.

Finally, you are concerned that, just in case the voices are really dead people talking, is recording for EVP safe. The producers of White Noise did a pretty good job of making people afraid of the dark. But in fact, the author was using mental mediumship as a model and knew very little about EVP. The Butler’s were not involved during the making of the movie, so don’t blame them.

One of the most common questions is a concerns for the safety of EVP. The short answer is that all forms of trans-etheric communication we are aware of is safe. The only caveat we might add is that, if you are a person who is apt to do what a stranger tells you without a second opinion, then you probably should not be talking to strangers–physical or etheric. For more information, read A Brief Discussion About the safety of Communicating with the Other Side and the two FAQs: Is there any danger in EVP and More about the safety of EVP.

There are a number of people in the field calling themselves “demonologist,” and we feel they may be promoting the fear of violence as they attempt to paint the communicators in EVP as demons. This sort of negative view does hurt research because it damages the credibility of serious, well-designed research. Funding for research is not going to be available if the public sees our field as religious or those who study the subject as being superstitious.

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Answer: There is no realistic doubt that the voices are real. As an electronic engineer and careful observer of the phenomena (we routinely collect such voices) it is clear that the voices in the recordings exist, so I would call that a logical “given” for consideration of other questions.

It is apparently true that the voices cannot be accounted for as an artifact of currently understood technology. In other words, we (the community) have conducted experiments designed to eliminate the possibility that the voices are caused by such physical sources as stray radio signals, ground antenna artifacts, unnoticed sounds occurring at the time the recording is made, imagined voices in otherwise unmodulated sounds and contaminated recording media. It is possible that we have overlooked a physical source, so I will not call this a “given,” but a well established hypothesis.

What has not been well researched is the origin of the voices, if they originate from nonphysical sources. (Here, I refer to “nonphysical” as “etheric.”) The working hypothesis is that the voices are initiated by discarnate people (predominantly “dead” people like long dead Uncle John). For instance, voice analysis of some examples has been nearly 95% to 98% conclusive that it is the discarnate person speaking. In some instances, people who may have never existed in the physical (angelic or nature spirit) or who have evolved from a different line of evolution (aliens both incarnate and discarnate) may be communicating. It is important to note that we are convinced that nonhuman communicators exist, but any one report to this effect should be carefully evaluated before accepting it. For instance, the majority of a listening panel should agree on the message content.

The problem is that we know that physically living people are able to impress their thoughts into the media as EVP. Experiments have been conducted to show this and it is as we would expect from the metaphysics. So, a major question is: can we devise experiments that will allow us to certify that at least some of the voices are not from our mind? We think we have with the 4Cell EVP Demonstration and the above mentioned voice analysis, but more work needs to be done.

There is another influence on what we record in EVP. Assuming that the experimenter’s subconscious mind is only occasionally the source of the message, there is evidence that what the experimenter expects to experience will tend to be realized by the resulting EVP. In other words, if two experimenters go to a haunted location and record for EVP, and one expects a scary ghost and the other expects to learn something new, the first will more likely record scary EVP and the second is more likely to record meaningful messages. Since we hypothesize that the experimenter is the medium through which the message must come, and therefore the source of symbols used for the message, it is reasonable that the same message might be delivered as a scary thing for the first and a meaningful thing for the second. Consequently, this apparent selection by expectation does not require that the message originated from the experimenter, but this is an important question for research.

The biggest question for Humankind that might be answered by EVP is whether or not the super psi and the quantum-holographic models make sense. Both are different takes on the same model, so I will generalize by saying that many good philosophers, and a few Eastern religions, have proposed that a field of information permeates reality as a non-local “memory” of everything that has ever been, and that people are able to access this field of information to deliver mediumistic messages. This is the “echoes of the past” model, and if it is true, there is no reason to think that there are etheric entities that are sentient and self-aware, some of which may be angelic. If it can be established that the communicator in EVP is etheric, independent of the experimenter and self-aware (sentient), then  it would effectively discount the super psi and quantum-holographic models (although they may still be true for nonsentient information). The remaining model would be the Survival Hypothesis, which holds that people are an etheric Self in a symbiotic relationship with a physical body, and that when the body dies, the Self is released into an etheric aspect of reality. The possible validity of the Survival Hypothesis seems to provide a foundation of logic for the validity of dependent theories, such as intelligent design.

Finally, we have seen that transcommunication is a function of technology, the experimenter and the ability of the etheric communicator. EVP is to some extent dependent on technology. For instance, the advent of the digital voice recorder has greatly improved the ability of people to record EVP as compared to the ordinary cassette recorder. We also see that groups form on the other side to improve communication, and groups cooperating on this side also seem to improve communication. So yes, we will make progress

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Question (Cont.): I would like to focus on the Emerald Tablets. Also, are there paying jobs in this field? People around me are worried that I will not be financially stable with this chosen career path.

Answer: You need to ask yourself whether you want to know about the historical aspects of the ancient writing or the messages they contain. If it is the message, then come forward to the present and look to more contemporary teaching. I have studied many of the ancient teachings and it appears the lessons have been repeated a number of times in our history but in more contemporary terms.

As for education, your friends are probably right. Everyone I know who has dedicated themselves to this study came to it from a paying profession. For me, it was a life-long search for knowledge that I conducted in parallel with a paying career. It was only after I was able to retire that I was able to work on it full time.

The skeptical community has been very effective in making anything paranormal seen as pseudoscience by mainstream society, and then casting pseudoscience as a danger to society. As it stands today, a young person getting a doctorate degree in science can virtually destroy his or her career by turning to parapsychology.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that there is a very well enforced partition separating academics from lay people. It is not openly discussed, but just about across every field of study I have experience with, doctorates disdain having to collaborate with people of lessor academic rank.

Another consideration is that, while it is important to be well educated in technology and the sciences, the etheric is accessed via the entanglement of our etheric personality with our avatar human. (Whether or not this is a correct model does not matter, as it is useful for describing what is experienced.) In practical terms, the etheric is studied via people’s mind. The field that is best trained in that is psychology.

So my advise to you is that you should seek a combination of degrees beginning with a technical BS, perhaps in engineering (electronics engineering is very good for this study). Go on to a masters in physics and a doctorate in psychology. If you remain vigilant as you progress in college, I would expect opportunities will offer themselves, leading you into potentially more important study. While you are the master of and have sole responsibility for your future, it has been my experience that our friends on the other side will sometimes offer such opportunities, should we have the presence of mind to see them.

A state college should be adequate, assuming your main focus is to use the degree as access to your area of interest beyond the degree, and to enable access to other doctorates for collaboration.

The reason for the BS degree in technology is mostly to help you understand the idiosyncrasies of the tools you might use. Also, how things operate should not be a mystery to you as you seek to understand how such influences as intention might be translated into physical effect. The same can be said for the etheric-to-physical interface. Understanding a little about quantum mechanics has helped such researchers as Dean Radin design experiments. You will also notice that he has a degree in engineering.

Earning a BA degree in one of the physical sciences and following that with a masters-doctorate degree in psychology would probably do. Be creative.

With any of these degrees, you should be able to find a good paying job which will then finance your metaphysical studies. You live in a society that is very orthodox. It is better to publicly go with the flow, at least until you have established yourself.

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Answer: There have been no documented instances of lasting problems experienced by EVP and ITC experimenters of which we are aware. The only danger we can see is in the possibility that a person who has mental health issues might mistake the meaning and intention of the messages. We advise that people who have a history of emotional instability or who are experiencing mental health issues should not work in this field. It is always important that the experimenter is able to use discernment by recognizing that the communicating entities are people and that they have the same ability to mislead as do people still in the flesh.

In the Autumn 1989 AA-EVP Newsletter, Sarah Estep wrote:

Obviously, no one starts taping, automatic writing, or playing with the Ouija board, thinking he will become possessed or obsessed. But it can happen. As I wrote on page 196 of Voices of Eternity, The difficulty is in ascertaining who is susceptible…I am not trying to frighten people who are thinking about beginning to tape….Working in the field can bring some of the most rewarding, enriching experiences of your life. It would be amiss of me, however, not to caution you about the darker side of psi. Experienced tapers will tell you not to believe everything that comes through. You have your liars on the other side, as you have here. The more they realize they are getting you upset, the more they will continue. Human nature being what it is, we may imagine certain messages are there, when in fact, there is nothing. The important thing though is, if a person believes a message is on tape, he will respond to it for better or worse.

If anyone at any time thinks he is in contact with low-level entities, leave your tape recorder. Remain in control at all times. Anyone can sit down to tape. It takes much more inner strength to pull the plug and walk away.

The evidence found through EVP has shown that the description of “evil” or “demonic” entities is probably inaccurate. It is true that some communicating entities reveal themselves to be of relatively low spiritual maturity, but it is a reach to argue that they are evil or demonic in any sense. These entities are typically referred to as “low levels” because of the nature of the messages they give us. For instance, it is possible for an entity to masquerade as someone you are seeking to make contact with—even a loved one. It is also possible that a “low-level” entity might tell you something that is not true, but that is something that they believe you want to hear. This is probably why many of the prophetic EVP have not come to pass.

A prolonged period of carefully listening to EVP samples has been shown to increase the experimenter’s sensitivity to sounds and flickers out of the corner of their eyes. In this way, experimenters report an apparent increase in their clairvoyant ability. Since we feel that everyone is inherently clairvoyant, and that the ability can be improved through practice and training, it seems reasonable that working with EVP might increase clairaudience or clairvoyance.

The attitude that we maintain toward a bothersome entity is that it is a person and that it is not natural for the entity to remain close to the physical locale. We are in charge of our personal space and we will ask a bothersome entity to move on. In fact, an important aspect of EVP is the “rescue” work some experimenters conduct in trying to tell an apparently “stuck” entity that it should “go to the light.

In the final analysis, there is no obvious danger that an experimenter will ‘bring home” an entity that will bother the family. If an entity does become bothersome, there simply are too few reports of any danger due to such a situation to warrant considering it a threat to the experimenter’s welfare. The best safeguard against any possible problem is your Self-education of the involved concepts. You will find that the Spiritualists provide such information. (See http://nsac.org/)

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Answer: The issue is the exchange of influences between the etheric and the physical. That requires energy which we think of as physical/etheric or fringe etheric energy. Vitality, auric energy Kundalini energy, Ectoplasm … whatever it is, it comes from the person in the physical, and is required for etheric to physical influence to occur. That is the theory.

Since you are the source of the energy for communication as the medium or channel, if you have a fearful attitude, then you are more apt to enable fearful things. All sorts of things are out there but you tend to select what you experience based on your expectations.

The second part of the answer is that people remain people and transitioning to the other side does not automatically make people nice or wise. Just as in life here, we encounter people over there who have remained “close” to the physical and who are apt to cause trouble. They only way they can cause trouble is if you give them the energy, and it is for that reason that we say ignoring them is the best way to make them go away. “Clearing a house” or conducting an exorcising in some way only gives them energy.

A more common horror show theme in the movie and television industries is a “bad” entity getting a “living” person to do something like cut a pretty girl’s head off, so that the entity can experience the act vicariously. That was part of the movie, White Noise and we have all heard of people who do what little voices in their head tell them to do. We try to advise people to stay away from any form of trans-etheric communication if they might not have the discretion to know not to do what an entity tells them to do.

For the vast majority of people, there is no danger at all and we have no reliable evidence that a person has been harmed by the etheric communicators when working with EVP.

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Answer: We just purchased two kittens from a family that accepts foster children from the state. They are usually hardcore trouble maker boys, but we found them to be very well behaved boys who were pleasant to be around. The secret was that the family taught the boys to meditate (mindful contemplation, really), and the whole family meditated on a regular daily schedule. They also taught the boys about the concept of a greater reality and teach the kids to direct their meditative attention to one lesson or another intended to build character and tolerance of others.

We do not have a precedence for teaching very young children about EVP. The technology may be a little too much for them; however, after they master the computer and the remote control for the TV, they are probably ready for the technology of EVP. In the meantime, you might consider teaching the fundamentals of spirit communications. There is precedence for that in Spiritualism. The NSAC Lyceumis mostly intended for children and can be used without the need for the children or the rest of your family to become Spiritualists. Let that come in time if it is right for you.

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Answer: That is a good question. First, if a person is offended by EVP on religious grounds, then you are probably not going to convince them. Even some people who believe in all sorts of New Age phenomena, become defensive when you try to tell them that the existence of EVP might mean that there is such a thing as survival of the Self after physical death. As such, we avoid discussing EVP with people who might be offended.

It could be said that the first contacts across the veil were made by “dead people” reaching out to us. That is how most contacts are initiated today, and we believe that a lot of the instances of a ghost in someone’s home are actually a loved one trying to say hello. We like to point out that people around the world have been studying EVP for over fifty years, and to our knowledge, none of them have been harmed. Yes, there is the occasional angry person who yells at us, even cusses, but we can experience the same thing with people still in the flesh.

If you look at the messages people record, it is difficult to attribute anything sinister about them. If the communicators were demons, then would they be able to be so consistently loving and supportive, as we see in some cases? Look at the Big Circle or read Children Together on the Other Side. If the communicators are really demons, then your religious leaders need to rethink what a demon is, because many people are learning to continue their relationship with loved ones who are now on the Other Side. This is an important form of grief management.

Some of the communicators may be nature spirits that have never “lived” in the physical. You could call these “Angels” or “guides” if you wish, but we have come to realize that none of the communicators fit the description of “demons.” On the other hand, people generally maintain their personalities when they cross over. If they were jerks here, they may still be jerks there. The communicators in EVP are just people being themselves.

We try to explain to people that EVP is potentially a very important tool for studying the relationship of the physical to the etheric aspect of reality. There simply are no other tools providing objective information that are as reliable or readily available to researchers. When Association members conduct an EVP recording session, they are also conducting an experiment that, added to all of the other experiments, help us understand the nature of reality. Many members do not tell their coworkers, friends and neighbors that they work with EVP. The idea of talking to “dead people” and getting answers in recorders is simply too far past the “boggle point” for some, and in some communities, it is best to stay quiet about it. You will have to make such judgments yourself, for your own circumstances.

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Answer: Fair question. You may as well assume that you have etheric entities in your home at all times. During a recording session in her home, one Association member asked how many people were in the room with her. The EVP she found on that recording answered, “Twenty-three.”

As a rule, a haunted location is haunted because:

  1. The geological conditions support etheric to physical communication, and so the entities do cause physical effects that people can sense–a “haunting.” This explanations is pretty speculative and much more research is needed.
  2. There is sufficient energy of the kind required for etheric to physical influences accumulated in the location to permit a haunting. This may be because of longtime human occupancy, an expression of extreme emotion (fear, love, hate) and/or because of meditation.
  3. There is an entity that is in some way “attached” to that location. This may not be a “stuck” or “earthbound” entity, but may simply be a person who is afraid to “go on” or who finds peace there.
  4. There is a physical person living in the location who is able to bring the necessary energy for a haunting. We would describe this ability as mediumship, even though the person may be unaware of this ability.
  5. We do not know how to consider “recorder ghosts.” None of the hypotheses are very useful so all we can say is that it appears that there is sometimes a strong energetic “memory” of some event, such as a battle or an often repeated activity.

There can be other reasons, but these are the most common.

As you can see from the above reasons, we are pretty sure that there is a requirement for a specific form of energy to enable a haunting. That is why we recommend that a person dedicate a location in the home for EVP. We feel that the energy associated with communication will accumulate to facilitate phenomena. If you have no reason to think that you have accumulated such energy, if you do not have a history of being a strong medium and if your home is relatively new with no tragic history, then there is probably not sufficient energy for haunting activity. Also, it is possible that you have unconsciously withheld permission for them to bother you.

With all of that said, you should look for influence in your life from the entities around you. Usually, it is more subtle than anything you would think of as a haunting. We feel pretty sure that all of us have what amounts to a team of friends on the Other Side that, in effect, helps us gain the experiences we set out to have when we entered this lifetime.

A haunting in your home is usually a cooperative effort between you and the entity. In some way, you have probably invited communication.

Even in a haunted location, the entity you may experience is not necessarily earthbound or stuck in that location. It could be a loved one who is taking advantage of the situation to say hello. Treat them with respect. Most important, there is no reason to fear the experience.

An Alternative View: Commentary from a skeptic

Answer: By James E. Alcock, PhD – Concluding comment from article, Electronic Voice Phenomena: Voices of the Dead?, at www.csicop.org/specialarticles/evp.html

“What the Raudive voices teach us is that intelligent people – for Raudive was no doubt an intelligent man – can come to believe fervently in phenomena which in all likelihood do not exist. There is a lesson in this for all of us, for we just as surely may be mistaken in some of our own deeply held convictions. This is why we must rely on science as the avenue to truth rather than personal experience or other people’s anecdotal reports. Science, with its reliance on data and its insistence on looking for sources of error and for alternative explanations, provides the best method that humans have produced for protecting against error and self-delusion. Electronic Voice Phenomena are the products of hope and expectation; the claims wither away under the light of scientific scrutiny.”

A different perspective:

What Dr. Alcock’s comments teach us is that intelligent people – for Alcock is no doubt an intelligent man – can come to believe fervently in explanations that, in all likelihood, are not supported by the evidence. There is a lesson in this for all of us, for we just as surely may be mistaken in some of our own deeply held convictions. This is why we must rely on science as the avenue to truth rather than personal experience or other people’s anecdotal reports. Science, with its reliance on data and its insistence on looking for sources of error and for alternative explanations, provides the best method that humans have produced for protecting against error and self-delusion. Electronic Voice Phenomena are the products of forces that are not currently explained using known physical principles, and are therefore discounted by scientists, even though they may not have the necessary training to make such judgments. Nevertheless, their claims that EVP are the product of hope and expectation wither away under the light of scientific scrutiny.

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My passion is seeking to understand the nature of reality. The metaphysical model that best agrees with current understanding as I see it is codified in the “Your Immortal Self” book I have just finished. (The cosmology is integrated in the book, but you can read it as individual essays under the Concepts tab of http://ethericstudies.org/.)

The model is not mine so much as it is my engineer’s version of current science and what is being learned from survival phenomena. The model provides for an important organizing principle I refer to as “Perceptual Agreement.” In effect, a person can only associate with aspects of reality that agrees with the person’s worldview.

The concept of fields provides another part of the puzzle. If you imagine a thought as an object of reality, and accept the nonlocal aspect of the etheric, then all similar thoughts–those which are in agreement– represent a thoughtform field we might think of as that thought … red wagons, for instances.

If a person is interested in red wagons, according to First Sight Theory, his or her mostly unconscious perceptual processes will “turn toward” the red wagon thoughtform. Anything in the etheric that has a red wagon signature will be passed through an attention limiter function of the mostly unconscious perceptual process to be offered up to a function which compares external signals with worldview. If the signal agrees with worldview, it is presented to conscious self. Most likely, it will be presented as a version of the signal as it is modified to agree with worldview.

In this model, most environmental signals are incidental, but in some cases they represent the influence of attention/intention from another personality as communication. The only limitation of the communication is perceptual agreement and the expression of intention from another personality.

An interesting aspect of this model is that our etheric personality, as our core intelligence is entangled with our conscious self. Otherwise, all of the other personalities in reality are pretty much like our own, depending on perceptual agreement and the entanglement that develops with familiarity.

Induced phenomena are those that originate as attention/intention “signals” from other personalities. Spontaneous phenomena would be those which are not sensed as attention/intention from another personality. For instance, a passing bird may be just a passing bird as spontaneous phenomena or a sign initiated by a loved on as induced phenomena. It is for us to understand the context to tell the difference.

An important difference between the average person and a medium is that the medium is either naturally lucid or has developed a more lucid path for perception. If the model is correct, all of us are subject to the same perceptual filtering, but some of us have taught our mostly unconscious perceptual processes to resist making decisions about things, thereby making it easier for external signals to pass to conscious self without undue filtering.

The rest of that story is that it is we who facilitates physical manifestations of phenomena, even though it may have been initiated by an etheric communicator. If not, we would have difficulty experiencing the phenomena.

So that is the cliff note version of why I say there is a difference between induced and spontaneous phenomena. It is also why I trust that Robert probably does produce phenomena. It is also why I would not say one form is true and another is not. The best policy for all of us is suspended judgement as a means of training ourselves to more clearly experience our reality.

Sorry for such a long dissertation.

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sunflowerAnswer: You said that you fear death. I can say that we all fear death, but that the fear is mostly the fear our body feels and the fear we have of leaving. You can deal with the fear of leaving by making sure you keep your affairs in order, and trust that your loved ones will be okay without you. Important projects you have underway may need to be left unfinished, but think of them as your legacy. Leave good documentation so that the next generation can have something to do. Your first task then, is to make sure your affairs are in order.

Your body has a sense of awareness separate from yours. While you will experience a sort of transition from this “atmospheres and awareness” as the Spiritualist like to say, your body does experience a sort of death, knows it and is afraid of it. If you do not learn to distinguish between your feelings and the instincts of your body, you will feel its fear as if it is your own. Your second task then, is to learn to distinguish between your body’s natural responses and the feelings of your true Self

Based on the reports we have received from loved ones on the other side, what you expect to experience has an influence on what you actually experience when you make your transition. For example, if you strongly believe in a heaven as described by a particular religion, then you may actually find yourself in one. It is often said, and rightfully so, that we create our own reality. Thoughts more easily become things beyond the veil. Here we live in a world of more concrete things while they live in a more conceptual one. We never hear “I want revenge,” or “They killed me” in the messages. “I love you” and concerns about a loved one’s wellbeing dominate the messages.

We think many of our ideas about the other side are really local taboos developed to manage our societies. For instance, we see that suicide is a wasted opportunity to experience and learn, but there is no apparent foundation for the idea of a sin. If any, the only real sin might be imposing your will on others.

We experience a judgment during our transition from this awareness to the next; however, it is we who judge ourselves. The catch is that we apparently judge ourselves from the perspective of how we influenced people around us. It is apparent that we exist in this lifetime to have experiences and gain understanding through those experiences about how Natural Law operates in this venue. After a period of adjustment and introspection, we find ourselves in a new venue for learning which may not be this one. It appears that our ultimate objective is to gain substantial understanding of our part of reality and to return this to “greater” aspect of ourselves. In this way, we believe the collective of Self comes to understand what it has created.

I understand what I am saying here is not very specific or supported by evidence. We have some, but it gets very abstract and complicated. The bottom line is that you have a unique point of view or personality but that you are part of a greater consciousness, and you will find in time that who you are depends on how clearly you see yourself. So, your third task is to be aware of what is in your worldview—what you believe and why.

We have a lot of evidence that you will continue to be aware of yourself as a personality when your physical body can no longer support you. For instance, Vicki Talbott’s son, Braden, has been very helpful in the 4Cell EVP Demonstrations. He once said, “We are cell mates, Mom!” He likes working with her and has given us many important glimpses of his life on the other side. Martha Copeland’s daughter, Cathy, has also given us hints. Martha takes care of Cathy’s dog and one day she left the dog alone in the house while she went shopping. The dog destroyed a plant. As is her habit, Martha had left her recorder on and in the sound activated recording mode. In the subsequent recording, you can hear the dog tearing up the plant and the voice of Cathy saying, “Doja, No!” (Doja is the name of her dog.) So, we know she saw the dog, cared about what it was doing and tried to help. (We almost always recognize her voice.)

It is difficult to talk about death, survival and things beyond the physical without evoking thoughts of religion and faith, so let us be clear that this answer is based on objective evidence and not faith. This is not about religion and we do not ask you to accept what we say as a matter of faith. Nor are we attempting to profit from you.  We have recently changed the focus of the Association to emphasize standardized research. This will grow as people begin to see the value of funding further research.

Perhaps the fact that we are able to study survival in objective terms is the best reason for you to accept that you will experience a transition to a new venue for learning, rather than ceasing to exist. Once you understand that your family will be fine without you, that it is your body making you afraid and that many of your beliefs about the other side that are not supported by evidence, then the objective evidence you find from EVP becomes the most reasonable to consider.

I hope this gives you at least a small measure of confidence that “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.”

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Answer: We like to see people test these phenomena for themselves. While it is relatively easy to record an EVP, it is quite another problem to understand who is speaking and why. First I should say that the examples at atransc.org have been selected from hundreds of recordings members have made. Even the Butlers might record many times before finding an utterance which is suitable for sharing with others.

Most EVP are words spoken by strangers. Tom Butler compares a recording session to calling a distant telephone booth. Someone may answer, but when they do, you have only what they say to tell you who it might be. Sometimes a friend answers, but most often it seems that a passing stranger picks up the phone.

We think we look like energy to our etheric communicators. Rather than the imagined ghost looking into our room as if through a window, we think a better model is a field of energy in which each of us is a nexus of brightness. Others probably “look” at us by turning their attention to us, and when they do, they probably see us as we see ourselves. Right now, I am sitting in my office typing on the computer keyboard. I am dressed to go shopping and the day is exceptionally cool for this time of year. I see myself as this. We think my “light” tells others my self-image, and it is through my personally visualized reality that others can know who I am. When we are perceived, we can also perceive the perceiver if we would take the time to learn and do so. So this is a personality-to-personality exchange of information in the etheric. The physical exists as our local construct and has little to do with the communicators. That is the model that seems to explain what we are learning via our etheric studies.

When you record, you express a desire for communication, but when communication occurs, you or an interested observer must transform the information into a physical form. We think that the actual voice formation occurs in the recorder as the transformation of available audio-frequency energy under the influence of a weak telekinetic signal. This is initiated by the communicator but actually implemented by an etheric personality in a physical body.

The communicator may have a memory of a language from a previous physical lifetime, but it could be one from anywhere in reality and is not restricted to a person who once lived in the physical. Because it is brought into the physical as a concept that must be translated into physical words via your personality, it is expressed in a language we understand and in terms which agree with our expectations. That is why we think EVP are virtually always in a language we or an interested observer understands, and why people who think the entities must be stuck in haunted houses record messages that confirms their expectation. The actual communication may come as a concept such as “I would like to talk to you” but be recorded as “help me.” The Butlers would probably record the message as “communicate with me” because they do not think the entity is stuck anywhere.

So in answer to your questions, the communicator may be simply responding to your call for communication. You could ask who he is but like the distant public telephone, he may not be passing by again. The message is in the eyes of the perceiver. What you quoted does not sound ominous to me. The communicators do not at first always understand who we are or where we are. They are also in a larger community. No telling what the personality experienced on his end of the circuit, but it is possible that “It’s mine” was directed at another personality as “I will respond.” We see a lot of “They can see us” messages that are clearly directed at other etheric personalities. And don’t forget that, when you transition, you will probably continue to construct a local reality. The etheric personality might actually answer a telephone because that would be a familiar act.

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Answer: One of the ways skeptics dismiss any form of communication across the veil is by asking why mediums are not all rich by winning the lottery or picking the right horse in a race? We believe the answer is that the communicators live in a world that is much more conceptual than ours. While they experience life as senses, feelings and comprehension, we experience life as interaction with things and learning to distinguish kinds of objects. The concept expressed as an impression of color and beauty might come to us as a flower. In fact, what flower we sense as a medium would depend on what we pull out of our personal library of images. The communicator tries to covey the essence of flower because we think that is how they experience reality. We turn that essence into a specific yellow rose.

The communicator also senses our physical world through our senses. We are pretty sure we are just energy to them, and that all of the communication is our etheric Self communicating with their etheric Self as thought balls or gestalt packets of energy containing what we or they intend. If we see ourselves wearing a red shirt in a room with a recorder in front of us, they will be able to reflect that information back to us in an EVP message, but not because they see us; it will be because they see through our etheric Self how we see ourselves.

So our impression at this time is that they see potential futures as energy, but probably through our senses. Your friend may be able to pick the right horse because he may be able to “sense” the potential to win from the handler, but if the probable winning horse is named “Lone Gambler,” the EVP might say “bad habit.” The habit is one of the concepts associated with gambling. So in other words, your friend would talk to you via impressions and images that are conceptual and your mind would turn them into concrete terms. It could happen, but it would be a long shot for you to pull up the right translation for the right horse.

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Answer: We are not sure people are actually sticking around, earthbound or in some way staying “close” to the physical. Besides being a way to communicate across the veil, EVP offers us an important tool for sensing things etheric. How well and when EVP collection is possible tells us a lot about how the energy behaves. From that and considering other forms of trans-etheric influences, we have developed a theory which we refer to as the Survival Hypothesis. It is a “working” theory, meaning that it is very frequently reconsidered, but its implications are used to predict outcomes of experiences and experiments. See Survival Hypothesis

It is clear that our time and distance has little to do with our communicators. They can contact us anywhere, and the next moment contact someone in a different part of the world. From this it is necessary to consider that “hauntings” experiences in one location do not necessarily tell us anything about a “local ghost.” One factor here is that expecting to contact the local ghost makes it more likely that an entity with some association with the location will make contact. (if you are looking for “Uncle John, you are more apt to contact him than you are to contact a person who lived on the other side of the world.)

Trans-etheric influence is dependent on available energy of a form often referred to as the energy of the biofield or auric field. This is a subtle energy that seems to be an intermediate form between the etheric and the physical, but on “this side” of the interface. We do not know a lot about this energy from a “factual” view, but it is clear that it is necessary for communication, it accumulates and remains in places and is produced in abundance by the expression of extreme emotion. Psi function research conducted by parapsychologists also gives us information about this energy.

Haunted locations appear to be haunted because they are places of long-time human occupancy and/or the expression of extreme emotion and have accumulated this energy. The locations are haunted, not because there is a local ghost, but because they are a place that is easier for discarnate people to cause an influence into the physical.

People are the conduit for this influence, and we tend to allow “through us” what we expect to experience. Thus, the influence is real, but how it is experienced is often how the person expects, so that a fearful person will tend to have a fearful experience.

There is some evidence of non-responsive ghosts, which may be a form of imprinted residual energy. What these are is not clear, but we expect them to eventually fit into the hypothesis, or in turn help us refine it.

It is true that many reports suggest people may be confused and refuse to finish their transition, but we think this may be more our not understanding the dynamics of transition. Part of the process of transition appears to be to move from the physical to an energetically “near-physical” aspect of reality to allow a process of becoming accustomed to not having a physical body. We think that virtually all trans-etheric influences including EVP and hauntings effects occur from this energy state. After this process is completed, the personality apparently moves on to a new venue for learning which is like reincarnation into the physical, but more probably into a different aspect of reality. All of this is speculation fueled by comments from the other side such as, “I have to move one,” and then the cessation of contact.

Based on the Survival Hypothesis, trance-channel (also known as trance-mediumship) communication is thought to be a process of the personality associated with the trance-channel stepping aside so that a new personality can temporarily assume control of the voice (sometimes the entire body). The communication in this case is usually not as “local” and we think it is from an entity who is “outside” of our normal path of education.

The important point in all of this is that these movements are probably better thought of as changes in attitude, rather than actual changes in place. The Cosmology of Imaginary Space might give you a sense of this. We know that some of the EVP are actually the thought of physically living people. It may be possible that a personality could be experiencing a lifetime, such as in this physical aspect of reality, communicate via EVP to someone else, and communicate as a “wise old spirit” via a trance-channel–all at the same time and unaware of doing so. The operative influence here is where the personality’s viewpoint is at the time.

So the answer is that suicide is a local taboo, we judge ourselves and not going on does not avoid this and there is no “here” or “there,” but rather, a change in agreement with energy which is accomplished with a change in viewpoint. We do not know with any certainty that this means we have stuck people hanging around.

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Answer: ATransC does not have translation support. One of the reasons is that virtually all of the reports thus far have shown that the EVP depends on the practitioner or an interested observer to translate the etheric intended message into a physical utterance. This would be similar to how a mental medium must “embody” a message by telling the sitter what he or she senses in terms of the medium’s worldview (using his or her mental library of language and images).

So the bottom line is that, at least statistically, EVP is expected to be in terms of what the practitioner (or an interested observer) understand. So in principle, if a person only speaks English, Geronimo would speak to that person in English, albeit with the kind of accent the person would expect.

Current speculation is that physical mediumship and deep-trance mediumship depend on basically the same trans-etheric processes thought to be in EVP formation. Yet, there are well-documented instances of messages being spoken in an unknown but later understood language. This would suggest that there is more to the story and the language rule for EVP should be considered a guideline and not a “rule.”

A possible explanation as to why a medium might bring in a personality speaking an unknown language and an EVP practitioner statistically will not, might be that a deep-trance mediumship is trained to mentally “step aside” so that the communicating entity can use the medium’s physical faculty to communicate. An EVP practitioner or an interested observer who are the mediums in EVP, are seldom in a mode of consciousness in which their personality has stepped aside in any meaningful way. However, some people are able to reach a deep state of meditation even as they are doing something physically active, and it may be that one of your team is a strong channel for communication, thus simulating the situation seen in séances.

So after all of this explanation, I will have to say that no, ATransC does not have the ability to translate the utterance, statistically it is more likely English poorly spoken with a heavy accent, and yes, it possibly could be Apache.

It would be good to learn what you decide, and if you determine that you have recorded Apache while none of your team speaks Apache. The statistical rule of thumb can only be evolved with input from practitioners such as yourself.

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Answer: It is not realistic to look for messages telling you something that you do not already know because you know more than you remember. Experiments with hypnotism has shown this. What does seem to be a good test is if someone else records something for you that they could not have known. Then, you need to look for the odds that the person could have made a lucky guess. The 4Cell EVP Demonstrations have shown rather decisively that the Receiver can record answers to the Questioner’s questions. The results are far beyond chance.

Rather than etheric communicators, an alternative explanation for the 4Cell successes is that the Receiver is reading the mind of the Questioner. I do not think that we have devised an experiment to satisfactorily answer this possibility. For instance, all I need is a unique identifier of a person, such as name, age and address, and I can tell you what their health condition is. It does not matter where they are in the world. The Silva Method used to teach that to just about every student (silvamethod.com). This ability seems latent in all of us, and in fact, is a version of remote viewing. However, it is an ability that must be practiced to be useful. Nevertheless, the fact of this ability has been demonstrated to me and by me enough to make me aware that simply having the question in my mind might provide a unique enough identifier for the Receiver to be able to mentally find the information. If this is true, then there is probably no way for us to satisfy a scientific inquiry as to whether or not the experimenter is the source of the message.

The solution, it seems, is to examine the entire body of evidence, what I refer to as “etheric studies,” to see if there is supporting data for the idea that our communicators are the survived personality of our loved ones. The same question applies to mediumship, so we cannot use it as a support for EVP, other than to say that the processes are essentially identical–which is good since that supports other cosmological points.

The main metaphysical concept that seems to support survival is that the Survival Hypothesis requires that survived personality energetically exists “outside” of the physical. Here, “energetically,” is more correct than terms like “vibration” or even “outside,” because while they are descriptive, they imply qualities that are not supported by the evidence. All we can say is that there is some qualitative difference in the energy of which our aspect of reality is formed and that which forms other aspects, such as wherever survived personality exists.

Back to the point, there are a number of principles generally described as “Natural Law.” Although it seems no two metaphysicians agree on more than a few of what must be nearly an infinite number of principles, a survey of the field will show that what I call the “Principle of Agreement” is generally accepted, albeit in a variety of guises. It holds that the object of reality, in this case a message from a loved one, must be energetically in agreement with the aspect of reality it will inhabit. Your daughter is in the etheric, which is a general term I use to mean somewhere in reality that is not in the physical. In order for her etheric message to come to you in the physical, it must be made to energetically agree with the physical. You are an etheric Self inhabiting the physical aspect of reality because of your entanglement with your physical body. We know that without it, your etheric Self could not remain here. According to the metaphysical lore, you (or an interested party–maybe a group like the Big Circle) must provide the channel through which the message can be “embodied” as a physical thing. Following this reasoning, physical people would necessarily be the source of all the energy required for all etheric to physical influences, including EVP. That is how mental mediumship works, that is how EVP apparently works.

So that is the hypothesis designed to describe how etheric to physical influences are enabled. If your daughter is the source of those messages and not your subconscious in some way, then one of the things we would expect to see occur is that you would have to provide the vocabulary of mental images that are available for embodiment of her words, which are actually just mind-to-mind transfers of conceptual information. One of the characteristics of EVP is that the message is always in a language the experimenter or an interested party understands. The only exceptions to this we have seen documented have clearly been demonstrations. This is one of the “proofs” that we are the channel for etheric to physical influences.

Another “proof” is that haunted places are virtually always places that have had long-time human occupancy and/or the expression of extreme emotions. Again, according to the metaphysical lore, humans emanate energy that is generally described as auric energy or vitality. Auric energy is something between physical and etheric, and is apparently the raw stuff required to enable etheric to physical influences. A physical medium is able to manage this energy to enable phenomena, but we all provide it and manage it to some extent. That is probably one of the factors determining how well one does with EVP. The point is that we see phenomena in places where this energy has accumulated. It is the same energy we seek to accumulate as a contact field or the energy of rapport. That is why we think the Big Circle is so important.

One more reference is that it is fairly well established that there is such a thing as subtle energy. Remote viewing (clairvoyance), psychokinesis and what is being described as morphic fields are all well documented aspects of life that require the existence of subtle energy. Subtle energy does not require the existence of the survival of the personality, but survival would not be a supportable hypothesis without it.

So the “proof” that EVP can be initiating by survived personality include:


  • Subtle energy exists, is not explained with currently understood physical principles and some forms of it imply a subtle energy aspect to who we are.
  • EVP exist and cannot currently be explained with known physical principles.
  • It is possible to record EVP containing specific information asked for by a third party.
  • The voices and statements in some EVP are recognizably initiated by specific people known to be physical “dead.”
  • The existence of EVP requires an intelligent manipulation of subtle energy that manifests as the manipulation of physical energy.
  • The Principle of Agreement and the concept of embodiment predict that etheric to physical influences will be facilitated by the availability of subtle energy, which is in fact, what has been experienced.
  • Out of body and near death experiences as well as some reports of reincarnation, (not discussed above) argue the existence of a subtle energy aspect of who we are that survives independent of the body.

Therefore: The above elements provide a foundation of reasons why an etheric aspect of reality is required, and why it is reasonable to say that this etheric aspect of reality is inhabited by the etheric aspect of Self.

And: The etheric aspect of Self remains sentient, retains the personality of the person when incarnate and is able to cooperate with people remaining in the physical to cause etheric to physical influences, such as EVP messages and direct voice.

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Answer: “Clairvoyance” is a term meaning “clear seeing.” There are other terms for hearing and such, but “clairvoyance” is generally used to mean “clairsentience” or clear sensing.

Clairvoyant ability is the etheric Self’s vision and the physical body is able to host that ability just as it is able to host the ability of Self to think, visualize, remember and dream. All of these abilities are naturally expressed to some extent, and our society helps us develop the obviously physical ones. The apparently etheric ability to dream, for instance, is not taught in schools, but may be in the future as our scientists learn to apply the ability in “practical” ways they understand.

So we are all clairvoyant to some extent, but as an information gathering tool, we are taught by our current culture that that source of information is nonsense, causing most people to ignore the ability. Telling yourself that, “I’m not clairvoyant,” is an excellent way to suppress your clairvoyant ability. Oh, and it is an ability, not a gift any more than thinking is a gift. It cannot be taken away from you if you “misuse” it, whatever that term may mean to you.

There are some who are naturally very clear sensing, there are a few who are essentially clairvoyantly “blind” and most of us have a little ability. Like any ability, it can be developed to the extent that your body is able to support it in the physical. In fact, much more of what we think we know comes from our inner sensing than we realize or our scientists like to admit.

The concept is important in trans-etheric communication because it appears that we sense information as our etheric Self admits etheric objects of reality into the physical via the Self-physical body entanglement. That may be why some EVP experimenters will maintain that a particular recording has an EVP in it saying a particular thing, while witnesses only hear gibberish. The experimenter has sensed the information as it was channeled through his or her body.

This is also why it is a good idea not to be too quick to discount what is claimed of an EVP. We must still have EVP that others can hear and understand for EVP to be a proper tool, but for personal use, it is good to use all of the tools we have available to us for physical to etheric communication with our etheric friends.

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Question (Cont): Also, what are the main differences between paranormal voices and ours?

Answer: A Sinusoid or Sinusoidal signal, is in reference to a sign wave shaped cycle that is the foundation for cycles per second in analog sound. You can have sound formed of other than Sinusoidal waves, such as square waves, but biological system do not often form other than a Sinusoidal-like wave, even if it is as a pulse.

As the sound from a voice box passes through the mouth, that fundamental frequency produces harmonics that combine, along with mechanical shaping in the mouth to form the voice. The fundamental frequency is often referred to as Formant 0 (F0), and the subsequent harmonics as Formant 1, 2 and so on. They are “formed” from the base frequency and tend to show in frequency, time, amplitude graphs as bands of energy.

In a normal voice that is not a whisper, you should see F0 in a spectral analysis of the voice, and then clusters of energy associated with the formants as bands in the display. The Italian researchers have found that F0 is often missing in EVP, indicating that they were formed without the presence of F0. This would be an indication that the voice was formed without the presence of the vocal cords.

Further research has shown that the voices are formed by, as the Italians say, “a thickening of the background noise.” A good illustration of this can be seen by recording for EVP while using a fan and a small water fountain as sound sources. In such a situation, it is possible to record a voice formed in the tinkle of the fountain and a different voice formed in the deeper sound of the fan.

This also illustrates the nature of the background sound we are looking for. We do not want white noise, which is all of the frequencies equally represented. We want only the frequencies associated with the human voice. In Spiricom, they used thirteen tones as a group to simulate a human voice box. Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil uses crowd babble. Whatever you us will tend to determine what your communicator has available to transfigure into voice.

As for your question about knowing if a voice is phenomenal, the best comparison audio program I have seen is Audacity, which is free at audacity.sourceforge.net/windows.php. Use the pull down menu beside the file name (at the left end of the wave form display) and use the “Pitch” view. In truth, though, I doubt that any of the programs you are going to buy for under $1000 are going to give you a view that can be used for proper analysis. For instance, Audacity does not offer a frequency scale in the pitch view.

The research has been done to study the voices as described in that article. They have compared “living” to “dead” voices and conclusively found them the same. Rinaldi gave them one such excellent example to study. The research has also been done to show that the voices are not the product of imagination, stray radio signals or artifacts of the equipment. Further research has been done to show that the voices are not caused by echoes of the past, super psi (the mind of the experimenter) or some imagined quantum holographic field. With these things established, then you should feel comfortable accepting a recording as the voice of a discarnate entity if it is a direct response to something you say or do. EVP should be considered communication. If it does not make sense, then discard it and seek further communication. If it tells you it loves you and sounds like the voice of a loved one you know to be “dead,” then you have good reason to believe it is that loved one. Let the future take care of proving the phenomena to the rest of the world.

You can test almost all of these things for yourself. And since it sounds like you are looking for authentication from science, remember that almost the entirety of the scientific community is based on the assumption of a biological origin of consciousness. They cannot allow the existence of a discarnate person or “living memory” without first changing their fundamental assumptions. As such, they are “scientifically” not allowed to validate EVP as phenomenal.

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Question (con’t):   He was also deaf, not for his entire life but most certainly by the time of his death, so wouldn’t his ghost be deaf?

Answer: The ability to hear sound is a function of the biological ear and the mind’s interpretation of a nerve signal. We think that hearing in the etheric is mind-to-mind, meaning that the etheric aspect of who you are, what we think of as the “real you,” communicates with the all-etheric entity. We encourage EVP experimenters to voice their questions, but that is mainly to help them focus their intention. So the answer to the second part of your question is that the biological ear is not involved in EVP. As for language, an important characteristic of EVP is that the utterance is virtually always in a language the experimenter or an interested witness understands–no matter what language the etheric communicator spoke when in the physical. We think the reason for this is that mind-to-mind communication again. The formation of an EVP is thought to follow the circuit of, mind-to-mind etheric communication, transfer of the information into the physical via the experimenter’s etheric Self to physical body couple, and then impression of the information into audio frequency sound energy in the recorder via the action of stochastic resonance on the week telekinetic signal. In this model, the etheric communicator uses the vocabulary and library of images held in the mind of the experimenter. Thus, a long dead German speaking man can speak English so long as the experimenter understands English.

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Answer: People have recorded animal sounds at the right time and that are relevant to what is being said. For instance AA-EVP founder, Sarah Estep, recorded an EVP from her husband who told her he had their dog with him, and right after that, she heard a bark in the EVP that sounded like her then discarnate dog.

In other cases, we have reports from people who believe they have recorded comments from their still living animals. For instance, with two dogs playing in the back yard a person recorded an EVP containing comments like “play,” which is tantalizingly suggestive of the idea that an animal can speak in EVP. We would think that this comment would be the dog repeating what the owner says when they have fun or a conceptual/image translation in the person’s mind.

There are also many reports of discarnate pets saying things in EVP. Fox is an article about a possible EVP initiated by an animal. In this case, the animal apparently spoke in English.

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Answer: The association has hundreds of EVP examples, and over the years, has sent examples around the world via CD, audio cassette and email, yet there is no record of an example being changed. There is quite a lot of “popular wisdom” about examples being changed by the entities, but most reports are from the days of analog recording. As digital media came into use, it was usually thought that an example would not change once it was put on CD.

Here is what is known. As with the visual forms of ITC, the information has to be found in the noise. If you review the FAQ about hearing music in noise, you will understand that the mind will attempt to find meaning in chaotic information. Virtually every reportedly changed EVP has been at best a Class C minus example. In such sound, which is really little more than noise, if the listener expects to hear “I love you”, then it is easy for the mind to find “I love you” in the noise. If, when listening to the example the next day, the person had no expectations of what to hear, then the mind is liable to find almost any meaning in the noise. Other listeners will hear all sorts of different words.

It is true that a message might be meant for someone who is currently unknown to the experimenter, but that does not mean that the message changes for that person, it means that the person’s perspective is different, and so, he or she hears it differently. For instance, Tom Butler heard “Paolo Pressi” in an EVP, but Paolo did not hear that at all. Later Tom realized that Paolo pronounces his name differently and the utterance was, in effect, the English pronunciation of the name. The example is here.

People have a wide range of hearing ability, attention spans and worldviews with their attendant perspectives. Few who come to EVP have the knack of hearing EVP. It is something of an acquired skill for most examples. Even the very best Class A examples are sometimes not understood even though they have clearly not changed. See the Online Listening Trials report for further explanation of this.

Simply stated, some of the examples people complain about as being “morphed” have been Class C minus if they were EVP in the first place. It is important for people to be able to present recordings to others so that they can ask and learn, but it is a bad trap to get into to say that, since others do not hear what the experimenter heard, then the recording must have been morphed. The scientific community would discount the whole concept the first time that argument was used.

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Answer: Some people have decided that the best way to discount EVP as proof of personal survival is to show that the messages in EVP are caused by residual energy. You will hear them say that,“Since we know that all ghosts are caused by residual energy, then obviously all EVP are caused by residual energy.” This is an instance of an unsubstantiated belief being used to substantiate another belief.

In fact, the evidence indicates that the majority of haunting experiences are caused by an interactive person. There are a few instances in which a ghost will be seen doing the same thing time and again and without showing an indication that the entity is aware of the witnesses. This kind of ghost is commonly referred to as a “recorder ghost,” or probably more correctly, “residual energy apparition,” but they are very rare. A good study of haunting phenomena can be found in True Hauntings, Spirit with a purpose by Hazel M. Denning.

You will hear a few of the modern ghost hunters refer to this residue of energy as “place memory;” however, that phrase has always been an anthropological term for a people’s relationship with the land. For instance, Native Americans often talk about sacred places. Our research indicates that these phenomena are all about energy, and the best guess today for unresponsive ghosts is that they are the product of near-etheric energy that has not yet dissipated. We believe the focus should be on that energy, rather than the place.

The vast majority of EVP recorded in purportedly haunted locations have clearly been responsive. In one instance, Association member, Karen Mossey, recorded a child’s voice saying “It’s Frank,” as the family cat named Frank walked into a closet in which a clairvoyant had previously been reporting the presence of a child. This was during a hauntings investigation and there were no hints of residual energy phenomena.

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Answer: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the term traditionally used to describe anomalous, intelligible speech recorded in or produced by electronic devices, and for which no currently understood physical explanations can account. EVP initially involved audio wire or tape recorders, but in later years, virtually any recording medium has become a vehicle for phenomena. Digital voice recorders are the device of choice for traditional EVP experimentation (Transform EVP). The term, Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), came into being to describe these expanded modes of communication which included audio visual technology. Other acronyms used in the literature include Electronic Disturbance Phenomena (EDP) and Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC).

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Answer: The policy of the ATransC is that the experimental evidence must determine what is believed or hypothesized. At this time, the Survival Hypothesis best accounts for the experimental evidence. It is important to note that the description of the Survival Hypothesis maintained on this website is possibly unique to this association, and may not be described the same by other organizations.

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Answer: There is considerable speculation about this question and much of the past and present research is designed to provide a definite answer. The short answer that appears to be emerging from the research is that there is mind-to-mind communication between the communicating entity and the experimenter. The experimenter functions as a medium for this exchange in much the same way that mental mediums bring messages to the physical. The message itself, is then thought to be telekinetically impressed into the recording media. It is apparent that the experimenter is normally unaware of his or her part in this transfer of information. A more complete discussion of this is here

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