by Darren Williams
Previously printed in the Spring 2007 AA-EVP NewsJournal

cdarren_williams2006-fox Recently, our little dog, Fox, passed away from cancer. We were absolutely devastated, since we had an unusually strong bond with him. To us, he was a beloved family member of ten years whom we rescued from the SPCA. We’d heard about EVP many times before, although frankly, I was always somewhat skeptical about it. Let me say we’re both very level-headed people, with a strong interest in science and technology, but open-minded enough to accept that the paranormal is worth rational investigation. But we’re also very aware of the possibility of self-deception, particularly in highly emotive issues such as the passing of a loved one.

It was in this frame of mind that we decided to put EVP to the test. Having read about some research that seems to show pets using human-language phrases telepathically and this showing up on an EVP, we decided to try to speak to him directly. Frankly I felt a bit uncomfortable doing it, and I guess we both worried that our grief was affecting our judgment. But to not try would have been hypocritical, since we’d had many experiences with Fox while he was alive that seemed to show a telepathic link, as well as the fact that he could understand an amazing array of phrases.

I have to say we were not prepared for the response we’ve gotten. While some EVP are faint, others came through quite clearly, but most tellingly, they were direct responses to direct questions. In some cases, there seems to be responses from what I guess you’d call “guardians” of Fox, and others—and at this point I know it’s difficult to believe—directly from Fox himself.

I realize that, to many, it’s absurd that Fox could “speak” to us. Of course we don’t believe it’s literal speech, but some kind of psionic interaction.* But then, many human beings are very arrogant about their place and role in the animal kingdom.

To be a bit more specific about the results:

  • In one case on a recording, Alex talks about Fox being neutered—a requirement of the SPCA before releasing him to us. In it, she says, “… and I hope that wasn’t too bad for you.” When we replayed the recording, instead of the word “bad” you hear “Terrible.” It sounds like her voice being manipulated, because it becomes that of a young male voice, it goes up an octave. We believe that when he was neutered he was roughly treated; he had cuts and nicks all over him. This voice is startlingly clear and it sounds “superimposed”….
  • Where we think it’s Fox, phrases or words we used to say to him, and to which he would react and even act upon (to the amazement of friends), like “That’s terrible, Fox” (said playfully), “Not your fault”, appear on the EVP. It seems to be a young male voice, perhaps like a child, as you would expect it to be.
  • We’ve also picked up his very specific bark! … In one case, it sounds very much like Alex’s mobile phone ring tone, a recording we made of his bark. This EVP took place while Alex was at work. I called her on her mobile to tell her about it and since her work is quite a few kilometers away, I don’t think the mike picked it up! Perhaps this ringtone was “used” somehow?
  • In quite a few cases, a voice seems to talk over ours – we’ve often heard the word “Foxy” (we often called him that) on the recording as we’re speaking.

I’m fully aware that skeptics can easily dismiss this all as a fake or self-delusion. For some people, sadly, the attitude seems to be, “I wouldn’t believe this even if it were true.”

Recently Alex was doing an EVP where she mentioned the fact that I buried Fox in his favorite place in our garden. On playback, you hear a clear whisper that says “Candles.” Since Fox passed on, we’ve been putting candles around his grave at night, including floating candles in the birdbath, so it’s kind of a “fairy light” effect.  We think that’s a reference to our nightly tribute. What it also is, for us, is the first direct evidence that Fox can see us as well as hear us.

In another experiment Alex apologized for the way that Fox had been treated with his previous family ending with “I don’t know who they were…” Straight after her comments a young voice says very clearly “The Millers” [Editor: name changed].

Disbelieving, we looked up the surname … and found that there was a Miller family living just up the road and a block away from the animal sanctuary where Fox was taken … with more research we learned that the family left just prior to the time that Fox was found wandering on the street near the animal sanctuary.

This has been a life-changing experience. It’s not only enabled us to add further profound meaning to Fox’s life and death, but our fear of our own mortality has vastly receded … Imagine the amount of comfort it would bring the bereaved of the larger world population, if only people could open their minds and put aside preconceptions.

For Alex and me, it’s even influenced our language, to speak of departed loved ones in the past tense no longer really makes sense; they haven’t vanished into oblivion. Alex’s sister lives in Scotland. She’s far away and we don’t get to speak as often as we’d like, but nobody thinks she’s ceased to exist.  This is how we now also think of Fox,

Tara (Alex’s previous dog) and Marion (Alex’s mom) – loved ones who are merely parted from us, and one day, when our work here is done, the parting will end. As the poet says, “Death, thou too shalt die….”

For Fox, not even his physical death could break his bond with us.  And that thought is very moving and elevating – and it’s made us different – hopefully better – people than before.

Communicating With Animals

Previously printed in the Spring 2008 AA-EVP NewsJournal

(c)darren_williams2007-fox_and_scarlettDarren Williams continues to hear from his dog, Fox. Darren’s partner, Alex, had a lucid dream in which Fox came running out of the darkness and there was a joyous reunion between the two. Subsequent EVP confirmed that it was really Fox and not just a construct of Alex’s subconscious. Because of this, Darren purchased the book by the famous lucid dream researcher, Stephen LaBerge. During a recording session, Darren talked to Fox in a conversational way, and when he was talking about dreaming, he recorded a young voice which he has come to know as Fox saying, “I’m reading your book with you.”

Darren wrote, “The message I could give to the people who lost their pet is that it’s a parting, not an end when someone we love dies. And it seems that something amazing happened to Fox when his physical body died—his consciousness, no longer bound by limitations of a canine brain, seems to have expanded to the point where human speech is possible for him. I think the departed communicate in a way that’s comfortable for us. From what Fox has told me, it was Tara, Alex’s dog who passed away several years ago, who taught Fox how to ‘speak’ to us.

“If we expect only to hear ‘woof woof!’ or ‘meow!’ from our departed animal friends, then I think that’s all we’ll hear. But Alex and I were always nutty enough to think that Fox could understand more than most people are prepared to believe. And for us at least, this has turned out to be true from a certain perspective. But I’ve had to accept that for most people, this is too much to ask for them to believe: ‘Your dead dog speaks to you? Get real—get therapy!’

“From EVP communication, we deduced that this lifetime is indeed very important. But it appears to only be a prologue for what follows in the life beyond—a life where all our loved ones await. For our own part, our EVP communication has become an integral part of our lives. To us it’s as natural now as speaking to friends on the phone. We’ve heard so much, so many comforting and astonishing things that, for us at least, challenge many preconceptions about the afterlife. Once I asked Marion, Alex’s departed mother, if there was any great revelation when she left this world for the next. The response was, ‘Just loving.’”

Sonia Rinaldi shared her response to a person grieving over the loss of a pet. Sonia wrote that when she first read about Dr. Anabela Cardoso’s contact with her beloved dogs, she couldn’t believe it and feels that few people would accept such an idea. Sonia ran her own experiments and says that she was “Fully surprised to hear clear contacts of beloved dogs speaking to their owners from the other side.” Sonia goes on to say that a good friend lost his parrot. The parrot had lived with the man for twenty-two years and the friend was so upset that Sonia risked trying to make contact with the parrot. She was astonished to receive forty replies. Sonia wrote, “I think that, in the future, experiments may change the view of humans about animals. Yes, apparently they are able to think and to express.”

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