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Book Reviews
I invite readers of "Your Immortal Self" to post their book reviews here; and on Amazon and Nook sites where the book is sold. There are at present two reviews on Amazon (including mine) and one on Nook (mine).

You can post Amazon reviews here:

Post Nook reviews here:

The following is my Amazon review. Feel free to comment.

Perhaps best known as the consultant on the 2005 movie “White Noise,” Tom Butler is a well-established investigator and community builder. This is a major work, worth reading by lay people, paranormal investigators, spiritual seekers and academics, with repercussions for years to come. It is articulate, organized and easy to navigate, with over 200 references and an extensive glossary. The concepts are illustrated with easy-to-understand block diagrams, reflecting the author’s engineering background.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) is the use of technology to communicate with non-physical dimensions of reality, including with humans who have passed on. Butler’s websites, [...] have 400+ in-depth pages tracking all aspects of this subject, along with collective participation.

Part III of the book is a survey of research on auditory/visual/textual ITC, physical mediumship, and related fields. It includes how-to guides, best practices, discernment of misleading EVP technologies, and filtering out of false positives. More than anyone else, Butler has elevated ITC to a science and has personally conducted many experiments.

The book is worthwhile for Part III alone. But this is not just a book about ITC. Branching out from his 2003 book (“There Is No Death and There Are No Dead Butler realized that something was missing from the study of ITC and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). So he developed “The Implicit Cosmology” (Part I) to provide a philosophical foundation and guide seekers in their understanding of the phenomenon, with broad implications to paranormal investigators, spiritual seekers, anthropologists, psychologists and philosophers alike.

The cosmology is original and elegantly simple, drawing on the best of metaphysics, and peer concepts that include first sight theory, morphic resonance, psi, lucidity, mindfulness, formative causation, ideoplastic structures, fractals and nested sub-fields. Important modules in the cosmology are worldview, intent, perceptual agreement, the attention complex and attention limiter, local realities, perception and expression.

In Part II, Butler discusses his challenges in the paranormal community where he has been a leader for many years. Reflecting on the different perspectives of parapsychologists, non-academics, and the fallacy of “appeal-to-authority,” he encourages citizen scientists and subject matter specialists to engage in the field. As a former Wikipedia editor, he came to realize Wikipedia had been hijacked by pseudo-skeptics, preventing the publication of valid and valuable information. His anecdotes and recommendations are well worth a read! Also in Part II is a call for ethical treatment of experimental subjects, with case studies illustrating the opposite.

The book is subtitled “Exploring the Mindful Way.” This is not a deep exposition of Buddhist mindfulness practice. It is a recognition that mindfulness is a necessary element of human evolution, foundational for paranormal research, and an essential component of a cosmological model which he invites readers to test out on their own.

Of the three dominant survival theories: Physical (mind is an artifact of brain that ceases to exist after death); Super-Psi (mind persists after death in a psi field as undifferentiated energy); and Trans-Survival (mind is temporarily entangled with brain/body in an avatar relationship that persists after death with thoughts, memories and emotions intact), Butler is a staunch advocate of the latter, which he asserts fits the evidence most closely.

Although Butler’s model is self-evident to students of metaphysics, he organizes it methodically and introduces some radical ideas. The first is that Psi (the force involved in ESP and Psychokinesis or PK) is intimately intertwined with even our most basic brain and physiological functions, animating the physical and linking us to the etheric. The second is that by shifting our perspective to the greater self (“Personality”), we grasp reality more accurately, to the benefit of seekers and researchers. The third is that successful technical transcommunication relies on the use of intent and PK to amplify chaotic noise through “stochastic resonance,” a principle well-established in physics.

I have some minor concerns with terminology, and minimal attention to the findings of sister disciplines OOBE (Out of Body Experience) and NDE (Near Death Experience). Other than that, the book is a gem. EVP/ITC is a paradigm shifting frontier with major implications for human, spiritual and technological evolution. It deserves wide attention, a cross-disciplinary approach, and moonshot level funding. Besides offering a new cosmology, providing inspiration, and shedding light on understanding of the human condition, if “Your Immortal Self” draws wide attention to EVP/ITC, its writing was well worth the effort!

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