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Study 4: Techniques: Visual ITC
Where I said: Some of the most astounding visual ITC has been captured by the early experimenters using older, modular, analog technology such as a video recorder, video camera frame synchronizer and video amplifier. A modern equivalent is needed.
Reader’s comment
There is a huge “Maker” community now that never existed before. Do It Yourself (DIY) is the way to go. You can put these pieces together now for cheap.
My Reply
You miss an important point. The available technology is based on different materials. Injection of the trans-etheric influence appears to be in the noise associated with a non-linear stage, but if it is material dependent, then a radio but with more modern silicone-based transistors may have a different sensitivity to a psi influence than the early germanium-based transistors or a vacuum tube. In principle, any old radio we buy today should work if one worked before, but in fact, where it counts, they two generations are very different.

One other point. Members of the DIY community you talk about seldom take the time to methodically test their devices and probably have little understanding of how the technology produces artifacts. Many supposed EVP are really just artifacts of the technology. It is fine to come up with a build and offer it to the public as an experiment, but if the maker plans to sell it as an EVP device, it is the responsibility of the maker/seller to know about the artifacts and tell the public … else it is a toy!
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
I have had some experiences using discrete electronic flip-flops such as the CMOS 4013 which I described in this post:

I also built a variation of the digital dice device consisting of 10 flip-flops powered by batteries (8 D-cells in series).  The outputs (Q) of the flip-flops are fed into an LED display (through a 2n2222 transistor switch) and to a 10 input OR gate to sound a piezo alarm device if any of the outputs are triggered/set.  I had several of the bits trigger multiple times over 2 days during an emotional dispute while they had been dormant for months previously.  In 2 cases, the piezo alarm also triggered for a couple seconds apparently without changing the state of the flip-flops (or somehow set and then reset the flip-flops).  

I'm an electronics engineer with 25 years of design experience and these devices do not appear to be operating according to conventional physics principles.  This device is simple and inexpensive to construct.  I am considering building a more capable version monitored by a microcontroller that would log the date/time of any state changes.

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