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Commentary 3: Etheric Studies - Who Studies the Etheric?
Reader’s comment
Here I would disagree. First, the term “Etheric Studies” has not been established, except by you. Second, it is a poor choice. The word has so many etymologies, it can confuse the reader who will associate it with some other meaning or system, rather than the novel one you are trying to establish. It would have been better to invent a novel nomenclature to avoid confusion. I have the same critique for the word “avatar”.
My Reply
Both are to be taken literally. That is all I can do. I made a promise to others that I would avoid coining words.

I intend etheric in the same sense that it is usually defined. Etheric pertains to ether as it is described in definition 4: (archaic, physics, uncountable) A substance (aether) once thought to fill all space that allowed electromagnetic waves to pass through it and interact with matter, without exerting any resistance to matter or energy.

As I discussed in the book, I worked with ATransC members to come up with a term that described who we were. We are not parapsychologists, we are not New Agers, we are not ITCers. We tried a number of titles and the one that seemed best was etheric studies. Etheric studies because ethericers sounds silly. We do mostly study and this is a field ultimately concerned with our nature, the nature of reality and our place in it. Ether is an old term for the greater reality as defined from the physical perspective.

For conversation, I need a term to use so that others will know what I am talking about. It need not be your term, but it helps if you want to talk to me that we agree on the subject we are talking about.

Avatar is used in definition 1 and 2: (1) (Hinduism) the incarnation of a deity, particularly Vishnu. (2) The physical embodiment of an idea or concept; a personification. 

In fact, I established the sensibility of the name years ago in the essay, Comparing Personality-Body Models,  Of course, the movie, Avatar, is helpful because it gives the reader a sense of how an avatar works.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
The Reader asked "Why" in response to my statement: Both are to be taken literally. That is all I can do. I made a promise to others that I would avoid coining words.

My Response:
Like the question of evil, my answer here is not all that definitive ... only conceptual.

I once read a metaphysical discourse in which the author used "emotons" as the basic element of reality. His thesis was full of related terms with a "ton" suffix, no one which conjured any sense of his point in my mind. Without that basis of agreement, I found normalizing his theory with my prior understanding of the concepts almost impossible. I gave up.

Even if my reader does not grasp what I say in any  particular part of the book, I think he or she will at least come away with a sense of my point because the words will conjure my intended meaning.

I have read a lot of research reports and opinion pieces by parapsychologists that are almost incomprehensible because of the use of acronyms, ten dollar techno terms and statistical notations. Whenever I read such a text, I renew my promise to myself that I will always try to communicate as clearly as I can while still making the point. Of course, it is still necessary for the reader to do the work, but any problem there, I hope can be avoided by asking questions here.

In reference to my use of avatar, the Reader Also Said:
That is an excellent essay! (  My first association with the term “avatar” is a superhuman or godlike being tasked with blessing, educating, healing and/or rescuing humanity.  My second association is the name of a metaphysical training program. Third is the movie.  But I get the definition you are using and see how it applies to your cosmology. 

I Will Add:
From the from the Sanskrit word avatara which means "descent," it is used in Hinduism as the incarnation (bodily manifestation) of an Immortal Being or of the Ultimate Supreme Being. As the title says, the Implicit Cosmology is all about our immortal self. In a lifetime, our immortal self is embodied in an avatar relationship with our body. In that sense, I am using the meaning intended by the original Sanskrit and the Upanishads. (
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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