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Please Use Real Name
I have finally found the right place to change the registration verbiage. The changes I have made are below.

Even though almost all of the activity has stopped as people moved their interest to other venues such as FaceBook, we have maintained the board because it is potentially an important way for people to share ideas via something with higher latency than the quickly vanishing chatter of FaceBook. Our plan has been to allow time for the new book, Your Immortal Self, to reach a few people to see if anyone would turn to the Idea Exchange to ask questions.  That is where we are now.

(Thanks to Michael Tymn, I have received the first review! It is on the Amazon page for the book.)

Real Names
Some of you know that I tried for years to have a positive influence for paranormal subjects on Wikipedia. That experience taught me how using a screen name is a lot like hiding behind a mask. If you have read The Lord of the Flies, then you will know it is a lot like that.

In a very real sense, for discussions about concepts and new ideas, what a person says from behind a pseudonym has no real meaning. Also, I have submitted myself to way too much abuse at the hands of masked editors to wish to repeat that here. So please consider making sure your real name is on your profile before deciding to participate here.

Idea Exchange - Registration Agreement
Please use your real name for this registration.
You acknowledge that all messages posted on the Idea Exchange express the views and opinions of the original message author and not necessarily the views of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC), its representatives or other members of the board. The ATransC take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy and completeness of every message.
By registering on the Idea Exchange, you agree that you will not post any material which is knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, sexually orientated, threatening or invasive of a person's privacy, or any other material which may violate any applicable laws.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of your account, account suspension, or permanent ban of access to the Idea Exchange. Your IP Address is recorded with each post you make on this discussion system and is retrievable by the forum staff if need be. You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time should it be seen fit. You also agree that any information you enter on this discussion system is stored in a database, and that "cookies" are stored on your computer to save your login information.
This is a publicly viewable discussion board. As such, any information you provide on these forums will be visible to others. You retain all rights to what you say and examples you share on the board. You are expected to obtain permission to the content owner if you wish to use another person’s comments or examples for purposes outside of this forum.
By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the Administrator specifies.

Please understand that using your real name helps assure more rational and meaningful exchange
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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