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Ready to begin recording but slightly nervous

I've just joined (7 minutes ago in fact).  I have just finished watching the video "Calling Earth" for the third time and had NO idea that there were groups/websites/conferences dedicated to this subject - practically all my research has been from books, lots and lots of books.  In fact I have a vague memory of reading Constantine Raudive's book many many years ago so it was odd hearing his voice so clearly on that video.  

I hope I am posting in the right place, so please forgive me if I haven't, I basically just wanted to say hello to anyone out there and ask for any advice/tips anyone might wish to give regarding my first attempts at EVP.  My mum died suddenly this February and although I have had a few readings from mediums I'm thinking what could be better than the possibility of trying to communicate with her DIRECTLY.  She has been to see me whilst I was 'dreaming' but I was so busy sobbing and hanging onto her for dear life I felt I spoiled that contact somewhat.

We made an agreement that she would communicate with me, in fact the last time I saw her we spent the night making arrangements but didn't get very far as we were laughing so much about the fact that she had dementia and would she actually REMEMBER what she was going say.  Little did I know that on that night it would be the last time I would see her, she passed suddenly three days later from heart failure.

So, tonight I went into the room that we set up for her when she came to stay, moved all the furniture round, installed a small table on which I have placed a sony tape recorder, microphone and notebook.  I have found another site (WorldiTc) and printed off some information.  The reason I am slightly nervous is that there is a page called 'How to avoid unpleasant contacts', this issue has always confused me - there doesn't seem to be an agreement amongst some authors as to whether there are 'negative' energies/spirits or not, everyone has a different opinion.  

The advice is pretty straightforward about positivity before starting, perhaps a prayer or meditation.  I would love to hear from anyone who regularly records so I can have some idea of what to expect, what may or may not happen.  What equipment do you use?  Will a computer yield clearer results?

That's about it for now ... this feels like the start of something that could be incredible, I can but hope and have faith.  The mediums that brought my mum through all said she was very persistent and had a strong energy.  I am also wondering how 'The Big Circle' works, need to go read more about that.

Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.

Ren x
Welcome Renata,

I will explain my understanding about the safety of EVP ... well, transcommunication in general, both personal and instrumental. Perhaps others registered on this board will give you their perspective.

We who are interested in, study, work with and seek to gain understanding from all things paranormal are in the same boat, but like the story of blind men trying to describe an elephant, few of us agree about much of anything. It is this need to develop respected opinion setters that keeps our community from advancing. So what I say here and what you read elsewhere should be judged by my credentials. Find people you trust and learn why you trust them.

With that said, we have seen no evidence of danger, evil spirits, even intrusive ones for people working with transcommunication. There are reports of intrusive entities but in all of these phenomena, it is important to consider the experiencer first. The example I turn to for EVP is when Lisa and another woman went into a very dark room to record for EVP. The other woman tended to a excitable personality and always wanted to be the one sleeping in the haunted bedroom and to be scared by a well-timed "Boo!" She recorded scary EVP such as "I hate you!" and "Get out!" Lisa recorded information about the building, its history and people. The information was helpful for a search of the records.

There are reasons for this difference based on expectation that are just now emerging into our science. The essence of it is that worldview is filled by cultural lore and is the filter through which we experience our world. Just as in computing, garbage in = garbage out.

We believe anyone can expect to record an EVP or two, but from our experience, only a few who try will be able to record EVP almost every time, with many Class A examples and make contact with specific people. This range of ability is what you can expect from any human endeavor in which there are a few superstars and many average people.

Based on these observations, we advise that people who do not have a history of discernment, who are easily scared and who tend to do what others tell them to do, or believe others without examination, should not work with transcommunication. Instead, they should seek out a certified mental medium for trans-contact. See the Forever Family Foundation.

There is enough known by the paranormalist community in general to develop informed practices. The key to making informed decisions about what you are told is to look for an objective base for what people say. The way conscious self is entangled with our human avatar leaves us open to delusion based on cultural beliefs. Using techniques for ITC for which we have no understanding about how mundane artifacts are produced almost assures we will end up mistaking ordinary products of the technology as contact with a love done.

Perhaps our community's biggest problem is believing without question what we are told by our trans-communicators. For instance, it is time to run for the door when we hear "I have been told" or "Ethereal beings have told me."

There is a paper about ITC at that you can download. It will give you sufficient background to get started with EVP. The techniques described there have been proven by many practitioners over many years. Once you have the hang of it, and understand what EVP sounds like when you record it, you can consider trying some of those less tested techniques.

I hope that helps.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
There's many in the paranormal/evp field of whom are very sloppy and contaminate their recordings due the lack of ITC training. I haven't worked with any paranormal investigator's in field. I also don't watch the so-called ghost hunter's, they bring absolutley nothing to this field of the research "table".

 In my experience of field research iv'e found the latter unyielding in documenting evidence as fact. part of it is they don't do, do diligence in researching an investigation. What they capture, to them it's the gospel truth, after all they recorded the paranormal. the pioneer's of this field of work, i'm sure sat quitely for hour's of not documenting anything at all! Hans Holzer, Sarah Estep and Tony Cornell, did do, do diligence in questioning eyewitnesses researching alleged haunted place's.

 Out of all, this is my own observation ONLY!, Of the evidence gathered from a well defined and a well researched interpretation of evidence gathered; is the evidence of EVP!!!! for so many reseason's. Depending on where the evp was captured and the condition's of where the evp is recorded, in an controlled environment, can yield quite a pearl of information! I've seen my fair share of spirit photography. My only problem with it is it can prove to be a false negitive...len's flair, photo-shopped and novice amature mistakes and jumping to erroneous conclusion's. I'm not a professional or expert on the subject of the paranormal/evp. I'am a life-long student in this field of research. I want to learn everything i can about the studied research of evp. I won't ever become a professional or expert on the subject, but i'll become the wiser for it!

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