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Real spirit communication for all would dispel fear of death
While we look for better ways to develop EVP, it appears that, and searching for ghosts, might have become an academic exercise done for the sake of it. Rather like scientists looking for academic results which can be the basis for erudite papers to further their career, they often tend to forget the end result of the experiment which is to increase the knowledge pool. In our case, perhaps the end result is proper communication for all with those who have moved on to a different reality.

There are plenty of existing ways to contact discarnate entities - from out-of-body journeys, lucid dreaming, medium communication, EVPs, etc even down to using pendulums and question/answer sessions. From all of these methods, perhaps we should concentrate on getting quality information how to make effective contact and to work WITH the 'other side' in achieving this.

I suspect there is some kind of rule about this otherwise this would already have been done in the many decades of 'research' done by mediums and others who have been historically interested in the other side.

Trying to develop a machine or device to obtain better EVPs should be done with the cooperation of those who are going to be the ones we eventually talk to. We are at the stage of a developmental telephone receiving sporadic unrelated words from the other end.  Maybe our goal should be to develop a system where we can get whole sentences of information answering a posed question and not settle for anything less. What good is this guessing game of receiving often blurry, indistinct words and phrases when we could be getting real information on what happens after transition and dispelling the fear most people have of death?

I feel we need to re-evaluate the goals and ways to achieve them so that we have the big picture in mind as we move forward and use the many resources we have available now to help us achieve this end result.
ocpaul20, I agree with your comment. We have had a few special devices introduced to the ATransC. Examples are the Optical Microphone ( ) and the DC6 ( ).  None of these devices have been more effective than a plain old audio recorder and transform of noise. As it turns out, most special devices are just novel ways of conditioning noise. Spiricom for instance, was first a novel noise maker.

Many of the ways to improved EVP detection have focused on the use of a unique material or physical process. For instance, Spiricom and MacRae's Alpha Device used a radio-frequency transmitter-receiver pair as part of the circuit. The Scole Device uses a block of germanium immersed in a pair of weak, counter-polarized magnetic fields. From what I have seen, none of these have been better than the simple audio recorder and a competent practitioner.

We spent a lot of time and money on a device suggested by communicators speaking through a very good physical medium. It Depended on a vacuum chamber and ended up being a complex device that simply did not work. We have seen this happen many times.

Our Italian friends have conducted studies concerning a device and practitioner using the device. Their conclusion is that the device is secondary, and that it is the person that has the most influence on success or failure.

The one physical factor that seems to be fundamental to the collection of EVP is the availability of broad-spectrum random noise that includes numerous very short-interval audio spikes. The spikes appear to facilitate the beginning of the voice formation process and the noise appears to provide the necessary audio-frequency energy. The random nature of the noise apparently makes the audio frequency energy more easily influenced with thought. We have been characterizing this thought acting on noise as intended order.

A working hypothesis we have been considering is that many EVP are at least partially formed by apportation, rather than by a trans-etheric influence producing intended order. That may be a hint we can use to facilitate voice formation. For instance, precipitation medium Hoyt Robinette ( ) provides open colored ink bottles or a bunch of colored pencils as the raw stuff from which his art is produced. Precipitation is just the last stage of apportation.

The concept essays at explain how I understand current research about perception. Especially the Perception Essay ( ) If you would take a little time to look that over, you will see that our worldview has a deciding influence on what we experience. We have learned that worldview also has a large influence on the kind of EVP we record. I feel the real approach for improving EVP is by way of improving the practitioner.

You are on the right track when it comes to the idea of us working together to solve this problem. You and I cannot do it alone. Parapsychologists will eventually learn they cannot do it without our help ... and the other way around. Things like cultivating a cultural practice of collaboration across the various specialty communities can be done, and from that can come better understanding about what works.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
The old physical mediums used a 'trumpet' to manifest voices which could be heard in the room by the sitters. OK, so not everyone can produce ectoplasm but not all physical mediums were hoaxes either so maybe something simple and along those lines but brought up-to-date, would allow complete sentences and proper information to be brought through?

I am really baffled by the information we have been given by various entities because none of it seems to be the real deal. If it were, then we would be chatting by now, but we are strung along and - gullible as we are - we believe these directions and try to produce the device. I have problems with my dowsing which are similar, where I will ask questions of myself and the answers feel right, but nothing comes of it. Thats my own problem however, and cannot be blamed on anyone else for the deception! So, my view of what is happening 'out there' is somewhat jumbled at the moment.

I understand that 'truth' is different depending on your (spiritual) viewpoint or 'level' but I feel that I should be able to get at the truth whatever level I am, but fully recognise that it may not be definitive truth - if there is such a thing.

I mean, even if we are given the plans for a very simple device it should work and if it does not, then we might as well not be given anything at all rather than told lies. This is what they are, lies and for me, the entity cannot be trusted afterwards. So, having said that, we have to ask ourselves if our connections are pure and if not, why are we continuing to talk to entities who lie to us?
You see the problem about right, but I think there needs to be a little different focus on the reason. It is necessary that I explain emerging understanding in how we think to make my point.

First, I have been a seeker since I joined the Rosicrucians back in highschool. That was in the 1950s. (Before that, I was headed to be the first man on the moon :-) Through the greater part of my life, I have been focusing on my ability to sense and influence subtle energy. Parapsychologists call that psi  and psi functioning today.

The focus we are taught is on our ability to quiet our mind and let spirit work through us, in effect, step aside in deep trance. This is a cultural, body-centric perspective. By that, I mean that we think we are our body and that we are in our head looking out at the world through our human's eyes. As it is turning out, that is looking at the wrong end of the process. We are culturally conditioned since birth to see it that way, but doing so only keeps us in our body. Part of the Great Work taught by the ancient teachers is to realize this.

If you think of your mind as a nonphysical life field, and your brain as a transmitter of information acquired by our body's five senses, and a receiver for commands to operate the body functions, then you can imagine yourself more as a puppet master than as the awareness within the body. I use the avatar model so that we are etheric personality entangled with our human body in an avatar relationship for this lifetime. Look at the diagram shown here:[Image: Life%20Field%20Complex.gif]

The thing to notice in an avatar relationship is that we share our human body's worldview so that its instincts and instinctual reactions are virtually indistinguishable from our etheric personality's spiritual instincts. There is a little difference in that nesting and feeding responses are probably from our body while curiosity and the urge to cooperate are more likely from our intelligent core. Learning to control those human instincts is what we think of as gaining maturity.

The second thing to notice is that all environmental influences (signals) are first experienced in the Attention Limiter function of our Attention Complex. That input is also where our body's senses are received. (The Attention Complex is my engineer's model of our mind based on current research and not necessarily how a psychologist would describe it.) 

If you look at the corollaries of James Carpenter's First Sight Theory in the Perception Essay (, you can see that our unconscious mental processing can simply ignore environmental signals if we are uninterested. The act of ignoring or paying attention is automatic, unconscious and based on worldview. Worldview consists of inherited human instincts, some amount of spiritual understanding from our core intelligence and what we are taught by our culture.

The Perceptual loop is a process in which environmental information that does pass through the Perception Limiter is considered in a process of characterizing the information based on best guess from worldview, comparing that characterization with worldview and then:
  • Trying a new characterization if the first is reasonably familiar;
  • Outright rejecting the the characterization, and therefore the environmental information, if it is not familiar;
  • Or, accepting the information and passing that characterization on to conscious perception.
Point we need to understand:
  • Everything produces a psi signature but only what we are interested in enters our perceptual processes.
  • We have been culturally conditioned to assign physicality to what we sense of this aspect of reality. Otherwise, there is little difference between what we feel with our body and what we sense clairvoyantly. It all depends on how we assign meaning.
  • How we experience our physical and psi environment depends on how our unconscious Perceptual Loop is able to  characterize it. This means that an environmental signal may come to our unconscious mind as a greeting from our recently transitioned loved one, but ignored if we do not believe in such things, consciously experienced as a fearful message from the Devil if we are very religious and don't believe in survival, or experienced as a subtle sense that our loved one is near if we do believe in survival. What we become consciously aware of depends on what we have been taught.
  • The only conscious influence we have on this perceptual process is the expression of intention.
  • Our perceptual processes will reject large changes to Worldview but may accept small ones, depending on the characterization. This means that worldview can be slowly changed by making a habit of intentionally examining our thoughts and actions and expressing the intention that they be different. We simply reject large changes.
  • One important consideration is that we make our world according to our worldview. As such, worldview represents our conscious reality.
The way all of this plays out is that communication across the veil is filtered by our unconscious perceptual processes according to what we believe is true. Information that does pass into our conscious mind is not the actual message, but a characterization of it based on how it agrees with our worldview. 

Finally, the two main outputs of the perceptual process is conscious awareness and the ideoplastic expression of objectivity that we perceive as physical. In other words, we are the channel through which communication from our etheric friends must pass to be physically experienced as paranormal phenomena.

If you have been taught healing intention as Reiki or some other subtle energy modality, you will probably have been taught that your sitter might consciously want to be healed but might unconsciously fear losing some social benefit of being impaired. This is a very important perspective because it also applies to perception across the veil. I don't care how much you train, if you have reservations that survival might be real or fear that you might accidently contact a demon, then your unconscious perceptual process will likely block all such communication. It is not enough to say that you want to communicate across the veil. You must be mindfully aware of your fears and misconceptions. Consider the Mindfulness essay (

I realize this is a lot to take in. You need to understand that this is also theory. After trying to improve transcommunication every way I could imagine, my take is that this is a good and mostly correct model.  Rather than trying to build a better machine, we need to focus on building a better machine operator.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
(03-30-2016, 10:50 AM)Tom Butler Wrote:  ...Rather than trying to build a better machine, we need to focus on building a better machine operator.

Why are we all trying to develop devices to make communication better if the focus should be on ourselves and not on the external device?

If it was as simple as developing ourselves to receive communications from the other side, then most people would never be able to receive any communications whatsoever, because by definition, there must be a whole range of levels of human development and some must be below that needed to receive anything. Arguing against this is the fact that there are some places on earth where just about everyone agrees that there are entities and energies experienced. Maybe we start searching for communication at these places like Stonehenge where perhaps the energies are so strong that everyone can experience them and then work forward from there.

Along with the development of the operator comes a whole raft of background learning how the universe is put together so that the understanding is there as well. This is the missing element in current religions. Secret societies and secret knowledge is a way to exclude the common people and elevate the priests and those with more detailed knowledge. The understanding of the mechanics of the way things work has not historically been given out and so a tendency to control is a result. At the same time simplistic answers are offered which now do not satisfy many who seek that greater understanding. Hence the gradual move away from organised religious teachings and towards fringe ones which may supply the meat as well as the gravy.

I think this explanation you have offered is intellectualising and analysing it far more than necessary.

Sometimes I compare ourselves with the ancients who were far more in touch with the earth and her energies than we are today. They had no need to intellectualise it. So, in one way I agree with people who say we might well have lost so much of our innate ability to perceive energies and receive communications. Yet in another way, I see that we do not need the intellectual analysis of the problem but rather a practical solution to the communication need - as we had in those days.
You see the dynamics just fine, but I have a rather different interpretation.

You said: "If it was as simple as developing ourselves to receive communications from the other side, then most people would never be able to receive any communications whatsoever, because by definition, there must be a whole range of levels..."

We do see a natural distribution. Like sports for instance, most all of us can play basketball, but there are just a few superstar basketball players. But one can improve ability with practice. One can also improve ability by optimizing available tools and physiology. For instance, bending one's legs to lift a load from the ground protects the back. That is modern advice, but probably taught to apprentices by their journeyman mentors since the dawn of time.

In fact, most people are not very good at recording EVP. That is one of the reasons radio-sweep became so popular. Even though the technique probably does not produce EVP in itself, it does produce sounds that can be construed as messages. That makes it a silver bullet for people who have not bothered to educate themselves and who are happy to be deluded.

I do not know the answer, but education is the best idea I can offer.

I agree that religions tend to consists of priests social engineering rather than helping to develop the spiritual maturity of their congregation. I think it is that way in most religions and around the world. But, you have probably heard phrases such as "For those who have eyes to see" and "The teacher will appear when the student is ready." A really important one involves the idea that we must ask before they can teach. (I will say that NSAC Spiritualism is oriented toward helping members gain such knowledge. and

You said: "I think this explanation you have offered is intellectualising and analysing it far more than necessary."

I am preparing a talk for our local Spiritualist Society about the Razor's Edge. The term comes from the ancient verbal tradition of the Indus Valley, now in Pakistan. Ancient Hindu Vedic Sanskrit text are called the Upanishads and describe the nature of our earthly existence. They were probably put into text about 4,000 years ago. Some people speculate the oral tradition actually originated in Egypt during the time of Hermes about 6,000 years ago. The Katha Upanishad is a conversation between the god of death and a seeker. Before the following lines, the seeker is advised to find a good teacher to begin the process of learning:

1-III-12. This Self hidden in all beings does not shine. But by seers of subtle and pointed intellect capable of perceiving subtle objects, It is seen.

1-III-13. Let the wise man merge speech in his mind, merge that (mind) into the intelligent self and the intelligent self into the Mahat. (Let him then) merge the Mahat into the peaceful Self.

1-III-14. Arise, awake, and learn by approaching the exalted ones, for that path is sharp as a razor's edge, impassable, and hard to go by, say the wise.

1-III-15. By knowing that which is soundless, touchless, formless, undecaying, so also tasteless, eternal, odourless, beginningless, endless, subtler than Mahat and constant, man is liberated from the jaws of death.

My point is that what I told you in the last post is not original to me. It should probably be seen as the rediscovery of things known 6,000 years ago. There have always been secret truths, but they are never withheld from the seeker. The secrets are naturally withheld from those who do not understand.

Our modern churches are the same way. Until a person begins to ask questions and consciously seek answers, there will be no answers forthcoming. The razor's edge represents the challenge seeking understanding one must face on the middle way. For instance, have you paid attention to comments around you about mindfulness?

The information I gave you in my last post is the same kind of advice a telling a person to bending the knees to lift a load. It may not be new but it is supported by substantial study in the paranormalist community. I am just a reporter. As I developed what I refer to as the Trans-Survival Hypothesis, I gradually evolved my thinking and then my writing to focus on mindfulness as the practical application of the hypothesis ans supporting material.

I wrote this about the old Zen Buddhist saying, “Before enlightenment chop wood– - carry water, after enlightenment chop wood– - carry water.” One must do the work to learn. One must do the work to test. One must do the work to understand. Study the material and do not expect to understand all of it with one reading. Contemplate your worldview.

The important point of my comments here is that we are taught a body-centric perspective. Mindfulness does not really work unless we maintain a etheric personality-centric perspective. It is simply too difficult to maintain the middle way when we believe we are our body. My intellectualizing is intended to help your rational mind make the transition from an earthing to an immortal self. You are right that I make it awfully complicated, but that is the way that has worked for me.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
Thank you.
I've had 3 immediate family members make the transition over the past 5 years, 2 within the past 2 years. That along with some anomalies (orbs and an electrical plate falling from the ceiling in a vacant house) in surveillance video and digital photos sparked my interest in mediumship and ITC. I've had sittings with a few mediums over that time with varying results though generally positive with some providing good evidence. I've also had unusual phenomena such as motion triggered surveillance cameras being triggered at every hour on the hour (to the millisecond according to electronic logs) at the house of the deceased with no visible motion in the frame.

One particularly interesting phenomena is cmos electronic flip-flops (CD4013 part number) changing states apparently spontaneously. This started happening in early 2014 and has occurred 6 times since then. These flip-flops are part of a electronic digital dice toy that I assembled in the 1970s from a radio shack kit. This device is powered a 9V battery (which lasts many years) and has been continuously powered since I assembled it over 3 decades ago. I never observed any unexplained/spontaneous state changes over that time. I also built a test bed made of ten of these flip-flops last year and have been watching it since. (I'm an electronics engineer.) If anyone is interested, I can post the schematics for the digital dice. I'm also thinking about building an automated version that has an array of these cmos flip-flops monitored by a microcontroller that will record the date/time of any state changes (and triggers other devices such as a digital camera or video recorder). One advantage of flip-flop based devices is they are relatively simple and inexpensive.
Zac, how well are the CD4013s clamped to a stable state? Is the clamping internal or external? If it is internal, what is the threshold from an external signal necessary to cause a change in state?

One of the common denominator I look for in trans-etheric influence is some form of random process, be it random noise or a random event generator. The important characteristic for random process in ITC appears to be relatively shallow energy wells. Put another way, the more forcefully a device is clamped to a specific state, the more external influence required to change its state.

Anything that permits a small psi influence to cause an objective change would seem to be useful for transcommunication research.

Your flip-flop device sounds like an interesting idea. A time-stamp on state changes would be useful as a means of syncing them with practitioner actions such as a request for response. Perhaps a USB connected peripheral that could work with a cataloger program. What would remain is a protocol and someone willing to conduct an organised study.

One important factor is a person with known ability to produce some form of trans-etheric influence ... perhaps in one out of three uniform-length sessions.

Interesting idea.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
The 4013 cmos flip-flops are D type flip-flops.  In my test bed, I have the D, clock, and set/reset pin tied to ground through 100K resistors which should prevent any state changes by "normal" means.  It is also powered by a battery to avoid any influence by power line transients/noise.  

I have no mediumistic ability that I am aware of.  And most of the state changes occurred while no one was in the house with the devices.  Unfortunately, it occurs very infrequently (6 times in 2 years with the digital dice, twice over a year with my test bed with 10 flip-flops).  The digital dice devices have the flip-flop inputs driven hard from another logic output or tied to ground:

[Image: 18j414.jpg]

A good aspect of flip-flops is their simplicity. No computer or other equipment is required for the simplest implementation. The display can be an array of LEDs and perhaps a beeper to alert on state change. My testbed is extremely simple, hand wires on a piece of perf board and powered by a 9v battery. A switch is used to activate the display to check the states which are displayed on 10 LEDs. (they are not displayed continuously to avoid draining the battery) There are also 2 switches hooked up to simultaneously set or reset all the flip-flops using the preset and preclear pins. These are for testing the LEDs and to insure the flip-flops actually retain the state that are set to. I normally leave them all in the zero state (Q=0) when waiting for something to change.

The parts in my digital dice devices date from the late 1970s which were manufactured with a much larger (coarser) process technology than modern parts though they are supposed to be functionally equivalent. The parts in my test bed are from 1991. The older parts with physically larger gates should require more charge gain/loss to change states if the state change is caused by conventional physics principles.

4013 datasheet:

The flip-flops are constructed of cmos mosfets (transistors) fabricated on a SSI (small scale integration) integrated circuit:

I noted that my digital dice device was changed to invalid combinations (such as "blank" and "7) in 4 cases which are disallowed by the state machine design and should never occur. This suggests the flip-flop states were changed by unconventional means through a mechanism that does not involve manipulating the inputs of the flip-flops.

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