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Splitting video into frames
Dear friends,
I have been engaging in simple ITC for a while now, and use a freely downloadable open source program called physmo, which is a motion analysis program. It allows a video clip to be separated into frames, and then analysed a frame at a time. Player controls allow stepping forwards and backwards, running the video, or capturing interesting frames as png files. A 2 minute video produces just over 3500 frames. These need to be placed (by the program) in a dedicated folder as the program produces a similar number of 'preview' files (7000+ in total for 2 mins). When all good images are saved the frame and preview files can be deleted, and the folder re-used.
In case any ITC'ers haven't seen this program I do recommend it. ... Leslie
Hi Leslie,

I can't access YouTube on the road. Do you have a web page where I can look at your work? Videos are a really difficult format to look at paranormal examples.

For others, the link is

The program link is SourceForge is usually reliable.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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