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Real Name It Is
We have gently asked people to use their real name when registering on the Idea Exchange. Yes, there are circumstances in which some people might lose their job for associating with paranormalists. We respect that exception. Otherwise, we are asking that you use your real name.

The most recent person to register used the name, "Zorro." I think that was the last straw. My apologies to the person if it is actually his name, but please understand that there is no way we are going to take seriously someone hiding behind Zorro.

If you plan to be a credible member of the paranormalist community, this is a good time to begin establishing your reputation as a thoughtful contributor. In the spirit of personal responsibility, it is pretty much necessary to speak in your name. As we can see in the Lord of the Flies atmosphere amongst Wikipedia editors, we all measure our words more carefully when we might someday need to answer for them.

So, here is the plan. Beginning now, we are asking people to use their real name for new registrations. I have modified the registration agreement. 1 December, we will ask everyone to have changed their profile to their real name, else we will delete the registration.

The one exception to this is the Big Circle people, as that is managed by Vicki and Karen.

We hope you will be okay with this.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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