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About me
Hi, my name is Tami, I joined the circle in hopes of reaching out to my son Joey! I find this so interesting and want so badly to hear from him. Thank you for accepting me to the group.
Welcome, Tami. Have you worked with any of the transcommunication techniques? What have you learned about the idea of survival?
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
Hi Tami. My name is Karen Mossey. My son Rob is also on the Otherside. Welcome. We will reach out to Joey and hopefully the Big Circle will give us a message. Kare
Hi Tami. Here is the post from our Administrator Vicki Talbott, We invite you to our Messages from the Big Circle page on Facebook. We would be happy to have you join us there. Kare
"Hi all,
We are moving the Big Circle bereaved (moms and others who are not researchers or practitioners) to Facebook. This Big Circle site will remain active for practitioners and researchers. Moms and other bereaved can join Messages from the Big Circle on Facebook. I've alerted the moms and only one has not yet responded. Their Big Circle accounts will be moved to Facebook asap. Big Circle practitioners and researchers who want to post at Messages from the Big Circle can join at any time if you have not already been added. Just let me and Karen know. I have created it under my Victoria Wolff account and can get you set up quickly.
We think this will be a welcome change! Moms have said they enjoyed the Facebook group set up and are delighted to return.
Thanks everyone~ "

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