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Chris Fleming's April Spirit Talk
The link below will take you to Chris Fleming's April Spirit Talk. We had a most interesting discussion in which you may be interested. Lisa and I had the opportunity to work with Chris on several occasions and thought he had considerable ability. It was during this discussion that I learned just how well informed and dedicated to this work he has become.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
I couldnt open the link
Great interview Tom! Chris is well informed, must have been a breath of fresh air to be interviewed by him.
I enjoyed the interview. You definately speak differently than you write.
Iscinny, try the link again or copy-paste it. I am not sure why the first one failed, as the one I added is the same.

Sarah, I listened to a bit of it myself ... usually don't. I have always been a slow speaker but it looks like I am getting even slower.
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC
Listening to it now. I always enjoy listening to you and Lisa Tom. Thank you for sharing this. Kare
Great interview with Chris Tom, Very informative. Kare

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