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Introducing the Sidereal Time EVP Study
We are asking you to participate in a study to see if the ease with which you collect Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) changes with sidereal time.

Psi functioning studies (ESP, Psychic, Remote Viewing) widely vary in results. This more than expected variability in study results has undermined the repeatability aspect of psi studies and has given support to skeptic claims. However, a pattern emerged from meta-analysis of a large number of psi functioning trials indicating psi performance was more consistent when LST is considered. A four-fold increase in functioning was seen to occur around 1330 local sidereal time.

The Implicit Cosmology predicts psi function and the collection of EVP involve the same processes. However, the linkage between psi functioning and collection of EVP is not empirically well established. Determining if there is one might further our understanding of how EVP works and how sidereal time is involved in psi function.

The full article for the study is at: There is also a PDF version of the article at
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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