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Open Letter to Paranormalists: Limits of science, trust and responsibility
When I was very young, I wanted to be the first man on the moon. Later, I decided I was going to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright. It was the Air Force that turned me into an electronics technician and the only realistic next step was to become an electronics engineer. As it turned out, I was pretty good at it ... something to do with the way people think ... I think concepts which leading to actionable results.

When Lisa and I assumed leadership of the ATransC (It was the AA-EVP back then), our first move after building a website was to begin contacting scientists. We even considered sponsoring an invitation only conference to develop a roadmap for the scientific study of ITC, designed after the Esalen conference on Survival of Bodily Death. The contact person at Esalen ignored our emails. That began our estrangement with science.

You can see that science is important to me. It is important to our work; indispensable, actually. But it just has not worked out. In fact, some of my friends have been damaged by academics under the banner of science. If you think survival is real and feel the need to better understand it, then you have been hurt by our trusted scientists, as well. It is not getting better and will not unless people point out the problem and act accordingly.

The hardest essay to write for me has been one explaining how you as a paranormalist need to think to get along with scientists. This is especially true if you produce phenomena and would like to be studied. The essay was hard to write because it shames me and our community that it needed to be written. You be the judge: "Open Letter to Paranormalists: Limits of science, trust and responsibility" (
Tom Butler
Co-director ATransC

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