Faces in Light Reflected from Crystals

by Tom and Lisa Butler

cbutler2006-light_from_xtal-manWe have been so inspired by the amazing results of Diane and Alan Bennett, and their results from reflecting light off of crystals, that we had been wanting to also try experimenting in this way. Diana and Alan had been kind enough to provide a couple of diagrams of their experimental setups, and we now had a higher resolution camera, so set up an area in the ITC room to run a couple of crystal experiments. After arranging the camera, lights and crystal in a configuration we felt would work, we did our normal meditation and then took a few pictures. We actually recorded some interesting results on our first attempts. The fourth experiment brought several more faces along with this interesting three-dimensional face. We were very pleased with the open mouth, as the mouth is often obscured in many of our pictures.

cbutler2006-light_from_xtal-marybeth_fatherOur next success with the crystal experiments was quite a surprise. We met with a small group every Sunday morning for an hour of meditation. After our meditation, one of the members, Mary Beth, handed Lisa a picture of her parents and ask us to keep a lookout for them in our experiments. Lisa asked her to write the names of her parents on the back of the picture and then put it on her desk when we returned home. That afternoon we did another meditation on our own and conducted a few EVP experiments to test various settings on the two recorders we would be using at a video session for a shoot with the Sci Fi channel. We also worked with reflecting light off a couple of different crystals. When we looked at the results, the image of a man was clearly seen on the very first picture. The resemblance between the ITC picture and Mary Beth’s dad was noted with surprise. It was like he had heard her and stopped by during our experiment to make sure she got an ITC picture of him.

cbennett2006-visual_itc_setupMary Beth felt that it was her father. We were so surprised with his answering her request so quickly that we wondered if he had been a powerful medium or something, but she explained that she had never known her father. He had left her mother before she was born. He had crossed over many years ago and they had never met. Mary Beth also told us that she had received a message from a medium at a Spiritualist church who had asked her who Franklin was (this was her father’s middle name). The medium told her that Franklin was saying that he was sorry that he had not been part of her life. We were honored that the picture was so meaningful to Mary Beth and we also felt that the positive result was also due to the wonderful positive energy of our meditation group.

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