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Photographic ITC and Spirit Photography


String of Pearls Orbs



Because of the difficulty we have distinguishing a genuine appearance of an etheric entity from light reflected off of a particle in the air or bright objects in orb photographs, we have been reluctant to consider orb pictures at all. This is not to say that we do not believe that some orb pictures are evidence of etheric entities. We simply have no way of examining them that might add value, and at this time, we suspect that the very large majority of examples are just artifacts. However, in the case of pictures of moving orbs, we find several possible characteristics that can be studied and that assure us that they are not light reflecting from dust.


In the example below, you will see what we refer to as "String of Pearls" orbs. These can be distinguished from points of light, that have been "smeared" into a line of light by a moving camera, by their sinusoidal pulsing that causes the "String of Pearls" effect.


The proposed explanations for the "string of pearls" effect are:

  • That the moving orb is actually a spider web reflecting light from the flash. As it happens, spider web is apparently extruded in pulses, producing what does reflect light in a string of pearls fashion.

  • The String of pearls are caused by camera flash reflecting from human hair that happens to be in the view of the camera lens. We recently had one visitor send us this possibility, saying that she has often photographed her hair by accident and that the results were exactly as is shown below.

  • The moving orbs are not physical, but are more "etheric" in nature, and may be the luminous etheric body of a discarnate person.

  • The moving orbs are, indeed, etheric, but instead of being discarnate entities, they are etheric critters, much like the flying insects of our realm. As such, they may be attracted to the emanation of emotion.

We are looking for more examples of this type of photographic phenomena with the hope that we will be able to establish a statistical pattern, from which existing hypotheses can be tested or new ones defined. Please send us your examples, along with an explanation of how the photograph was taken and permission to use the picture in our study. We may use the picture on this web site, in the AA-EVP NewsJournal and future publications. You will always be given credit.


Black Orbs

Not all orbs are self-luminous or white. In the example below, the orb appears to be about the size of a softball. It has a "fuzzy" surface, and moved about as fast as a softball might move if tossed, rather than thrown. We have no idea what to make of this form of photographic phenomenon, except to say that a very good EVP was recorded just moments after the orb was recorded coming from the same room.


String of Pearls Orb

Orb picture taken by AA-EVP member, David Sircom. If you look closely, you can see that a "string of pearls" appears to be formed by a single sphere of light that is moving from the right to the left. It doubled back a little and then moved toward the camera (or visa versa). The orb appears to have been rapidly changing in brightness as it moved.


Picture curtsey Universal Pictures.


Black Orb

One of the bonus features on the White Noise DVD includes the Butlers recording in the haunted, Hollymont Castle in Beechwood Canyon, near Los Angeles, California. The Butlers recorded "Betty's in there" as they approached a bedroom. The Bedroom is at the top of the same stairs near which an orb was seen in the DVD bonus feature at about three minutes. As you can see in the picture, the white arrow is pointing at the black, fussy puff. It is shown a little clearer in the inset. The orb was rapidly moving and was only in a few frames.



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String of pearls orbs

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