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Photographic ITC and Spirit Photography

Faces on the Wall


The Reverend Catherine Stewart of the Spiritualist Desert Church in Las Vegas, NV brought this interesting and phenomenal image to our attention.  If you look closely at the wall just behind the organ in the church, you can see the outline of a face in the variations of the paint.  As you can see below, it is a light blue wall and the image is also shades of light blue, so we have enhanced a photograph of the face and provided it below for clarity.


Look just to the left of the large round speaker, which is at the upper-right of the first picture.  The face is in the middle (left to right) of the picture and about even with the center of the big speaker.


If you look closely at the woman, you can see evidence of a lapel and a slender neck.  See also, the bottom picture.



Below, is a close-up of the face on the wall without photo editing enhancement.



Below is the the above photo, but with contrast and intensity changes via a photo editor.




There is evidence that the communicating entity is able to use any chaotic, well illuminated optical environment to produce their images.  One person even found a decent face in well illuminated piece of sandpaper.  This would be predicted by our working hypothesis. 



The Rev. Catherine Stewart wrote, “We do see other faces…  The one face is always there, but sometimes her face is full, sometimes thin, sometimes she appears to be wearing a garden hat.  One Sunday as we were singing our closing hymn several of us heard from that corner, a beautiful choir singing along with us.  Years ago I was given a message that we would have physical phenomena in the church that would draw many people to witness.  That's why I've been working with the trumpet; I thought that would be it----maybe not.  I do know that Spiritualism will reign.


We understand that such images are believed by physical scientists to be the chance arrangement of random events, but you should know that this argument does not accept the existence of a nonphysical reality or personal survival.  If you take those two most important aspects of our reality into account, then it is more likely that communicating entities seize the opportunity offered by physical noise to impress their likeness.


New Chapter for the "Face on the Wall."

A recent ITC experiment conducted by Tom and Lisa Butler with their development group resulted in two images that look a lot like the woman whose face is shown above.  The picture on the left most resembles the face on the wall, but the one on the right also has the narrow chin.  If you look closely, you can see that they both have a hair line similar to the face on the wall.  Again, both of these images were collected during the same ITC experiment.


We cannot make the claim that they are the same, but other than the obvious similarities in facial characteristics, when the image was collected is evidential.  The church congregation conducted a meditation at the church just before it was closed for the summer.  At that time, they asked the lady on the wall to appear to other people.  That was on a Sunday and the ITC images were collected by a Spiritualist development group in Reno, NV the following Monday evening.

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