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About the voice examples

EVP experimentation involves a lot of listening.  After an audio recording is made, the experimenter must then listen to the sound track very carefully for any hint of intelligent sound.  Since the recording is often made with a background sound source, the experimenter must learn to listen "around" that noise, or "into" it to distinguish noise from message.  This is very similar to learning a new language, in that you may need to "train" your mind to recognize words that are spoken with a different cadence, and often, at different frequencies, than normally spoken words.

We recommend that you take a little time with these examples and listen to ones of interest several times until you begin to recognize the words.


A widely accepted system for grading EVP:

Class A

EVP is a message that can be heard without headphones and that people can generally agree on its content without prompting.

Class B

EVP requires a headphone to distinguish message content and not everyone will agree on the message.

Class C

EVP requires headphone, often needs amplification and filtering and will seldom even be heard by others.

Loud does not make an EVP Class A

Any message that an experimenter receives from a loved one, whether it is Class A, B or C, provides comforting evidence of continuation of life. It is good to remember that, unless you are conducting experiments for science, you need not hold out for only examples that can be shared with others. Most people record for personal use.


Most of the following examples of messages received by EVP experimenters are Class A voices.  Many experimenters have worked with these voices for many years and have developed a "trained ear" to recognize meaning in sounds that are clearly phenomenal, but not necessarily intelligible to the "untrained ear."  You may need to listen to these examples a number of times before you are able to recognize the words, but do try.  It is well worth the effort.


A few points to remember:

  • Although these are Class B+ to A, you may need to use a set of headphones at first.

  • The entities sometime answer in a singing voice.

  • Some messages are preceded by a burst of tone or what sounds like battery hum.  It is as if the entity is keying a microphone. Sarah Estep's "I found a link" message is a good example of this.

  • Intelligible messages are often found on the reverse side of the audio tape.  Some examples include a fragment of the experimenter's voice which you will hear in reverse.  The entity then speaks normally.  You may want to think about this for a moment, because no known physical process is able to cause reverse voices.

  • The messages are seldom more than a few seconds in length.  Thus, it is understandable that the entities may be a little unorthodox in their choice of words, as if trying to pack the maximum amount of information into a very small time frame.



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Examples of TransCommunication

Audio ITC Examples

Electronic Voice Phenomena - Index

EVP by Bill Weber

EVP by Carol Baron-Karajohn

EVP by Debra Ann

EVP by Tom and Lisa Butler

EVP examples used for Forever Family


EVP recorded at Cal Neva

EVP recorded by Karen Mossey

EVP recorded by Linda Williamson

EVP recorded by Martha Copeland

EVP recorded by Sarah Estep

EVP recorded by Tina Laurent

Sarah Estep speaking recorded by Sonia


synthesized voice EVP - Index

Synthesized voice EVP by Margaret


Transcommunication Via Telephone

      Calls  (Updated 12-12-2013)


Visual ITC Examples

Butler visual ITC gallery 1

Butler visual ITC gallery 2

Butler visual ITC gallery 3

Babcock’s Photographic ITCSmall New

Face on TV screen

Face on wall

Faces in light reflected from crystals

Phenomenal faces in moving water

Phenomenal faces in reflected light

Phyllis and Paulo ITC

The ITC of Diana and Alan Bennett

More ITC from Diana and Alan Bennett

Video ITC

Visual ITC - photography


Other Examples


String of pearls orbs

Used at the 2006 AA-EVP conference


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 Visual ITC image of man with dog



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