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Debbie Caruso

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Please note that Debbie has made her transition to the other side


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Debbie Caruso


Debbie Caruso was a prolific EVP experimenter who has attempted to contact longtime ITC researcher, Erland Babcock, who has recently made his transition to the other side. Erland has communicated with several Association members via EVP, and we think he is learning to continue his support of EVP research from the other side.


In this example, you will hear Debbie say, "Hi Erland, It's Debbie." You will then hear the EVP, "Hi!  Thank you Debbie. Debbie ... I can only talk to certain people." We have a little difficulty hearing all of the last phrase, but the first portion is very clear. It is also interesting in the way that the voice seems to phase in and out as the man speaks.


In this example, you will hear Debbie say, "If anyone's here, and you are from the Big Circle, tell me your name." You will then hear the EVP, "Rob .... Peter ... Joseph," with each name spoken by a different person. The Big Circle is a group of ATransC members, and loved ones on the other side who record together every other Thursday as a virtual recording group.


EVP are energy limited, in that they are usually short phrases. of just a few words, The shorter utterances tend to be louder and the longer ones tend to be less loud. Many will clearly trail off at the end as energy runs out. In the case of very long messages, the EVP will be delivered as short packets of words, with brief pauses between, apparently to allow for the accumulation of more energy.

In this example, you will hear, "We're living ... were all together ... Ma, ... among the living." You may need to refer to the display below to help you find the words.





Debbie has been helping the development work of Gary Nixon by testing the effectiveness of various hardware designs for EVP recording. Gary noted that, “Debbie and I have collaborated over the years, especially the last, where I would send her EVP detection gizmos and she would test them with the ‘regulars’ that always seemed to be around her. I was her Geek, and, she, my Geekette, so named because of the arsenal of EVP gear she had collected.” The last item of technology she tested for him produced this EVP: you will hear Debbie say "Merry Christmas" and the what sounds like a small boy respond with "Merry Christmas."




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