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Lisa and Tom Butler

Tom and Lisa Butler at the Cal-Neva Lodge, North Shore, Lake Tahoe. The white line through the fire screen separates California (left) from Nevada.

Picture taken by Janice Oberding


All of these examples were recorded on an IC recorder and then downloaded into a computer.  Adobe Audition software was used to listen back to the recordings.


In this first example, the Butlers were recording in one of the cell blocks at Alcatraz. You can hear Lisa Butler say, "You can speak on this device." Immediately after that, one or two men can be heard saying, "That's right, we know you." The example appeared in Tom's recorder but no tin Lisa's. It has been slightly filtered above 1300 Khz.


“You can speak on this device,” “That’s right, we know.”


Lisa was in the Saint Mary's Art Center in Virginia City, Nevada, conducting part of a workshop for the Truckee Meadows Community College. The south-west corner of the multi-story building is often associated with apparitions, cold spots and general sensations of energy. Lisa had entered in to the filed of energy in the basement, and while recording for EVP, she commented on the sensation of energy she was feeling. Right after that was a gravely voiced lady said, "Get back dear," as if Lisa was standing too close to her.



"Get back dear"


During a hauntings investigation at the Cal-Neva Resort at Lake Tahoe, CA/NV the Butlers recorded this EVP in the cabin that was used by Marilyn Monroe.  The Cal-Neva was owned by Frank Sinatra at one time and Marilyn had her own cabin there.  They had been calling on Marilyn to speak to them and got this voice that sounds like her.  But as you may know, they cannot say for sure that this is Marilyn.  Anyone on the other side could have mimicked a voice to give what they were asking for.



"Wana see a movie?"


This EVP is actually spoken at the same time that Lisa is speaking and is a good example to practice hearing EVP. Again at the Cal-Neva, they were given a tour of Sinatra’s dressing room which is now an office for the banquet staff. The employee that invited them in, said that she felt the place to be very haunted. The Butlers were asking her about the upstairs lighting and sound room, as they had heard that the heavy door often shut for no apparent reason, scaring the crews setting up lights and sound systems for shows. She told them that she would never ever go up there. Lisa’s recorder was on while she thanked the lady for her assistance. On the recording, Lisa can be heard saying, “Thank you very much.” Underneath her voice, is a clearly heard paranormal voice saying, “Please don’t come.” However politely said, it seems obvious someone did not want them in the sound and lighting room!


“Please don’t come.”


Here is a typical EVP so that you will know what to look for on your recordings.  Listen very closely. Headphones would help. You can hear the faint reply, “Jason.” This is the raw sound track recorded with a digital recorder.

Here, the phenomenal utterance, “Jason” has been enhanced by selectively adjusting the sound track envelope, noise reduction and amplification.


"Can you tell us your name"? ... “Jason.”


"Can you tell us your name"? ... “Jason.” Amplified



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