Martha Copeland EVP

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Martha Copeland’s daughter, Cathy, transitioned as a young woman. Martha had accidentally left Cathy’s dog, Dojo,  in the house when she left to go shopping.  She had also left her voice activated IC recorder on.  No one was in the house except for the animals.  Dojo tore up a potted plant and made a great mess.  You can hear an EVP from Cathy as she scolds the dog saying, “Doja No.”

“Doja No.”

Martha was repeatedly recording the voice of a grumpy old man. She decided that it might be her grandfather. When she asked, “Can you tell me the grump’s name,” you hear the sarcastic response, “Tell her it’s Satan!” The “Tell her it’s Satan” portion has been amplified.

“Can you tell me the grump’s name”? … “Tell her it’s Satan!”

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