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Konstantin Raudive promised to Make Contact with a Secret Phrase



During our last sitting with the Circle of the Silver Cord, David Thompson once again brought through Konstantin Raudive. He told us that he continues to try to communicate in every way possible. “I will never give up,” he said about his efforts to prove survival via transcommunication. He asked us to tell everyone that he is going to try to pass on a "code phrase" and wants everyone who can, to record on October 27, 2010 at 10 pm. He was not specific as to time zone, so we think it would work best if you recorded at 10 pm your time. Look for him in other forms of phenomena as well.


We were 32,000 feet above Ely, Nevada at 10 p.m., on our way to England. Since we were crossing time zones, we picked Florida time because that was where we were for the séance. Unfortunately, we were close to the engines and all our recorder picked up was their noise.


ATransC received no reports via the website contact tool. However many members reported that they recorded Konstantin’s name. Jutta Lebmann of the German VTF reported "...just in the beginning of the recording a high female singing voice announces ‘Kommt Raudive’ and then a male voice similar to Raudive’s lifetime voice says ‘Raudive ... kommt Raudive....’, the messages are in German language." "Kommt" translates to English as "come."


The promised code phrase was "Light 22" and we are happy to report that an ATransC member succeeded using EVPmaker and crowd babble. The "light" is clearly discernable, but the "22" is a little more difficult to hear. Because this is not a Class A example, we will not post it here.



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