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Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison’s ‘Desire to communicate’
by Ann Harrison
Saturday Night Press Publications, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-1908421111

From the website: Ann Harrison has given a personal and sincere account of her husband, Tom Harrison’s after-death efforts to communicate with her and with his many friends over the four years since his transition. For forty-three years, Tom enthralled many people with his accounts of his mother’s physical mediumship and was dedicated to helping people understand that we continue living after death and that we can communicate with the departed. There can be no doubt that he is intent on continuing his lifelong work from his new perspective.

paranormal_valerie Paranormal: A New Testament Scholar Looks at the Afterlife
by Valerie A. Abrahamsen
Paranormal is also available on Amazon

The author examines four types of evidence for the survival of the individual soul after death: scientific instruments and techniques, near-death experiences, reputable psychics and mediums, and out-of-body experiences. She shows how this evidence points to common Christian/Western themes, such as the reality of a heavenly realm where we reunite with loved ones, as well as to truths generally dismissed in the West – reincarnation, karma and pre-birth decisions.

 blue-skies-yonder  Blue Skies Yonder
A DVD developed by the Circle of the Silver Cord
Available from Banyan Retreat Centre Shop
Duration of this DVD: 52 minutes

William, speaking through the trance mediumship of David Thompson, responds to the following questions:

  1. Introduction by William.
  2. What happens at the point of physical death?
  3. Do all souls from the Spirit World incarnate?
  4. What is the purpose of a physical Incarnation?
  5. If the Spirit World is a place of love, how are people who have committed mass murder and other atrocities rehabilitated?
 stewart_alexander  An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium
by Stewart Alexander
Saturday Night Press ISBN-13: 978-0955705069
See Saturday Night Press Publications

This autobiographical book details the development over 40 years of England’s most well-known present day physical medium, Stewart Alexander. A very private man, he has devoted his life to the work of helping those who have been bereaved by helping them make physical contact with those loved ones who have passed over. Not content with his own mediumship he has, over many years, looked into the mediumship of past well-known mediums who have been accused of fraudulent acts despite a mountain of genuine evidence for their mediumship and has his observation in these pages. A very readable book.

 witnessing_the_impossible  Witnessing the Impossible
Robin Foy, Torcal Publications, 2008, ISBN-13: 978-0956065100

From the publisher’s website: Witnessing the Impossible traces every session of the ‘Scole Experimental Group’ over the years, from its foundation and the beginning of The Scole Experiment in 1993 to its very sudden and unexpected ending in November 1998. In all, it follows over 1,000 continuous hours of mediumship and objective Physical Phenomena. The book represents the only true and complete eyewitness account of this unique and pioneering experiment, which pushed the boundaries of psychic research further than ever before at that time, consequently changing the face of physical mediumship and its resulting phenomena for all time. An absolute Must for all serious students of Psychic Research, and of immense interest to the whole of mankind.

 the_scole_experiment  The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death
Grant & Jane Solomon in association with The Scole Experimental Group.

The Scole Experiment chronicles the extraordinary results of a five year investigation into life after death. At the beginning of 1993, four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. The subsequent events were so astounding that senior members of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research asked to observe, test, and record what took place.

 afterlife_experiment  The Afterlife Experiments
Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death
Schwartz, Gary, Ph.D. and William L. Simon, Pocket Star, 2002, ISBN: B0001I1KN2

This narrative puts the reader on the scene of a breakthrough scientific achievement: contact with the beyond under controlled laboratory conditions. In stringently monitored experiments, leading mediums attempted to contact dead friends and relatives of “sitters” who were masked from view and never spoke, depriving the mediums of any cues. The messages that came through stunned sitters and researchers alike. Dr. Schwartz was forced by overwhelmingly positive data to abandon his skepticism and reached some startling conclusions.

ATransC Books

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Paperback and eBook
 Your Immortal Self: Exploring the Mindful Way
by Tom Butler
AA-EVP Publishing, 2016, ISBN: 0-978-0-9727493-9-8The cost of the 508 page book is $24.99 paperback and $14.99 for eBook
You can order the book from

Understanding personal responsibility of mindfulness will lead to your progression. This book explains the evidence which will enable you to turn toward the mindful way. Discussion of the phenomena and the paranormalist community so vital to your progression is included. Understanding your immortality teaches a spirit-centric perspective.

please refer to the dedicated page in for more details (

Paperback and eBook
 There is No Death and There are No Dead
by Tom and Lisa Butler, AA-EVP Publishing, 2003, ISBN: 0-9727493-0-6
The cost of the 292 page book is $18.00.

When the Butlers assumed leadership of the AA-EVP in 2000, they realized there was a need for a text which they could refer people to as a dependable source of information about EVP and other forms of ITC. This book is the result, and remains today an important introduction to these phenomena.

If you want to know about the history of EVP/ITC, if you would like to read about the experiences people have had with these phenomena and if you would like to learn how to record for the paranormal voices and images, you will want to read this book.

 c2004copeland_im_still_here_small_web  I’m Still Here
by by Martha Pierce Copeland,
AA-EVP Publishing, 2005, ISBN-13: 978-0972749312

Martha Copeland has finished her new book addressing her continuing relationship using EVP with her daughter who is now of the other side. This story is an extremely important one, in that it provides an example for others showing the possibilities available to them. It will show that people no longer need to say goodbye when a loved one passes out of this physical lifetime.

The book includes stories from the “Recording Circle – Bridge to the Afterlife” group of AA-EVP members who record together every other week – no matter where they are in the world. It also provides “how to” instructions that anyone can use to communicate with loved ones who are now in the etheric worlds.

Read the excerpt from I’m Still Here.

You can order copies from


Roads to Eternity
by Sarah Estep
ISBN: 1-931942-23-4, Galde Press, 2005 Amazon.comGalde Press

From the Publisher: EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, is real. Spirits can communicate with us from beyond the grave and author Sarah Estep has the proof. She has had more than 20,000 contacts with the spirit world, and has caught EVP on tape recorders, her computer, her TV, and even her telephone. Hear it for yourself on the Roads to Eternity bonus CD included with the book.

If you liked Sarah’s Voices of Eternity, then you will love Roads to Eternity.

 voices_cover_web  Voices of Eternity
By Sarah Estep
Fawcett Gold Medal Book, Ballantine Books, New York, 1988. ISBN 0-449-13424-5.

Available here as a free PDF file download.

If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download a free one:


Etheric Studies Literature

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 parapsychology-2  Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century
Edited by Etzel Cardeña , John Palmer and David Marcusson-Clavertz
McFarland, 2015, ISBN 978-0-7864-7916-0, ebook ISBN 978-1-4766-2105-0

This is a pretty big deal. The parapsychological community has historically ignored ITC or passed it off as illusion. The editors of this new book invited Dr. Mark Leary to write a section on EVP. He has been an ATransC member and invited me to contribute. By way of his skill in merging inputs, a rational introduction to EVP for researchers has emerged. This book will be a standard reference for researchers for many years to come. Finally, EVP has been given a fair viewing.


We Don’t Die
Morgan James Publishing 2013, ISBN-13:  978-1614483823

We Don’t Die: the video
Available on

The journey of discovery is always a challenge, as long-held beliefs do not easily surrender to new understanding. Sandra makes perhaps your most important journey of discovery easy with

 your-eternal-self  Your Eternal Self
by Rochelle Wright and R. Craig Hogan
Greater Reality Publications, 2008, ISBN-10: 0980211107

Your Eternal Self contains descriptions of the results of the thousands of studies that have pointed unmistakably to the finding that we are eternal beings having a physical experience. Death is an illusion. Even hard-nosed skeptics described in the book have changed their viewpoints in light of the evidence.



 afterlife-connections  Guided Afterlife Connections
by  Rochelle Wright and R. Craig Hogan
Greater Reality Publications, 2008, ISBN-10: 0980211123

Trained facilitators today are helping people have their own afterlife connections with loved ones who have passed away. No medium is involved. People connect directly to their loved ones while sitting quietly with their eyes closed after the facilitator has helped them come gently into a state of openness to the connection. The life-changing connections greatly reduce grief and the impact of traumatic memories.

 zammit_book  A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife
White Crow Books 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1908733221 or Whitecrow Books

From Victor’s Friday Afterlife Report: Would you like to have a clear easy to read summary of all the evidence for the afterlife in one book?  Would you like to be able to explain why near-death experiences are NOT the product of a dying brain? Would you like to have overwhelming evidence that some mediums are genuine? Would you like to have evidence that after death communication is real and know how to recognize it? Would you like to know for certain that your loved ones are safe and well in the afterlife?


 ctim_coleman2010-afterlif  The Afterlife Investigations
by Tim Coleman
Available at

Narrated by Britain’s leading investigative journalist, Donal MacIntyre, this award-winning film presents the most compelling scientific evidence for life after death ever presented in any documentary. It includes never-before-seen material of The Scole Experiment, the work of Marcello Bacci, Electronic Voice Phenomena and the mediumship of Allison Dubois.

Having sat in circles with  physical mediums producing astounding visual phenomena, we understand how difficult it is to bring this information to the public. If you want to have a reason to believe there is a greater reality and that communication across the veil is possible, then we strongly recommend that you purchase this video, set aside a special night with lots of popcorn and invite your friends over to share the moment your worldview changes forever.

 halfway_across_the_river  Halfway Across the River: Messages of hope from the other side
by Dr. Annette Childs
New Leaf, ISBN-10: 0971890226. ISBN-13: 978-0971890220

Recipient: Eric Hoffer Award 2008

This book is a compilation of fascinating stories that detail Dr. Childs’s nearly twenty years of work with the dying. From deathbed visions, to messages sent from beyond the veil these poignant tales peak curiosity and offer a perfect combination of truth and mystery. The author’s story telling ability will cause even the most cynical among us to pause with wonder. The alchemy of her writing is palpable as readers find themselves misty with emotion one moment and dissolving into laughter the next. Indeed, Halfway Across the River achieves a nearly perfect balance between the mundane and the extraordinary; a rare gift to all.

 new_science  A New Science of The Paranormal
Lawrence LeShan, Quest Books, October 2009. ISBN: 978-0-8356-0877-0

Lawrence LeShan has been working in psychical research for more than fifty years. With so much experience, one would expect him to have developed a view of the field that is considerably more informed than the view held by the causal observer. A New Science of the paranormal is written in a “this is what I have learned” tone that provides important lessons. As a person who is deeply involved in the study of trans-etheric influences, I am especially interested in his viewpoint about redefining what is appropriate science for the study of things paranormal. LeShan makes a distinction between psychical research (filed study of spontaneous events) and parapsychology (laboratory study of events under controlled environment of the laboratory). This echoes our experience that the parapsychological community conducts important human potential research but that it has not been effective in the study of actual human experiences.

 surviving_death  Surviving Death, Evidence of the Afterlife
Leslie Kean, St Martin’s Press, New York, N.Y. 1994 ISBN 0-312-10436-7

From Back Cover: Psychic researcher Geoff Viney provides a fascinating new look at the reality of life after death – through examination of scientific evidence, psychic phenomena, and myth. What really happens when we die?  Perhaps no other question has so obsessed people since the beginning of time.  Although skeptics claim that death represents the absolute extinction of life, there is overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise.  In presenting this evidence, Geoff Viney puts the concept of death itself on trial, using as his witnesses the countless individuals who have experienced some sort of personal contact with the afterlife, contact that has resulted in momentous changes in the quality of their own lives.

 true_hauntings True Hauntings, Spirits with a Purpose
Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D.Llewellyn Publications 1996, ISBN 1-56718-218-6
Amazon.comFrom Book jacket: Now Hear the Ghosts’ Side of the Story. Do spirits feel and think? Does death automatically promote them to a paradise – or as some believe, a hell? Real-life ghostbuster Dr. Hazel M. Denning reveals the answers through case histories of the friendly and hostile earthbound spirits she has encountered.  Meet some of the spirits who refuse to leave.

The Afterlife Experiments
Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death
Schwartz, Gary, Ph.D. and William L. Simon, Pocket Star, 2002, ISBN: B0001I1KN2

This narrative puts the reader on the scene of a breakthrough scientific achievement: contact with the beyond under controlled laboratory conditions. In stringently monitored experiments, leading mediums attempted to contact dead friends and relatives of “sitters” who were masked from view and never spoke, depriving the mediums of any cues. The messages that came through stunned sitters and researchers alike. Dr. Schwartz was forced by overwhelmingly positive data to abandon his skepticism and reached some startling conclusions.

Books for ITC

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Paracoustics: Sound & the Paranormal
White Crow Books, 2015, 
ISBN-13: 978-1910121535

This unique book examines that fascination and presents a selection of the leading research in paranormal acoustics together with an in-depth review of the equipment and techniques that are used by researchers and investigators.

cardoso_book Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension?

by Anabela Cardoso
O Books, 2010. 236 pp. $24.95 (paperback). ISBN 9781846943638.
Available at

This is the story of a normal woman who experienced the impossible: objective contacts with another dimension through loud and clear voices received by electronic means during Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) experiments.

  voice_transmissions_with_deceased Translated Books on the Internet

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased
Friedrich Jürgenson, Translated by two ATransC members.

 itc-senkowski  Translated Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication

Dr Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach. This book is available to be freely read at the World ITC website. Select “BOOK” from the navigation menu.

Please note that Mark Macy and Rolf-D. Ehrhardt have made a number of important books about EVP and ITC available in the “BOOK” section.

 ghost_of_29_meg  Ghost of 29 Megacycles, A New Breakthrough in Life after Death?
John G. Fuller, Souvenir Press, London GB, 1985.  ISBN: 285-62691-4

This is the story of the development of the Spiricom Device.  From the jacket:  Is it possible that, when certain audio frequencies are combined with a tape recorder, the dead can communicate with us, not through a medium but using their own voices? When this theory was first outlined to John Fuller his reaction was skepticism…when a tape was played to him, purporting to be a conversation between a living man and a doctor who had died five years previously, he was …cautious.

If the phenomenon could be proved beyond doubt, the implications were enormous: it could be the biggest break- through in the history of mankind…The group of people involved in the research were no credulous cranks, but level-headed scientists, electronics engineers, physicists, doctors and clergymen – professionals who would not lightly lend their names to an apparently lunatic theory.

 voices_from_the_tapes Voices From the Tapes: Recordings from the Other World
Peter Bander, Drake Publishers Inc., New York, 1973.
Initial German Language title: Carry on Talking.

Few discoveries have caused a greater controversy than the Voice phenomenon of Raudive and Jurgenson.  Are these really the voice of people whom we know to be dead? Leading electronics engineers, physicists, and psychologists were invited to carry out controlled experiments…and over 200 messages cam through, among them the voice of the late pianist Artur Schnabel …Peter Hale one of the world’s leading experts in the field of electronic screen suppression carried out an experiment …and afterwards said “ I cannot explain this in normal physical terms.”  Gay Byrne, …was shocked when while preparing a program in which he was to skeptically challenge the authenticity of the Voices, he took part in an experiment which was climaxes by Byrne’s hearing his own recently deceased mother’s voice on tape.

 phone_calls_from_the_dead Phone Calls From The Dead
D Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless, Prentice-Hall, Inc., New Jersey, 1979.
ISBN 0-13-664334-5

Book Jacket In October of 1968, Mrs. Don Owens of Ohio received an urgent call for help from a friend. The time of the call was 10:30 p.m. – the exact time he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Are these actual phone calls from the dead…two highly respected, veteran parapsychologists – undertook and intense two-year investigation into this puzzling phenomenon…Rogo and Bayless conclude that these enigmatic phone calls actually do occur – and are probably more common than most people would like to think.

 voices_of_the_dead Voices of The Dead – Radio Broadcast, Psychokinetic Power –
Or Messages From Beyond the Grave…?
Susy Smith, The New American Library, Inc., Bergenfield, New Jersey 1977

From the back cover: Are the mysterious speakers recorded on tape really present though invisible to the Living?  Spirit voices have been are even now reaching out across the barrier of death to communicate with the living … Countless people have explored and tested this phenomenon, and psychic Suzy Smith presents their extraordinary experiences and the promising results they have so far achieved.

 talks_with_the_dead Talks with The Dead
William Addams Welch, Pinnacle Books Inc., New York, New York 1975.
ISBN: 0-523-00580-6

From the cover: “That night I heard my first spirit voice on the tapes.  With an exquisite sense of the apropos, it said, ‘Hello.’”  With this experience William Welch began the painstaking but thrilling research which led to the breakthroughs he now shares …His experiments with taped voices present new evidence that man can have intelligible communications with the dead…that, in fact, there is life after death.

 after_we_die_what_then After We Die, What Then?
George Meek, Ariel Press Columbus, Ohio 1987  ISBN 0-89804-099-X

After centuries of being taboo, the subject of our survival of death has once again become popular. After We Die, What Then? is a comprehensive examination of the nature of death and the proof of our survival. This edition has been expanded to present the latest findings in the field, not just in mediumship but also in electronic communication. This book establishes the continuity of life as fact, not speculation. It also contains fascinating information about what happens to consciousness after the death of the physical body — and answers 50 common questions about life after death.

 breakthrough Breakthrough:
An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead
Konstantin Raudive, New York: Taplinger, 1971.

This is the book that brought information about EVP to the public. Voice phenomena were accidentally discovered in Sweden by Friedrich Jürgenson in 1957.  Jürgenson showed Raudive how to record the voices and the book is the results of six years of research into the phenomena.  A dead persons voice appears during playbacks of tape recordings on which no such voices were audible at the time of the original recording. These voices often state their names and may be identified as male or female, but all speak very much faster than is normal and employ a curious speech rhythm.

 the_dead_are_alive The Dead Are Alive
Harold Sherman, Fawcett Gold Medal, New York, 1986.
ISBN 0-449-13158-0

From the Cover: In case after amazing case, you’ll listen to the actual voices of the dead–contrary, lyrical entrancing. You’ll explore the meaning of out-of-body experiences and learn how spirits of the dead can be seen as well as heard. You’ll also discover how YOU can communicate with the dead–and capture their voices on an ordinary tape recorder!

 beyond_the_light Conversations Beyond the Light
Griffin Publishing, Dr. Pat Kubis and Mark Macy, Irvine, CA, in conjunction with
Continuing Life Research, Boulder, CO, 1995 ISBN 1-882180-47-X

What would happen if the information highway and the network of sophisticated communications systems we have today were able to hook us up with the world beyond? That remarkably is exactly what this book says happened in the 1990’s. Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) is a term used to describe this communication through all kinds of instruments between researchers on earth and a group in the Beyond who call themselves Timestream Station. Research teams on Earth received communications from these colleagues in the spirit worlds through video images, computerized messages, and even telephone calls.

 miracles_in_the_storm Miracles in the Storm

Mark H. Macy, New American Library, New York, New York, 2001 ISBN 0-451-20471-9

From book cover: Over the centuries many psychics and seers have communicated with the other side.  But until the revolutionary, new technique of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) was developed, no one could approach the purity of contact now under way with the Beyond and with divine beings who convey their messages of infinite wisdom and peace.

 contact_the_other_side Contact the Other Side, Seven Methods for Afterlife Communications
Konstantinos, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383, 2001.
ISBN 1-56718-377-8

Modern technology has given us powerful new tools for an age-old dream – seeing and speaking with the dead.  Using things you probably already own like a camcorder, computer, or tape recorder, you can contact departed loved ones or other spirits, record their images and voices and establish two-way communications between the worlds.

Comparing Paranormalist Organizations

Point of view of organizations

People have a point of view, but organizations are composed of a community of people. While personality-typing (temperaments) is a way to model the points of view of people, a similar model might be used for organizations based on typical goals, objectives and assumptions. From the perspective of Etheric Studies, one might have:

Human psychology: Usually parapsychology; specifically an academic approach with emphasis on a physical-world perspective; emphasis on research; collaboration but guided by community norm.

Emergent science: Emphasis on academic approach; deliberate openness to new ideas; open to concepts of nonphysical and survived personality if they can be explained with mainstream science.

Human potential: Usually academic; open to nonphysical explanations; focus on personal growth and the human condition; supports research; education by opinion setters.

Social paranormal: Desire for scientific approach; for many, often first experience in paranormal; strong community; emphasis on nonphysical and survived personality; no formal collaboration; education by emergent cultural norm.

Metaphysical: Study/research of phenomena related to trans-etheric influence; desire for scientific approach; community emphasizing educational and application of principles; specifically open to nonphysical and survived personality.

It is important to emphasize that this list of organizational points of view is conceived from the ATransC perspective. We find no fault in these points of view or their representative organization (as we see them), but it is important that people understand there are important differences.

Litmus Test

Compare this categorization of points of view for organizations involved in the study of things usually referred to as paranormal phenomena with the research showing that transcommunication involves communication with survived personalities. Then consider your self-evaluation of your point of view. Do you think there is only physical reality and that your mind is a product of your brain? When you die, will there be anything of your self-awareness left to experience? If this is your viewpoint, then the only organizational point of view you should consider is human psychology. That is, reports of paranormal phenomena are due to mental aberrations.

If you are open to new ideas such as survived personality but insist they must be explained in terms of mainstream science, emergent science organizations are for you.

If you believe in the existence of subtle energy connecting all living things and that people can deliberately interact with this energy, you will probably be more comfortable with the human potential groups. This is especially true if you feel personality has evolved from the physical and that there really is no reality outside of the physical.

If you just think paranormal phenomena is interesting and have no well-developed ideas beyond that, then the social paranormal groups can provide an important place to begin your discovery about things paranormal.

Finally, if you feel that some part of your loved ones has survived bodily death and that they may be able to communicate with we who remain in the physical, then the metaphysical groups are almost your only resource.

Of course, a person can be in all of the groups. The important point here is that you should take some time to examine your point of view and what you expect of organizations you support. Learn to recognize the perspectives authors have in their writing. For instance, a parapsychologist will likely talk about mental mediumship (communion with discarnate people) from the perspective that the medium is unconsciously getting information from the sitter, or at most, somehow accessing information via some subtle energy. In the same way, an academically trained person will be reluctant to give much credence to the opinion of people who are not academically trained.

ATransC’s Point of View

We used “metaphysical” to name the personality type we think ATransC best relates to because it is one of the few that describes a study of the greater reality. To study metaphysics, one must think in terms of whether or not personality is separate from body, if it has evolved independently, and if so, what is its native environment? One must take care not to assume the personality is separate from the body. Evidence, good reason and well considered hypotheses must guide the study. However, in order to realistically consider all of the hypothesized possibilities, the possible nature of a greater or nonphysical reality must be included in the models.

In many ways, etheric studies and metaphysics are synonymous, but while metaphysics is the academic study of concepts, etheric studies is the study of known forms of phenomena with the intention of understanding how they occur and how to apply them to good use.

The ATransC is amongst the very few organizations in the English speaking world that includes the possibility of survived personality in the study of these. If you think this study is important, then please consider supporting the organization with your membership and donations.