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Our First Video ITC Images

by Lisa Butler



A while back Tom and I were going to run an EVP experiment.  We have had an old color TV in the experiment room since we moved into the house.  We decided to take out our video camera to try to see if we could get some pictures using the video feed back loop method while we did an EVP experiment. 


We downloaded and listened to the EVP session via the computer and Cool Edit first and found the message, “Continue with the pictures, I will help.”  Well, that was exciting so we immediately downloaded the video into the computer and started viewing the video, frame by frame.  We learned that it is a very slow process and takes as much time if not more time as listening to an EVP session.  We found nothing on the video, but could also see from the video that we may have had the camera focused incorrectly.


The next day we ran another EVP session.  We thanked those on the other side for their assistance and asked who it had been who had said that they would help with the pictures.  The message came back right after the question, Anthony.”


It gets busy around here and it is hard to believe how quickly time passes, so it was at least a month before we once again tried to get Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) images.  We had both thought about it many times and when I meditated or spoke to those on the other side before sleeping, I would thank them and ask them to help with ITC contacts.  But somehow the time was not right.


Then about a month ago the time did seem right to try again.  We did mediation and played a piece of music.  There is a particular piece of music that I love and we always play it as we set up the equipment and prepare for an EVP session.  One of our friends calls it a signature piece.  I feel that when that music is played, those on the other side know that we are going to do an experiment.  We focused on ITC only and did not run an EVP experiment.  We ran the video for one minute as we had now learned how long it takes to review frame by frame.


We downloaded into the computer and immediately saw two images that were interesting and very exciting.  We tried to work with a couple of the images but they were very dark.  We could see them on the computer screen but the same results were not there when we tried to print them.


Then we got side tracked on trying to find the best software to view the images.  This caused us another delay of a couple of weeks.  We downloaded a few free trials, one by Adobe that would cost over $500 if we decided on it.  Learning new software, especially with online “Read Me” help files is time consuming and frustrating.  We eventually went back to the video viewing software that we already had on the computer.


In early December, we sent two frames of the video to Erland and Mary Babcock.  Erland is probably the most knowledgeable person in the United States on ITC pictures.  He wrote us back that the pictures were too dark to print but that he would try to work with them.  Both Erland and Mary saw a man in one of the images.  Interestingly, this was not what we had been focused on in that frame.  As you can see in the image above (1), we were seeing a larger man.  What Erland and Mary did with the frame and what they sent back to us was thrilling.  (See images 3 and 4 in the following article, A Brief Discussion of the Pictures.)


When we looked at the version of our picture that Erland sent back (image 4), Tom got very excited and said, “Look, it looks like he is sitting in an out door setting with the sky.”  I then looked closer and could see green in a pastoral setting.  The man is with a child, but this is very hard to see.  The man in the wide-brimmed black hat seemed somehow familiar  Had I seen this in another ITC image somewhere?  I looked back through as many past ITC journals as I could find, but did not find anything similar.  I can’t tell you about the excitement that was going on in our house.  It took me a long time to get to sleep that night.


Erland had written that he had made a printed copy of one picture and was sending it to us in the mail.  He said that he had been trying to print one thing when another image of a man, standing in seemingly old style clothing and sporting a handle bar mustache, showed up.  “Was this a grandfather?” he asked.


The printed picture that he sent us is startling.  As you can see in the image at the left (2), it is full figure with only the feet missing, and yes, he has a handle bar mustache.  Is he a relative?  Or, is he a member of a hoped for ITC team on the other side?


We again went back through the video images one by one.  We were literally in shock with the number of images that were received in that one-minute.  Most of them are too dark and would not print for the newsletter, but there were many people.  One picture of a lady was to dark to print, but she had a nose that looked like my mothers.  If this were a picture of my mother it would be one that shows her in her late twenties.  We will have to wait and hope for more images to be able to make any kind of claim, as the picture is just not good enough to do so now.

There is another of a man from his head almost to his feet, only his face will print (7).  Another very interesting frame shows a whole group of people together (5).  It is just like a snapshot at a family gathering.  One person has an arm around another.  Who is this family?  Who are the people now sending us pictures?


We feel incredibly lucky and blessed by our unseen contacts on the other side to have received this series of pictures.  But they have presented many questions.  Is one of these people Anthony?  Will the contacts continue?  If we do EVP with the video will be get some answers?


Please see A Brief Discussion of the Pictures for more information about ITC



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